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PowerShell Howtos

  1. Array of Strings in PowerShell
  2. PowerShell ForEach Export-CSV
  3. Copy-Item Excluding Folder in PowerShell
  4. PowerShell Rename AD Group
  5. Check if User Exists in PowerShell
  6. Get the Size of the Folder Including the Subfolders in PowerShell
  7. Listen on Port in PowerShell
  8. PowerShell Alias With Parameters
  9. PowerShell Compare Folders
  10. Reset PowerShell Colors
  11. Switch User Using PowerShell
  12. Take a Screenshot Using PowerShell

Linux Howtos

  1. Bash Associative Array
  2. Bash md5sum Command
  3. Bash Multiply Variables
  4. Bash Remove Newline From String
  5. Bash Wait for Background Process
  6. Change the User in Bash
  7. Find All Files With an Extension in Bash
  8. Loop Through Directories Recursively in Bash

C++ Howtos

  1. C++ Profiling Tools
  2. C++ Anonymous Struct
  3. C++ Helper Function in Class
  4. C++ Template Multiple Types
  5. Const at the End of Function in C++
  6. Download a File in C++
  7. Red Black Tree in C++
  8. Vector Iterator in C++
  9. Get Mouse Position in C++

R Howtos

  1. R Cannot Allocate Vector of Size
  2. Undefined Control Sequence Latex Using R
  3. pch in R
  4. Piecewise Regression in R
  5. Rotate Axis Labels in R
  6. The table() Function in R
  7. Check Variable Data Types in R
  8. Delete Multiple Columns in R
  9. Find Row Number in R
  10. scale_fill_continuous in R
  11. Set Up R Portable
  12. Contingency Table in R
  13. Normal Probability Plot in R
  14. Lasso Regression in R
  15. Matrix Multiplication in R
  16. T Distribution in R
  17. Create Empty Matrix in R
  18. Export Data Frame to CSV in R
  19. Extract Rows From a Data Frame in R
  20. Normal Distribution in R
  21. Paste0() Function in R
  22. Random Forest in R
  23. Get the Number of Columns in R
  24. Plot Background Color in R
  25. Add Confidence Interval to Ggplot2 in R
  26. Concatenate Two Columns in R
  27. Create Empty Data Frame in R
  28. Fread() Function in R
  29. Implement the train() Function in R
  30. Increase Memory in R
  31. Install rtools in Windows
  32. Inverse of a Matrix in R
  33. NA Omit in R
  34. Polynomial Regression in R
  35. Read XML in R
  36. Select Columns by Index in R
  37. Concatenate Strings in R
  38. Convert Strings to Lower Case in R
  39. Levene Test in R
  40. Logistic Regression in R
  41. Perform Binomial Distribution in R
  42. Remove Rows With NA in One Column in R
  43. Sort Data Frame by Column in R
  44. Drop Column by Name in R

Java Howtos

  1. Java Force Garbage Collection
  2. Java OCR
  3. Background Colors in Java
  4. Count Repeated Elements in an Array in Java
  5. Method Chaining in Java
  6. Remove a Node From a Linked List in Java
  7. Roman Numerals in Java
  8. StdDraw Java Import
  9. Sonar Java Binaries
  10. Split a List Into Chunks in Java
  11. Java Inline Function
  12. Binary Number Addition in Java
  13. Distinct by Property in Java 8 Stream
  14. Java Get Day of Week
  15. Allergy Class in Java
  16. Eight Queens Problem in Java
  17. Java Spelling Check
  18. Convert Number to Words in Java
  19. Java Date vs. LocalDate
  20. Java Switch Multiple Case
  21. Trie Data Structure in Java
  22. Default Garbage Collector for Java 8
  23. Throw Runtime Exception in Java
  24. Alphabetic Telephone Number Translator in Java
  25. Create Excel File in Java
  26. FileFilter in Java
  27. Roster Application in Java
  28. Circular Buffer in Java
  29. Use Mockito to Mock Static Method in Java
  30. Convert Enum to Int in Java
  31. Java Lang Runtime exec() Method in Java
  32. 5 Best Image Processing Libraries in Java
  33. Call Python Script From Java Code
  34. File Separator in Java
  35. Get File Size in Java
  36. Read Bytes From a File in Java
  37. Serialize Object to JSON in Java
  38. Filter List in Java
  39. Interface Default Method in Java
  40. Java getActionCommand() Method
  41. SerialVersionUID in Java
  42. trim() vs strip() in Java
  43. Use cURL in Java
  44. Convert OutputStream to String in Java
  45. Extend Enums in Java
  46. Deserialize JSON in Java
  47. SMS API in Java
  48. Working of StdOut in Java
  49. An Existing Connection Was Forcibly Closed by the Remote Host on Minecraft
  50. Set Library Path in Java
  51. Set System Property in Java
  52. Use the wait() and notify() Methods in Java
  53. WebSocket Client in Java
  54. Error Occurred During Initialization of VM Java/Lang/Noclassdeffounderror: Java/Lang/Object
  55. Fix the Java.Text.ParseException: Unparseable Date Error in Java
  56. Java Error Operation Not Allowed After ResultSet Closed
  57. Resolve the Java.Lang.NoClassDefFoundError: Org/Apache/Commons/Logging/LogFactory Error
  58. Solve the Java.Sql.SQLException: No Suitable Driver Error in Java
  59. Solve the Unreachable Statement Error in Java
  60. Fix the $' ': Command Not Found Error in Java
  61. Fix the Java.Net.SocketException: Permission Denied in Java
  62. Cannot Determine a Valid Java Home
  63. Could Not Reserve Enough Space for Object Heap Minecraft Error in Java
  64. Eclipse Error: The Selection Cannot Be Launched
  65. Fix the Java.Net.BindException: Address Already in Use: Bind
  66. Java Could Not Initialize Class org.codehaus.groovy.vmplugin.v7.java7
  67. Java Gateway Process Exited Before Sending Its Port Number
  68. Java.Lang.ClassNotFoundeException: Sun.Jdbc.Odbc.JdbcOdbcDriver
  69. java.lang.NumberFormatException: Null Error in Java
  70. Error in Java
  71. Invalid LOC Header (Bad Signature) Error in Java
  72. Fix Java.Lang.StringIndexOutOfBoundsException: String Index Out of Range
  73. Fix the java.lang.UnsupportedClassVersionError
  74. Fix the Javax.Net.SSL.SSLHandshakeException Error
  75. Fix the Unexpected Type Error in Java
  76. Java.Net.UnknownHostException
  77. A Java Exception Has Occurred When Opening a JAR File
  78. Java.IO.Ioexception
  79. Java.SQL.SQLException: Access Denied for User Root@Localhost
  81. Solve the Java.Lang.OutOfMemoryError: GC Overhead Limit Exceeded
  82. Fix Java Was Started by Returned Exit Code=1
  83. InvocationTargetException in JavaFX
  84. Java Char Cannot Be Dereferenced
  85. No Such Element Exception While Using Scanner in Java
  86. The System Cannot Find the File Specified in Java
  87. Exception in Thread Main Java.Util.NoSuchElementException: No Line Found
  88. Address Already in Use JVM_Bind Error in Java
  89. Attempt to Invoke Virtual Method on a Null Object Reference Error in Java
  90. Error: Javac Is Not Recognized on Windows 10
  91. Error: Non-Static Variable Count Cannot Be Referenced From a Static Context in Java
  92. Javac Cannot Find Symbol Error in Java
  93. Not on FX Application Thread in Java
  94. The Method Is Undefined for the Type Error in Java
  95. The Superclass Javax.Servlet.Http.HttpServlet Was Not Found on the Java Build Path
  96. Tomcat 404 Error
  97. Java.Lang.IllegalMonitorStateException
  98. Software Caused Connection Abort: Recv Failed in Java
  99. Could Not Find Java SE Runtime Environment
  100. Unable to Instantiate org.apache.hadoop.hive.ql.metadata.SessionHiveMetaStoreClient
  101. Exception in Thread AWT-EventQueue-0 java.lang.NullPointerException
  102. Java.IO.IOException: Connection Reset by Peer
  103. Java.IO.StreamCorruptedException: Invalid Stream Header
  104. Error:Java: Javactask: Source Release 1.8 Requires Target Release 1.8
  105. Unsupported Major Minor Version Error in Java
  106. Create Square in JavaFX
  107. JavaFX Display Text
  108. JavaFX setFill() Method
  109. JavaFX Square Button
  110. JavaFX Text Field Number Format
  111. JavaFX Text Rotate
  112. JavaFX Center Text in a Pane
  113. JavaFX Region vs Pane
  114. JavaFX TextArea Wrap Text
  115. Center a JLabel in Swing
  116. Change the JLabel Text in Java Swing
  117. File Chooser in Java
  118. Get Selected Item From a ChoiceBox in JavaFX
  119. Java Keystore Location
  120. Java Swing Date
  121. Create a Temperature Converter in Java
  122. AES 256 in Java
  123. Button Click Event in Java
  124. Create an HTTP Proxy Server in Java
  125. List of Rule Engines in Java
  126. Make a BMI Calculator in Java
  127. Serialize Object to String in Java
  128. Caesar Cipher in Java
  129. Calculate Distance Between Two Points in Java
  130. Convert Decimal to Binary in Java
  131. Create File if Not Exists in Java
  132. Embedded Database in Java
  133. Finite State Machine in Java
  134. Generate All Possible Combinations in Java
  135. Overwrite a File in Java
  136. Unzip Files in Java
  137. Weak Reference Class in Java
  138. Pretty Print XML in Java
  139. Zip Files in Java
  140. Align Text in Java
  141. Convert Hex to String in Java
  142. Java to UML Diagram
  143. JAVA_OPTS Environment Variable
  144. Read Integers From a File in Java
  145. Class Constant in Java
  146. Create a Mouse Listener in Java
  147. Fill a 2D Array in Java
  148. The Angle Bracket in Java
  149. Compare Content of Two Files in Java
  150. Read File From Classpath in Java
  151. Character Ignore Case in Java
  152. Java Logger Levels
  153. Alert Popup in Java
  154. Create an HTTPS Server in Java
  155. Friend Class in Java
  156. Get the Subset of an Array in Java
  157. Invalid Input Exception in Java
  158. Abstract Class Constructor in Java
  159. Button Group in Java
  160. Idempotent in Java
  161. Private Methods in Java
  162. Anonymous Comparator in Java
  163. Increase Virtual Memory in Java
  164. Java Empty Constructor
  165. Java Labels
  166. Java Not InstanceOf
  167. Java Serial Ports
  168. Java switch Statement on Strings
  169. Autoboxing and Unboxing in Java
  170. Get Size of SQL ResultSet in Java
  171. Java Read Binary Files
  172. Java Write XML
  173. Set One Array Equal to Another in Java
  174. String Pool in Java
  175. Get IP Address of the Current Device in Java
  176. Java while Loop With User Input
  177. Assign Custom Values to Enums in Java
  178. Create User-Defined Custom Exception in Java
  179. Delegation as a Substitute for Inheritance in Java
  180. Java Radix Sort Algorithm
  181. Print Pyramid of Stars in Java
  182. Run Java .Class Files From Command Line
  183. Check if a Number Is Prime in Java
  184. Demonstrate java.lang.IllegalStateException in Java
  185. Handle FileNotFoundException in Java
  186. Handle OutOfMemoryError Exception in Java
  187. Implement Dijkstra's Algorithm in Java
  188. Java getContentPane()
  189. Java Out Parameter
  190. PriorityQueue Comparator in Java
  191. JavaFX Themes
  192. JavaFX vs Swing
  193. Selection Sort Algorithm in Java
  194. Java Max Priority Queue
  195. Send HTTP Requests in Java
  196. Use \s in Java
  197. Differences Between Java SE/EE/ME
  198. Create Image Icons in Java
  199. String[] in Java
  200. System.gc() for Garbage Collection in Java
  201. Turn Off Automatic Updates in Java
  202. Write Error Log Into Files in Java
  203. Convert Java Codes to C# Codes
  204. Create Animation in Java
  205. Multiple Inheritance in Java
  206. Stack Trace in Java
  207. Create Generators in Java
  208. Render LaTeX in Java
  209. Use assertTrue in Java
  210. Create a Concurrent Set in Java
  211. Create Callback Functions in Java
  212. Calculate Logarithm in Java
  213. Compress Strings in Java
  214. Declare a Constant String in Java
  215. Download Applets in Java
  216. Huffman Code in Java
  217. Reverse an Integer in Java
  218. Run Command Line in Java
  219. Use Notepad++ to Compile and Run Java Programs
  220. Use the Suffix F in Java
  221. Difference Between break and continue Statements in Java
  222. Draw Rectangle in JavaFX

MySQL Howtos

  1. Restart MySQL Server on Windows
  2. MySQL Max of Two Values
  3. MySQL Rebuild Index
  4. Restore Database From SQL File in MySQL

jQuery Howtos

  1. Convert String to Number in jQuery
  2. jQuery Capitalize First Letter
  3. jQuery Toggle Visibility
  4. Check if the Input Field Is Empty Using jQuery
  5. jQuery Download File
  6. jQuery Global Variable
  7. jQuery Play Audio
  8. jQuery Random Number
  9. jQuery Replace Class
  10. jQuery Select Sibling
  11. jQuery Sortable Table
  12. Run jQuery After Page Load
  13. Selected Dropdown Value on Change Event Using jQuery
  14. Check if an Element Exists Using jQuery
  15. jQuery Disable and Enable Input
  16. jQuery Get Class
  17. jQuery Local Storage
  18. jQuery Remove Class
  19. Move Elements Using jQuery
  20. Reset HTML Form Using jQuery
  21. Create an On-Page Load Event in jQuery
  22. Display a Tooltip Message on Hover Using jQuery
  23. jQuery ID Selector
  24. Replace Text and DOM Elements in jQuery
  25. Use the for Loop in jQuery
  26. Use the NPM jQuery Module
  27. jQuery keyup
  28. jQuery remove() Method
  29. Hide Div Element in jQuery
  30. Set Input Value in jQuery
  31. Create Elements in jQuery
  32. Get Element by ID in jQuery
  33. is(:visible) in jQuery
  34. jQuery Add Attributes
  35. map() vs each() Functions in jQuery
  36. The resize() Method in jQuery
  37. Use the delay() Method in jQuery
  38. Check if a String Contains a Substring in jQuery
  39. Import jQuery
  40. jQuery AJAX Data
  41. Pass Request Headers in jQuery AJAX
  42. Use the get() Method With Ajax jQuery
  43. Window.onload vs $(document).ready in jQuery
  44. $.Ajax Data Type in jQuery

PHP Howtos

  1. PHP Warning Invalid Argument Supplied for foreach()
  2. Convert Military Time to Standard Time in PHP
  3. PHP Anonymous Class
  4. PHP Artisan Clear Cache
  5. PHP Ignore Case Sensitivity When Comparing Strings
  6. PHP Post Max Size
  7. PHP Validate ExecutablePath in VSCode
  8. PHP Video Player
  9. Abstract Class vs. Interface in PHP
  10. Array Reverse in PHP
  11. Categories Cat_ID in WordPress PHP
  12. Constant Arrays in PHP
  13. Divide Integer in PHP
  14. New York Timezone in PHP
  15. PHP Socket IO
  16. PHP Spaceship Operator
  17. PHP Spread Operator
  18. 8 Best PHP Code Obfuscators
  19. PHP Abstract Class
  20. PHP Heredoc Syntax
  21. PHP Shortcode
  22. PHP URL Decoding
  23. PHP Variables Pass by Reference
  24. Round Floating-Point Numbers in PHP
  25. Set the Timezone in PHP
  26. Show PHP Configuration Information on Localhost
  27. PHP AES Encrypt Decrypt
  28. PHP Upload Image
  29. Generate UUID in PHP
  30. Get Headers in PHP
  31. PHP Flatten Array
  32. PHP Display Array Values
  33. Send Email Using Mail Form in PHP
  34. Add Element to an Associative Array in PHP
  35. Change Font Size and Color in PHP
  36. Concat PHP Arrays
  37. File Download With CURL in PHP
  38. Generate Image using PHP
  39. Group Arrays in PHP
  40. Lambda Functions in PHP
  41. PHP Image Resize on Upload
  42. PHP Session Encode Decode
  43. PHP UTF-8 Conversion
  44. PHP Zip Extension
  45. Serialize Function in PHP
  46. Validate Phone Number in PHP
  47. Call Function From String in PHP
  48. Convert an Array Into a CSV File in PHP
  49. Get the PHP Version
  50. Object Operator in PHP
  51. PHP Check if Function Exists
  52. PHP Merge PDFs
  53. PHP Switch Version on Ubuntu
  54. PHP 301 Redirect
  55. PHP Private Function
  56. Go Back to an Article Tag With an ID From the Action Page
  57. PHP Array Sum
  58. PHP Authenticate
  59. PHP Proxy
  60. PHP Template String
  61. Alert Message Using PHP
  62. Check if Array Contains a Value in PHP
  63. Double Question Mark in PHP
  64. The continue Statement in PHP
  65. var_dump() PHP Built-In Function

Go Howtos

  1. Convert JSON to Struct in Go
  2. Enable CORS in GoLang
  3. GoLang RWMutex
  4. Install GoLang Using Brew
  5. Create a GUI Using Electron API in Go
  6. Golang Copy Slice
  7. Uninstall GoLang
  8. GoLang Compare Strings
  9. GoLang Email Validator
  10. GoLang Map of Maps
  11. GoLang Reverse String
  12. GoLang Sort Slice of Structs
  13. Install Package in GoLang
  14. Random Number Generation in Go
  15. Use assert in Go
  16. Log Levels in Go
  17. Golang Array of Structs
  18. Golang Convert Interface to String
  19. Merge Two Maps in Golang

Matlab Howtos

  1. Reset Color Order in MATLAB
  2. Swap Rows and Columns in MATLAB
  3. Masking in MATLAB
  4. Plot Graph Using the for Loop in MATLAB
  5. MATLAB Machine Epsilon
  6. Modulo in MATLAB
  7. Check Whether an Array or Matrix Is Empty or Not in MATLAB
  8. Print Output in Command Window in Matlab
  9. Run MATLAB Script From Command Line
  10. Solve Quadratic Equations in MATLAB
  11. Use Kronecker Delta in MATLAB
Author: Sheeraz Gul
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Sheeraz is a Doctorate fellow in Computer Science at Northwestern Polytechnical University, Xian, China. He has 7 years of Software Development experience in AI, Web, Database, and Desktop technologies. He writes tutorials in Java, PHP, Python, GoLang, R, etc., to help beginners learn the field of Computer Science.

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