The andThen Function in Scala

The andThen Function in Scala

This tutorial will discuss the andThen composition in Scala. Scala’s andThen feature allows it to call functions in a composition manner.

If you want to call a function using the output instance, you can use this feature. You can also use it to call multiple functions in a chain sequence.

Use andThen to Call Functions in Scala

We have two functions and call them using the andThen. We called the first add function and then the mul(multiply) function.

object MyClass {
    val add=(a: Int)=> {
        a + 1
    val mul=(a: Int)=> {
        a * 2
    def main(args: Array[String]) {
        println((add andThen mul)(2))



The result above is based on the sequence of functions execution.

Let’s see another example of andThen. We called two functions with different patterns/parameters in the following code snippet and got the desired result.

val incrementByTen : Int =>  Int = a => a+10
val multiplyByFive : Int => Int = num => num * 5

val result = incrementByTen.andThen(multiplyByFive)(10)
print("result "+result)


result 100

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