Java to UML Diagram

Sheeraz Gul May 04, 2022
Java to UML Diagram

Many plugins can convert the Java code to UML class and other diagrams. This tutorial demonstrates installing the plugins and converting the Java code to a UML diagram.

Convert Java Project to a UML Diagram

Eclipse has many plugins used to convert the Java code to UML diagrams. UML Lab Modeling IDE is one of the best plugins to convert the Java code to UML in Eclipse.

Let’s see how to install and use the plugin.

  • Open Eclipse Marketplace from the Help menu and search UML Lab Modeling

    First Step

  • Click Install on UML Lab Modeling IDE

    Install UML Lab Modeling IDE

  • Click Confirm to process the installation.

    Confirm Installation

  • The next step is to accept the license agreement and click Finish.

    accept the license agreement

  • The UML Modeling IDE will be installed in Eclipse in a while.

    Installing software

  • Once the installation is finished, Eclipse will ask you to restart to use the plugin. Restart Eclipse.
  • The next step is to run the UML Modeling IDE, right-click on the project name, select UML Lab, and select Reverse Engineer the Selected Files into Modal and Diagram.

    run the UML Modeling IDE

  • Select the files of the project you want to add to the class diagram and click Finish.

    Select Project

  • Finally, you will be able to see the class diagram you want.

    class diagram

We selected our delftstack demos project to show the Java code in UML Class diagrams. The UML Modeling IDE is a paid software for users other than academics.

It offers one day trial, but it is free for academic use. You have to provide the academic information to subscribe.

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