How to Add List to Another List in C#

Muhammad Maisam Abbas Feb 02, 2024
How to Add List to Another List in C#

This tutorial will discuss methods to add one list’s elements at the end of another list in C#.

Add a List to Another List With the List.AddRange() Function in C#

The easiest method for appending one list’s elements at the end of the other list is to use the List.AddRange() method in C#. The List.AddRange(x) method adds the elements of the collection x in the list. The following code example shows us how to add one list to another list with the List.AddRange() function in C#.

using System;
using System.Collections.Generic;

namespace add_list {
  class Program {
    static void Main(string[] args) {
      List<string> first = new List<string> { "do", "rey", "me" };
      List<string> second = new List<string> { "fa", "so", "la", "te" };
      foreach (var e in first) {



We created and initialized 2 lists of strings, first and second, in the above code. We appended the second list elements at the end of the first list with the first.AddRange(second) function. In the end, we displayed the elements of the first list.

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