How to Multiply Variables in Bash

Sheeraz Gul Feb 02, 2024
How to Multiply Variables in Bash

This tutorial demonstrates how to multiply two variables in Bash.

Multiply Variables in Bash

Multiplying two variables is an easy operation in Bash. We can use the arithmetic operator * to multiply two numbers in Bash.

Multiplying is a step-by-step process in Bash. Follow the steps below to multiply two variables in Bash.

  • First of all, initialize two variables.
  • Then we multiply to variables using the * operator with $(...) or the external program expression expr.
  • Make sure to assign the above multiplication to a variable.
  • Echo the final variable.

Now let’s implement the variable multiplication based on the above steps.


Result=$((Number1 * Number2))

echo $Result

The code above will multiply the two variables, Number1 and Number2, using the * multiplication operator with $(...) and then echo the result. See the output:

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