PowerShell Alias With Parameters

Sheeraz Gul Nov 11, 2022
PowerShell Alias With Parameters

This tutorial demonstrates how to create an Alias with parameters in PowerShell.

PowerShell Alias With Parameters

The PowerShell Alias provides a shortcut name for the parameter where we use the method Alias() method to use the Alias with parameters.

For example, if we want an Alias for parameter authentication, we can use an Auth alias; similarly, we can use AppID for the application id, etc.

Let’s create an example using an Alias with the parameters.

function AliasDemo{
   Write-Output "Our Server name is $ServerName"

The code above creates an alias for the parameter ServerName. Call the AliasDemo function, and it will show the below output.

cmdlet AliasDemo at command pipeline position 1
Supply values for the following parameters:
ServerName: DelftstackServer
Our Server name is DelftstackServer
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