Java.IO.StreamCorruptedException: Invalid Stream Header

Sheeraz Gul Jul 14, 2022
Java.IO.StreamCorruptedException: Invalid Stream Header

This tutorial demonstrates how to fix Java’s invalid stream header exception. invalid stream header in Java

The invalid stream header is relatively a common exception. To understand the reason for this exception, we need to see the invalid stream header in the exception because it can explain the reason behind the issue.

The StreamCorruptedException has two constructors, the first with one argument and the other without arguments. The one who accepts the arguments describes the reasons for the exception.

The invalid stream header: XXXXXX is the exception with the argument where XXXXXX represents the invalid header details.

This exception commonly occurs when we are working with ObjectInputStream. Because, as per the Javadoc, only those objects can be read from streams that support the or

So whenever we use the ObjectInputStream, it should be used with the serialized data. Most of the StreamCorruptedException: invalid stream header occurs when a file such as text, HTML, XML, JSON, etc., is directly passed to the ObjectInputStream constructor rather than a serializable file.

Here are some commonly occurred invalid stream header with corresponding ASCII values.

HEX Value for Invalid Stream Header Integers for HEX ASCII Values for HEX
54657374 084 101 115 116 Test
48656C6C 072 101 108 108 Hell
54656D70 084 101 109 112 Temp
4920616D 073 032 097 109 I am
54686973 084 104 105 115 This
20646520 032 100 101 032 de
30313031 048 049 048 049 0101
32303138 050 048 049 056 2018
41434544 065 067 069 068 ACED
64617364 100 097 115 100 dasd
72657175 114 101 113 117 requ
7371007E 115 113 000 126 sq ~
70707070 112 112 112 112 pppp
77617161 119 097 113 097 waqa
7B227061 123 034 112 097 {"pa
3C21444F 060 033 068 079 <!DO
3C787364 060 120 115 100 <xsd
0A0A3C68 010 010 060 104 <h
3c48544d 060 072 084 077 <HTM
3C6F626A 060 111 098 106 <obj
00000000 000 000 000 000
0A0A0A0A 010 010 010 010

Let’s try an example that will throw the invalid stream header exception. See example:

package delftstack;

import java.lang.ClassNotFoundException;

public class Example {

    private static ServerSocket Server_Socket;
    private static int Port_Number = 5000;

    public static void main(String args[]) throws IOException, ClassNotFoundException{
    	Server_Socket = new ServerSocket(Port_Number);
            System.out.println("Waiting for client request");
            //create socket and then wait for client connection
            Socket DemoSocket = Server_Socket.accept();
            //read from socket to the ObjectInputStream object
            ObjectInputStream Object_Input_Stream = new ObjectInputStream(DemoSocket.getInputStream());
            //convert the ObjectInputStream to the String
            String DemoMessage = (String) Object_Input_Stream.readObject();
            System.out.println("The Received Message is: " + DemoMessage);
            //ObjectOutputStream object
            ObjectOutputStream Object_Output_Stream = new ObjectOutputStream(DemoSocket.getOutputStream());
            //write object to the Socket
            Object_Output_Stream.writeObject("Hello Client "+DemoMessage);
            //terminate the server on exit from the client
            if(DemoMessage.equalsIgnoreCase("exit")) break;
        System.out.println("Shut down Socket server!!");
        //close the ServerSocket


The code above is trying to read a string sent from the client. The output for this code is the invalid stream header exception.

See output:

Exception in thread "main" invalid stream header: 54657374
    at Example.main(

The reason for this exception is we are not sending the data using the ObjectOutputStream because we cannot expect the ObjectOutputStream to convert text to objects automatically; the hexadecimal value 54657374 is converted to Test as text, and we must be sending it directly as bytes.

We can use the methods readObject() and writeObject() to solve this problem.

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