Install Pyperclip in Python

Install Pyperclip in Python

  1. Install pyperclip With the pip Package Manager in Python
  2. Manually Install the pyperclip Module in Python

This tutorial will discuss the methods to install pyperclip in Python.

Install pyperclip With the pip Package Manager in Python

The pyperclip module is a cross-platform Python module that provides clipboard functionality. The pip package manager can be used to install pyperclip. The following command shows us how we can install the pyperclip module in Python.

pip install pyperclip

To install, open the command prompt and paste the command mentioned above into it.

The following command is used to check whether pyperclip is properly installed on our machine or not.

pip list

The command mentioned above lists all the python packages installed on our machine.

We can also install the pyperclip module with the pip3 package manager, similar to our previous command.

pip3 install pyperclip

Note that we cannot use libraries like tkinter and pyperclip in the Jupyter Notebook.

Manually Install the pyperclip Module in Python

Follow the following steps below to install the pyperclip module in Python manually.

  • Extract the downloaded file to C:\Users\username\AppData\Local\Programs\Python\Pythonversion\Lib
  • Try importing the pyperclip module in your Python code file.
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