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Maisam is a highly skilled and motivated Data Scientist. He has over 4 years of experience with Python programming language. He loves solving complex problems and sharing his results on the internet.

Articles by Muhammad Maisam Abbas

Python How-To's

  1. How to Perform Stepwise Regression in Python
  2. How to Convert Hex to Base64 in Python
  3. How to Peek Heapq in Python
  4. How to Solve Python Segmentation Fault 11
  5. Python Threading Queue
  6. Anonymous Objects in Python
  7. How to Downsample Python Array
  8. How to Get User Input in Python While Loop
  9. How to Implement Topological Sort Algorithm in Python
  10. Python Apriori Algorithm
  11. How to Implement Heap Sort in Python
  12. How to Add Values to a Set in Python
  13. How to Print String to Text File Using Python
  14. Python Guessing Game
  15. How to Connect to a MySQL Database in Python
  16. How to Print Subscripts to the Console Window in Python
  17. How to Stringify JSON in Python
  18. How to Find First Occurrence in a String in Python
  19. Series Summation in Python
  20. How to Convert Boolean Values to Integer in Python
  21. How to Split List Into Sublists in Python
  22. How to Handle NameError Exception in Python
  23. How to Multiply List by Scalar in Python
  24. How to Compress and Decompress Data Using Zlib in Python
  25. Python Pipe
  26. The getpass Module in Python
  27. How to Export Data to Excel in Python
  28. How to Sort 2D Array in Python
  29. How to Write to CSV Line by Line in Python
  30. How to Import All Functions From File in Python
  31. How to Rename Python Function Pointer
  32. How to Convert String to Unicode in Python
  33. How to Check if a Number Is Even or Odd in Python
  34. How to Find Files Using Python
  35. How to Install Pyperclip in Python
  36. How to Parse String to List in Python
  37. How to Repeat String N Times in Python
  38. How to Sort String Alphabetically in Python
  39. How to Find All Indexes of a Character in Python String
  40. How to Lock Thread in Python
  41. How to Print % Sign in Python
  42. How to Print Variable Name in Python
  43. How to Read Last Line of File Using Python
  44. How to Remove Punctuation From Python List
  45. How to Split Sentence Into Words in Python
  46. Python Divisible
  47. Python Multiple Constructors
  48. How to Convert Docx to PDF in Python
  49. How to Create Color Spectrums in Python
  50. How to Fix Error - EOL While Scanning String Literal in Python
  51. How to Get Set Intersection in Python
  52. How to Make Quantile-Quantile Plot in Python
  53. How to Remove Element From Set in Python
  54. How to Check Spelling in Python
  55. How to Exit the if Statement in Python
  56. How to Quote Backslash in String in Python
  57. How to Remove Parentheses From String in Python
  58. B in Front of String in Python
  59. How to Create Ordered Set in Python
  60. How to Exit Commands in Python
  61. How to Run Python in Atom
  62. The __file__ Variable in Python
  63. The while True Statement in Python
  64. How to Check if a Python String Is a Palindrome
  65. How to Check the Anaconda Version
  66. How to Convert HEX to RGB in Python
  67. How to Log to Stdout in Python
  68. How to Search a List of Dictionaries in Python
  69. How to Write Logs to a File in Python
  70. How to Check if a String Contains Word in Python
  71. How to Convert Bytearray to String in Python
  72. How to Downgrade Python 3.9 to 3.8
  73. How to Find Number of Digits in a Number in Python
  74. How to Install Mysqldb With pip
  75. How to Install pip3 on Mac
  76. How to Iterate Backwards in Python
  77. How to List Subdirectories in Python
  78. How to Open All the Files in a Directory in Python
  79. How to Calculate Mahalanobis Distance in Python
  80. How to Calculate Derivative in Python
  81. Relative Path in Python
  82. How to Write String to a File in Python
  83. How to Add Key to a Dictionary in Python
  84. How to Append One String to Another in Python
  85. How to Append Values to a Set in Python
  86. How to Calculate Time Elapsed in Python
  87. How to Comment a Block of Code in Python
  88. How to Generate a Random Value Between 0 and 1 in Python
  89. How to Get Index of Maximum and Minimum Value of a List in Python
  90. How to Get Last Element of List in Python
  91. How to Import a File in Python
  92. How to Import Class From Subdirectories in Python
  93. How to Remove List Element by Index in Python
  94. Line Continuation in Python
  95. How to Break Out of Multiple Loops in Python
  96. How to Captilize String in Python
  97. How to Declare 3D Array in Python
  98. How to Download Image in Python
  99. How to Get List Shape in Python
  100. How to Use del Keyword in Python
  101. How to Get List Intersection in Python
  102. How to Compare String Case Insensitive String in Python

C# Howtos

  1. Network Programming in C#
  2. C# Cross-Platform
  3. C# new vs override
  4. HashSet vs List in C#
  5. How to Create a Generic Function in C#
  6. Integer Division in C#
  7. String Tokenizer in C#
  8. How to Check if TextBox Is Empty in C#
  9. How to Clear TextBox in C#
  10. How to Convert List to IEnumerable in C#
  11. How to Convert String to Char in C#
  12. How to Implement Multiline Label in C#
  13. How to Parse CSV File in C#
  14. How to Remove Duplicates From List in C#
  15. How to Repeat String X Times in C#
  16. How to Check if Process Is Running in C#
  17. How to Convert Enum to String in C#
  18. How to Count Down Timer in C#
  19. How to Destroy Object in C#
  20. How to Get Executable Path in C#
  21. How to Read XLSX File in C#
  22. HTML to PDF in C#
  23. TextBox New Line in C#
  24. How to Clear ListBox in C#
  25. How to Popup A Message in C#
  26. How to Repeat String in C#
  27. REST API in C#
  28. Standard Deviation in C#
  29. The nameof Expression in C#
  30. Thread Safe List in C#
  31. How to Close Form in C#
  32. Array of Lists in C#
  33. C# Equals() vs ==
  34. How to Append to Text File in C#
  35. How to Catch Multiple Exceptions in C#
  36. How to Check if a String Is Null or Empty in C#
  37. How to Check Palindrome String in C#
  38. How to Convert Int to Bool in C#
  39. How to Convert Long to Int in C#
  40. How to Convert String to Hex in C#
  41. How to Create New Instance From Type in C#
  42. How to Deep Copy in C#
  43. How to Delete All Files in a Directory in C#
  44. How to Delete Object in C#
  45. How to Force Garbage Collection in C#
  46. How to Format a String to Currency in C#
  47. How to Get All File Names in a Directory in C#
  48. How to Get the Last Element of a List in C#
  49. How to Have Numbers Only in TextBox in C#
  50. How to Keep Console Open in C#
  51. How to Pass Object by Reference in C#
  52. How to Read a File to String in C#
  53. How to Read Integer From Console in C#
  54. How to Remove First Character From String in C#
  55. How to Remove Quotes From String in C#
  56. How to Restart an Application in C#
  57. How to Serialize an Object to XML in C#
  58. How to Shuffle an Array in C#
  59. How to Sort DataTable in C#
  60. How to Truncate a String in C#
  61. How to Unzip a Zip File in C#
  62. How to Wait for a Thread to Finish in C#
  63. How to Wait for Key Press in C#
  64. How to Write a Stream to a File in C#
  65. How to Write to the Output Window in C#
  66. LINQ Group by in C#
  67. Thread vs Task in C#
  68. Abstract Function vs Virtual Function in C#
  69. How to Get Screen Size in C#
  70. How to Get URL of Current Page in C#
  71. How to Initialize a List of Tuples in C#
  72. How to Merge Two Arrays in C#
  73. How to Write to an Excel File in C#
  74. Singleton Class in C#
  75. Timer in C#
  76. async and await in C#
  77. How to Calculate Distance Between 2 Points in C#
  78. How to Convert Int to Hex in C#
  79. How to Convert Object to Int in C#
  80. How to Create DataTable in C#
  81. How to Download Image in C#
  82. How to Find Substring in a String in C#
  83. How to Get File Size in C#
  84. ArrayList vs List in C#
  85. Final Keyword in C#
  86. How to Add List to Another List in C#
  87. How to Add String to an Array in C#
  88. How to Compare Two Strings by Ignoring Case in C#
  89. How to Convert String to JSON Object in C#
  90. How to Declare a Constant Array in C#
  91. How to Exit Console Application in C#
  92. How to Generate Random Alphanumeric Strings in C#
  93. How to Iterate Through a List in C#
  94. How to MySql Connection in C#
  95. How to Print Array in C#
  96. How to Slice An Array in C#
  97. How to Use Stopwatch in C#
  98. Message Box in C#
  99. The yield Keyword in C#
  100. Difference Between a Jagged Array and a Multi-Dimensional Array in C#
  101. How to Compare Two Lists in C#
  102. How to Count Occurrences of a Character Inside a String in C#
  103. How to Get Length of a 2D Array in C#
  104. How to Get Relative Path of a File in C#
  105. How to Get the First Character of a String in C#
  106. How to Validate Email Address in C#
  107. Float vs Double vs Decimal in C#
  108. How to Call Constructor From Another Constructor in C#
  109. How to Encode and Decode a Base64 String in C#
  110. How to Get Current Time in C#
  111. How to Get Dictionary Key by Value in C#
  112. How to Read and Write to a File in C#
  113. How to Run a Command-Prompt Command in C#
  114. How to Sort Dictionary by Value in C#
  115. Multiple Case Switch Statement in C#
  116. How to Append to Array in C#
  117. How to Convert Integer to Binary in C#
  118. How to Copy a List in C#
  119. How to Copy a Object in C#
  120. How to Encrypt and Decrypt a String in C#
  121. How to Escape Double Quotes in C#
  122. How to Read a JSON File in C#
  123. How to Split String to List in C#
  124. C++ Map<T1, T2> Equivalent in C#
  125. Case Insensitive Contains String Function in C#
  126. Enum Strings in C#
  127. How to Call Constructor of Base Class From the Constructor of Child Class in C#
  128. How to Check if an Object Is Null in C#
  129. How to Check if List Is Empty in C#
  130. How to Convert Array to List in C#
  131. How to Convert List<string> to String in C#
  132. How to Convert Stream to Byte Array in C#
  133. How to Get and Set in C#
  134. How to Get the Size of an Array in C#
  135. How to Make HTTP POST Web Request in C#
  136. How to Properly Exit an Application in C#
  137. How to Reverse a String in C#
  138. lock Statement in C#
  139. Partial Class in C#
  140. SQL Insert Query in C#
  141. How to Add a Tab to a String in C#
  142. How to Add Newline to String in C#
  143. How to Check if an Array Contains a Value in C#
  144. How to Check Whether a File Exists in C#
  145. How to Convert Float to Int in C#
  146. How to Create an Inline Function in C#
  147. How to Declare a Global Variable in C#
  148. How to Declare a Multidimensional List in C#
  149. How to Delete a File in C#
  150. How to Generate a Random Float in C#
  151. How to Get ASCII Value of Character in C#
  152. How to Initialize a Dictionary in C#
  153. How to Pause Console in C#
  154. How to Resize an Image in C#
  155. How to Pass a Function as a Parameter in C#
  156. Difference Between Struct and Class in C#
  157. How to Convert Double to Int in C#
  158. How to Get Dictionary Value by Key in C#
  159. How to Get Local IP Address in C#
  160. How to Remove a Character From a String in C#
  161. How to Return Multiple Values From a Function in C#
  162. How to Round a Double Value to an Integer Value in C#
  163. How to Shuffle a List in C#
  164. typedef Equivalent in C#

TypeScript Howtos

  1. How to Convert String to Enum in TypeScript
  2. How to Exclude Property in TypeScript
  3. How to Sorting Array in TypeScript
  4. Nullable Type in TypeScript
  5. How to Get and Set in TypeScript
  6. How to Declare Array of Objects in TypeScript
  7. How to Format Date and Time in TypeScript
  8. String Interpolation in TypeScript

Python Scipy Functions

  1. 2D Interpolation in Python

Python Pandas Howtos

  1. How to Convert Timedelta to Int in Pandas

Python Matplotlib Howto's

  1. Superscript in Python Matplotlib Plots

Python Tkinter Howtos

  1. Tkinter Canvas Text

Python NumPy Howtos

  1. How to Normalize Matrix in NumPy
  2. How to Rank Values in NumPy Array
  3. How to Shift Array in Python NumPy
  4. NumPy Intersection of Two Arrays
  5. NumPy Matrix Indexing
  6. NumPy Matrix Subtraction
  7. NumPy Matrix Vector Multiplication
  8. How to Calculate the Power of a NumPy Matrix
  9. How to Divide Matrix by Vector in NumPy
  10. How to Get Combinations of Two Arrays in NumPy
  11. How to NumPy Shuffle Two Arrays
  12. How to numpy.random.seed() Function in NumPy
  13. How to Replace Values in NumPy
  14. How to Slice 2D Array in NumPy
  15. How to Upgrade Python NumPy
  16. Least Squares in NumPy
  17. NumPy logspace() Function
  18. NumPy Unit Vector
  19. numpy.random.permutation() Function in NumPy
  20. How to Calculate Absolute Value in NumPy
  21. How to Calculate the Mode of Array in NumPy
  22. How to Convert Pandas Series to NumPy Array
  23. How to Fill Array With Value in NumPy
  24. How to Map a Function in NumPy
  25. How to Save and Load NumPy Array in Python
  26. How to Delete Row in NumPy
  27. NumPy Array Equal
  28. NumPy Deep Copy
  29. NumPy Factorial
  30. Covariance in Python NumPy
  31. How to Sort Array by Column in NumPy
  32. NumPy Magnitude in Python
  33. numpy.newaxis Method
  34. numpy.where() Multiple Conditions
  35. Element-Wise Division in Python NumPy
  36. How to Add Dimension to NumPy Array
  37. How to Append to Empty Array in NumPy
  38. How to Convert NumPy Array to Tuple
  39. How to Count Unique Values in NumPy Array
  40. How to Get Number of Rows in NumPy
  41. How to Print Full NumPy Array
  42. How to Zip NumPy Arrays
  43. Array of Arrays in NumPy
  44. How to Add Column in NumPy
  45. How to Convert PIL Image to NumPy Array
  46. How to Convert Tensor to NumPy Array in Python
  47. How to Create Empty NumPy Array
  48. How to Get Column of NumPy Array
  49. How to Get NumPy Array Length
  50. How to Reverse Array in NumPy
  51. Natural Log in Python
  52. How to Convert 3D Array to 2D Array in Python
  53. How to Multiply Array With Scalar in Python
  54. How to Shape and Size of Array in Python

C Howtos

  1. The %p Format Specifier in C