PowerShell ForEach Export-CSV

Sheeraz Gul Nov 21, 2022
PowerShell ForEach Export-CSV

This tutorial demonstrates how to export CSV using the foreach loop in PowerShell.

PowerShell ForEach Export-CSV

The Export-CSV is used to export the given data to a CSV file using a PowerShell environment, where the Export-CSV can be used in the foreach to access each column of the CSV file to export the particular data.

The Export-CSV will convert the PowerShell objects to the CSV strings and save them into the CSV file. The syntax for this command is:

<PowerShell Object> | Export-CSV [-Path] <string>

Where the PowerShell Object is the object which will be exported to the CSV file, and the path is the path of the CSV file. Let’s first try a simple example of using the Export-CSV command before using it in the foreach loop.

Get-Process | Export-CSV -Path "E:\Upwork\Programming article\Milestone 57\PowerShell\demo.csv"

The Get-Process is used to get all the processes running, and we try to export this object to a CSV file. See the output:

Get Process Export CSV

Now let’s use the Export-CSV in the foreach loop to export data to particular columns. See the commands:

$Processes = Get-Process

$Processes | ForEach-Object {

    $Process =[pscustomobject]@{
        'Name' = $_.Name
        'Handles' = $_.Handles
        'Path' = $_.Path
        'Company' = $_.Company
        'Description' = $_.Description
        'Product' = $_.Product
        'SafeHandle' = $_.SafeHandle
    $Process | Export-CSV "E:\Upwork\Programming article\Milestone 57\PowerShell\demo.csv" -Append -NoTypeInformation -Force

The above code will only export the Name, Handles, Path, Company, Description, Product, and SafeHandle columns from the Get-Process object to the CSV file. See the output:

Export CSV Foreach

Make sure when you run this command for the same file, the file should be closed.

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