StdDraw Java Import

Sheeraz Gul Nov 04, 2022
StdDraw Java Import

This tutorial demonstrates how to import the stddraw in Java.

Import the StdDraw Class in Java

The StdDraw class is a part of the StdLib package, which is used for the basic capabilities of drawing. This class allows us to draw simple drawings like lines, squares, circles, and other geometric shapes, including text, animations, and colors.

The StdDraw class includes ActionListener, KeyListener, MouseListener, MouseMotionListener, and EventListener interfaces which are used to perform events on different listener options.

As mentioned above, the StdDraw is included in the StdLib package, and the StdLib package is included in the basic JRE or JDK package. If you can’t find the StdDraw, you can always import it separately in your environment.

Follow the steps below to import the StdDraw in your environment:

  • First, we must download the stdlib.jar file as the StdDraw is included in that package. Download it from here:

    Download StdLib

  • Create a folder lib in your Java project folder.
  • Copy the downloaded StdLib.jar file to the lib folder.
  • Open your IDE; in our case, it is the eclipse.
  • Right-click on your project name and go to Properties.
  • In Properties, go to Java Build Path:

    Java Build Path

  • In Java Build Path, go to Libraries.
  • Now, under the classpath, Click on Add External Jar, browse to the Lib folder, and select stdlib.jar.

    Add External Jar

  • Once the jar is added to the classpath. Click Apply and Close, and you are ready to use the StdDraw package.

Now we can use the StdDraw class without importing it into our Java class file.

Author: Sheeraz Gul
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