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Rupam Saini is an android developer, who also works sometimes as a web developer., He likes to read books and write about various things.

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Java Howtos

  1. Difference Between Private and Public Modifiers in Java
  2. Difference Between Static and Final Variables in Java
  3. How to Convert C# Codes to Java Codes
  4. FTP in Java
  5. List vs. Array in Java
  6. How to Check if Java Is Installed
  7. Max Value From BigInteger in Java
  8. Private Constructors in Java
  9. String Matches Regex in Java
  10. Merge Sort Using ArrayList in Java
  11. Method Hiding in Java
  12. How to Stub in Java
  13. In-Memory Cache in Java
  14. Stack Pop Push in Java
  15. Import .cer in Java
  16. Final Class in Java
  17. How to Change Java Version in MacOS
  18. How to Close a File in Java
  19. How to Create Tic Tac Toe GUI in Java
  20. How to Do Unit Testing in Java
  21. How to Handle Regex Special Characters in Java
  22. How to Implement HTTP Post in Java
  23. How to Create Makefile in Java
  24. Java Graph Libraries
  25. Default Access Modifier in Java
  26. JFileChooser Examples in Java
  27. Super Constructor in Java
  28. How to Create Table in Java
  29. How to Encode String in UTF-8 in Java
  30. ImageIO in Java
  31. JVM Arguments in Java
  32. Not Equals in Java
  33. What Does Instantiate Mean in Java
  34. String Interning in Java
  35. How to Convert Int to Binary in Java
  36. How to Create Counters in Java
  37. How to Delete a File in Java
  38. Properties File in Java
  39. The findFirst() Stream Method in Java
  40. How to Convert List to Map in Java
  41. How to Add ActionListener to JButton in Java
  42. How to Fix Class Is Not Abstract and Does Not Override Error in Java
  43. How to Fix Exit Code 13 Error in Java
  44. How to Fix Missing Return Statement Error Type in Java
  45. How to Fix Void Type Not Allowed Here Error in Java
  46. How to Increase Heap Space in Java
  47. How to Insert a Tab Space in Java
  48. What Is an Attribute in Java
  49. Backslash Character in Java
  50. What Does the <E> Mean in Java
  51. Class File Editor in Java
  52. How to Create Unsigned Long in Java
  53. How to Use Keycode in Java
  54. JavaTuples in Java
  55. Regex Whitespace in Java
  56. How to Create a Range in Java
  57. How to Create a Utility Class in Java
  58. How to Extract War File
  59. How to Override Hashcode Function in Java
  60. How to Run Java in Atom
  61. The ... Parameter in Java
  62. How to Initialize HashMap in Java
  63. How to Sort an Array of Objects in Java
  64. How to Show a JavaFX Popup in Java
  65. Sentinel Value in Java
  66. How to Instance of a Class in Java
  67. How to Print a String in Java
  68. How to Use setFont in Java
  69. IS a vs HAS a in Java
  70. The valueOf Method of Enum Class in Java
  71. Unchecked Cast in Java
  72. Float and Double Data Type in Java
  73. How to Display an Image in Java
  74. How to Get Class Name in Java
  75. How to Implement Min-Heap in Java
  76. How to Implement Tree in Java
  77. How to Make a Stopwatch in Java
  78. How to Open a File in Java
  79. How to Play MP3 in Java
  80. How to Print a Table in Java
  81. How to Return Multiple Values in Java
  82. How to Rotate an Image in Java
  83. How to Trim a String in Java
  84. How to Use Printwriter in Java
  85. How to Write Byte to File in Java
  86. @Override in Java
  87. How to Create a Dropdown Menu in Java
  88. How to Create a Dynamic Array in Java
  89. How to Deep Copy an Array in Java
  90. How to Encode a URL in Java
  91. How to Make a Countdown Timer in Java
  92. How to Add an Object in an Arraylist in Java
  93. How to Catch Multiple Exceptions in Java
  94. How to Compare Strings Alphabetically in Java
  95. How to Convert Byte to Int in Java
  96. How to Convert Double to Float in Java
  97. How to Convert String to Hex in Java
  98. How to Create Pop Window in Java
  99. How to Find All Permutations of a Given String in Java
  100. How to Find the Max Number in an Array in Java
  101. How to Get Type of Object in Java
  102. How to Resize an Image in Java
  103. How to Write Strings to CSV File in Java
  104. Press Enter to Continue in Java
  105. The assert Keyword in Java
  106. Extends vs Implements in Java
  107. How to Convert an Array to String in Java
  108. How to Generate Random Double Values Between 0 and 1 in Java
  109. Java Constant
  110. Java Optional Parameters
  111. Modulus in Java
  112. How to Exit a Method in Java
  113. How to Download File in Java
  114. How to Find Java Location in Windows
  115. How to Override the toString Method in Java
  116. How to Remove Element From Array and Then Shift Other Elements in Java
  117. How to Shift an Array in Java
  118. Java Environment Variables
  119. How to Calculate Power of Integers in Java
  120. How to Get Word Count of a String in Java
  121. How to Parse a String in Java
  122. How to Truncate Double in Java
  123. How to Concatenate Strings in Java
  124. How to Call Another Constructor in Java
  125. How to Convert Char to Uppercase/Lowercase in Java
  126. How to Convert Int Array to Arraylist in Java
  127. How to Copy ArrayList in Java
  128. How to Escape Characters in Java
  129. How to Fix to in Java
  130. How to Get Year From Date in Java
  131. How to Initialize 2D Array in Java
  132. How to Update Value in Hashmap in Java
  133. How to Copy Array in Java
  134. How to Java Array Indexof
  135. How to Return Array in Java
  136. How to Return Empty Array in Java
  137. How to Sort 2D Array in Java
  138. How to Swap Arrays in Java
  139. How to Draw a Circle in Java
  140. How to Draw a Triangle in Java
  141. How to Get Today's Date in Java
  142. How to Subtract Dates in Java
  143. How to Switch on Enum in Java
  144. How to Check if a Character Is Alphanumeric in Java
  145. How to Compare Characters in Java
  146. How to Generate Random Character in Java
  147. How to Get a Char From the Input in Java
  148. How to Convert Boolean to String in Java
  149. How to Convert Enum to String in Java
  150. How to Convert String to Boolean in Java
  151. How to Convert String to Timestamp in Java
  152. How to Count Characters in a String in Java
  153. How to Get Thread Id in Java
  154. How to Initialize List of String in Java
  155. How to Iterate Over Characters of String in Java
  156. How to Kill Thread in Java
  157. How to Replace Character in String in Java
  158. How to Replace Multiple Characters in String in Java
  159. How to Add Char to String in Java
  160. How to Check if an Object Is Null in Java
  161. How to Clear Scanner in Java
  162. How to Convert Binary String to Int in Java
  163. How to Delete an Object in Java
  164. How to Get the Last Character of a String in Java
  165. How to Print Quotation Marks in Java
  166. How to Replace Character in String at Index in Java
  167. How to Iterate Through Set in Java
  168. How to Multiply Strings in Java
  169. How to Close a Scanner in Java
  170. How to Convert Hex String to Int in Java
  171. How to Convert String to DateTime Object in Java
  172. How to Convert String to InputStream in Java
  173. How to Convert String to JSON Object in Java
  174. How to Create a Java for Loop With Two Variables
  175. How to Convert an InputStream Into a String in Java
  176. How to Initialize Multiple Variables in Java
  177. How to Call a Variable From Another Method in Java
  178. How to Clear the Console in Java
  179. How to Get Input From the Console in Java
  180. How to Parse CSV in Java
  181. How to Check if a File Exists in Java
  182. How to Print an ArrayList in Java
  183. How to Convert an ASCII Code to Char
  184. How to Create a 2D ArrayList in Java
  185. How to Round Up a Number in Java
  186. How to Get User Input in Java
  187. How to Print List in Java
  188. How to End a Java Program
  189. How to Generate a Random Number Between 1 and 10 in Java
  190. How to Check if a String Is an Integer in Java
  191. How to Get Key From Value in Java Hashmap
  192. How to Convert Character to ASCII Numeric Value in Java
  193. How to Convert JSON to Map in Java
  194. How to Get the Current Date-Time in Java
  195. How to Convert Integer List to Int Array in Java
  196. How to Get the Separate Digits of an Int Number in Java
  197. How to Convert Hashmap to JSON Object in Java
  198. How to Convert String to Double in Java
  199. How to Read a File to a String in Java
  200. How to Initialize an Array in Java

JavaScript Howtos

  1. How to Check if Object Is Empty in JavaScript
  2. How to Compare Two Arrays in JavaScript