HTML to PDF in C#

This tutorial will introduce the method to convert an HTML string to PDF in C#.

HTML to PDF With the HtmlRenderer.PdfSharp Package in C

The HtmlRenderer.PdfSharp package is used to generate a pdf file from HTML snippets in C#. This package makes it very easy to convert a string containing an HTML snippet into a PDF document that contains the web view of that HTML snippet. The HtmlRenderer.PdfSharp package is an external package and does not come pre-installed with the .NET library. We have to install this package separately using the NuGet package manager. The command to install the HtmlRenderer.PdfSharp package is given below.

dotnet add package HtmlRenderer.PdfSharp --version

The following code example shows us how to convert a string containing an HTML snippet to a PDF file with the HtmlRenderer.PdfSharp package in C#.

using PdfSharp;
using PdfSharp.Pdf;
using System;
using System.IO;
using TheArtOfDev.HtmlRenderer.PdfSharp;

namespace html_to_pdf
    class Program
        static void Main(string[] args)
            string htmlString = "<h1>Document</h1> <p>This is an HTML document which is converted to a pdf file.</p>";
            PdfDocument pdfDocument = PdfGenerator.GeneratePdf(htmlString, PageSize.A4);
            pdfDocument.Save("C:/File/HTML to PDF Document.pdf");

C:\File\HTML to PDF Document.pdf File:

C# html to pdf

In the above code, we converted the HTML snippet inside the string variable htmlString to a PDF file with the HtmlRenderer.PdfSharp package in C#. We first initialized the string htmlString with an HTML snippet. We then created an instance of the PdfDocument class with the PdfGenerator.GeneratePdf() function in C#. In the end, we saved the document to a specified path with the PdfDocument.Save() function. The file content can be seen in the screen snippet displayed above.

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