Download Applets in Java

Sheeraz Gul Mar 09, 2022
Download Applets in Java

Java applets are the classes embedded in web pages for some functionalities. As we know, a Java class contains the code of particular functionality, and if we want the same functionality, we can download and use the applet.

This tutorial will demonstrate how to download Java applets from web pages.

Step-By-Step Process to Download Applets in Java From Web Pages

Not every site gives access to the Java applet embedded in them, but we can still download others that we can access. For example, the link below:

Website To Download Applet

The page shown above contains a Java applet, but we cannot see it. Let’s see how to download the Java applet from the link above.

  • Right-click on the page and go to view page source or any other option like that in your browser.

    View Page Source

  • Now, the Java applets are in the .class extension or in the <applet> tag. Press Ctrl+F to search the .class or <applet>.

    Search .class Or Applet Tag

  • After locating the .class applet file, we got the path and name information below.
    CODE = "DR_DFG_RTwarble.DFG_RTwarble.class"

    The CODE contains the applet’s name, and the JAVA_CODEBASE has the path where the Java applet is located.

  • Create a URL from the info above. Using DFG_RTwarble.class and DR_DFG_RTwarble from the CODE, replace the . with / and include it in the path.

    The URL should look like this:
  • Run the URL above in your browser, and the applet will be downloaded or opened in the browser.

    Download The Applet

    As we can see from the output, DFG_RTwarble.class is downloaded.

Day by day, the security of the web is improving, and websites are not allowing access to the server code. Most of the time, you might not be able to download the applet from the desired sites.

Author: Sheeraz Gul
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