Mohammad Irfan

Scala Howto's

  1. Add Elements to a Map in Scala
  2. Companion Objects in Scala
  3. Get the Current Timestamp in Scala
  4. Sealed Traits in Scala
  5. Getting List Elements in Scala
  6. Find a Substring of String in Scala
  7. Sort a List in Scala
  8. The Difference Between && and & Operators in Scala
  9. Fill an Array in Scala
  10. Format Strings in Scala
  11. The andThen Function in Scala
  12. The break Statement in Scala
  13. The main() Method in Scala
  14. The Underscore Placeholder in Scala
  15. Checking Scala Version in Scala
  16. Exit From Scala Shell
  17. Create a List in Scala
  18. Difference Between Object and Class in Scala
  19. Return a Value in Scala
  20. The apply() Function in Scala
  21. The foreach Loop in Scala
  22. try...catch in Scala

Java Howtos

  1. Create Timer in JavaFx
  2. Associative Array in Java
  3. Null and Empty String in Java
  4. Override the CompareTo Method in Java
  5. Static Block in Java
  6. varargs in Java
  7. BiFunction Interface in Java
  8. Convert ArrayList to Set in Java
  9. Double in Java
  10. Method to Calculate Factorial in Java
  11. Parameters vs Arguments in Java
  12. The Stream Reduce Operation in Java
  13. What is Predicate in Java
  14. What is the /= Operator in Java
  15. Check Java version
  16. Array Passed By Value or Passed By Reference in Java
  17. Set JAVA_HOME Variable in Java
  18. What is Reflection in Java
  19. Convert Stream to List in Java
  20. flatMap in Java
  21. Get Unicode Characters from its Number in Java
  22. Ignore Upper Case and Lower Case in Java
  23. Convert String to LocalDate in Java
  24. Fix the Bad Operand Types Error in Java
  25. Fix the Could Not Find or Load Main Class Error in Java
  26. Fix the Reach End of File While Parsing Error in Java
  27. Stream Filter in Java
  28. Fix the NoSuchElementException Error in Java
  29. Print Boolean Value Using the printf() Method in Java
  30. Sort a List Alphabetically in Java
  31. Compare Java Enum Using == or equals() Method in Java
  32. console.log in Java
  33. Return Nothing From a Function in Java
  34. Runnable VS Callable Interface in Java
  35. Using the System.exit() Method in Java
  36. Casting Variables in Java
  37. Read Input from in Java
  38. StringUtils in Java
  39. The *= Operator in Java
  40. The Max Value of an Integer in Java
  41. Check if String Contains a Case Insensitive Substring in Java
  42. Servlet in Java
  43. Compile Multiple Java Files Using a Single Command in Java
  44. Get the Square of a Double Value in Java
  45. Minimum and Maximum Value of Integer in Java
  46. The %= Operator in Java
  47. Unhandled Exception in Java
  48. Add Objects to an Array in Java
  49. Char vs String in Java
  50. ConcurrentHashMap vs Hashtable in Java
  51. Create swing timer in Java
  52. List of Ints in Java
  53. Transient in Java
  54. Virtual Function in Java
  55. Checked and Unchecked Exceptions in Java
  56. Convert Integer to Int in Java
  57. Replace a Backslash With a Double Backslash in Java
  58. The Difference Between ArrayList and LinkedList in Java
  59. The Difference Between the != and =! Operator in Java
  60. Convert Int to ASCII in Java
  61. Convert Int to Byte in Java
  62. Convert long to double in Java
  63. Initialize Char in Java
  64. Phone Number Data Type in Java
  65. What Is Monitor in Java
  66. base64.decode in Java
  67. Check if Java is 64 bit or 32 bit
  68. Conversion JSON to XML in Java
  69. Convert JSON to Java object
  70. Double max value in Java
  71. Start a new thread in Java
  72. Check Empty String in Java
  73. Convert Int to Integer in Java
  74. Represent Empty Char in Java
  75. The Char equals Method in Java
  76. The repaint() Method in Java
  77. What Is a Driver Class in Java
  78. Implement Multiple Interfaces in Java
  79. Initialize an Array in Constructor in Java
  80. Make a Java File Executable
  81. What Is Java Bean
  82. Create Map in Java
  83. Java typeof Operator
  84. The Arrow Operator -> in Java
  85. Code Obfuscation in Java
  86. Difference Between an Interface and an Abstract Class in Java
  87. Get ArrayList of Int Array in Java
  88. Get Character in String by Index in Java
  89. Java system.out.println() Method
  90. Print Objects in Java
  91. Set Classpath in Java
  92. Use KeyListener in Java
  93. Add a Background Image in JavaFX
  94. Convert String to ArrayList in Java
  95. Get the First Character of a String in Java
  96. Get the Last Element From an ArrayList in Java
  97. Get the User Home Directory in Java
  98. Overload a Constructor in Java
  99. The Difference Between Size and Length in Java
  100. The Difference Between Static and Dynamic Binding in Java
  101. Append Text to a Text File in Java
  102. Convert Double to String in Java
  103. Extend Two Classes in Java
  104. Increase an Array Size in Java
  105. Pass an Array to a Method in Java
  106. Sort a String Array Alphabetically in Java
  107. The XOR Operator in Java
  108. Access a Variable From Another Class in Java
  109. Break Nested Loops in Java
  110. Convert Boolean to Int in Java
  111. Convert String Array Into Int Array in Java
  112. Get the Sum of an Array in Java
  113. Initialize All Array Elements to Zero in Java
  114. Resize an Array While Keeping the Current Elements in Java
  115. Clear an Array in Java
  116. Connect a MySQL Database in Java
  117. Exit a While Loop in Java
  118. Get a Keyboard Input in Java
  119. Pass a Method as a Parameter in Java
  120. Rename a File in Java
  121. What Is a Null Pointer Exception in Java
  122. args Parameter in Java
  123. Compare Two Integers in Java
  124. Difference Between Hashmap and Map in Java
  125. Difference Between Hashtable and Hashmap in Java
  126. Empty Array in Java
  127. Import Custom Class in Java
  128. Java Default Parameters
  129. Convert Float to String and String to Float in Java
  130. Convert Object to String in Java
  131. Daemon Thread in Java
  132. Format Double Value in Java
  133. How to Read XML File in Java
  134. Implement Key Value Pair in Java
  135. Split a String by Space in Java
  136. Convert Double to Int in Java
  137. Create Global Variable in Java
  138. Difference Between i++ and ++i Operators in Java
  139. Generate Random Number Within a Specified Range in Java
  140. Get Current TimeStamp in Java Date
  141. Iterate Through List in Java
  142. Question Mark and Colon in Java
  143. Relative Path in Java
  144. Check if an Array Contains Int in Java
  145. Convert Char Array to Int in Java
  146. Convert Inputstream to Byte Array in Java
  147. Get Char Array's Length in Java
  148. Do Power in Java
  149. Do String Interpolation in Java
  150. Call a Method in Another Class in Java
  151. Get the File Extension of a File in Java
  152. Get the Current Working Directory in Java
  153. Iterate Through HashMap in Java
  154. Sort a Map by Value in Java
  155. Delay Few Seconds in Java
  156. Reverse a String in Java
  157. Sort Array Elements in Java
  158. Read All Files of a Folder in Java
  159. Convert an Arraylist to a String in Java
  160. Print a Float With 2 Decimal Places in Java
  161. Remove the Last Character From the String in Java
  162. Convert a String to an Int in Java
  163. Convert Date to String in Java
  164. Print HashMap in Java
  165. Remove Punctuation From String in Java
  166. Iterate Over Each Element of Map in Java
  167. Remove Whitespace From String in Java
  168. Check Whether a String Contains a Substring in Java
  169. Check if a String Is a Number in Java
  170. Check Whether an Array Is Null/Empty in Java