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Rana is a computer science graduate passionate about helping people to build and diagnose scalable web application problems and problems developers face across the full-stack.

Articles by Rana Hasnain Khan

Python How-To's

  1. Can Only Concatenate List (Not Int) to List in Python
  2. How to Fix Value Error Need More Than One Value to Unpack in Python
  3. How to Fix ValueError Arrays Must All Be the Same Length in Python
  4. Invalid Syntax in Python
  5. How to Fix the TypeError: Object of Type 'Int64' Is Not JSON Serializable
  6. How to Fix the TypeError: 'float' Object Cannot Be Interpreted as an Integer in Python
  7. How to Fix the Python TypeError: List Indices Must Be Integers, Not List
  8. How to Fix IndexError: Tuple Index Out of Range in Python
  9. How to Fix ZeroDivisionError: Float Division by Zero in Python
  10. How to Fix No Module Named CV2 in Mac in Python
  11. How to Fix Python PermissionError: [WinError 5] Access Is Denied
  12. How to Fix Python TypeError: 'DataFrame' Object Is Not Callable
  13. How to Python TypeError: Can't Convert 'List' Object to STR
  14. How to Solve Python Is Not Recognized in Windows 10
  15. File Naming Conventions in Python
  16. How to Add Attribute to Object in Python
  17. How to Add Selenium Web Driver Wait in Python
  18. How to Download Anaconda in Python
  19. How to Find Element by Text Using Selenium in Python
  20. How to Install YAML in Python
  21. How to Perform Element-Wise Addition in Python
  22. How to Use Pip to Install Python Version
  23. The getAttribute() Function in Selenium Python
  24. The send_keys() Function in Selenium Python
  25. How to Check if Variable Is String in Python
  26. How to Divide a List by a Number in Python
  27. Background Process in Python
  28. How to Get Parts of a String in Python
  29. How to Implement Rabin-Karp Algorithm in Python
  30. How to Read Text From Images Using Tesseract in Python
  31. Locust in Python
  32. Memory Leak in Python
  33. Method Overloading in Python
  34. Pexpect in Python
  35. How to Address Already in Use Error in Python
  36. How to Convert Seconds Into Hours, Minutes, and Seconds in Python
  37. How to Create Package in Python
  38. How to Get Longest Substring Without Repeating Characters in Python
  39. Lexicographical Order in Python
  40. How to Create a List of Odd Numbers in Python
  41. How to Decompress Gzip in Python
  42. How to Get Yesterday's Date in Python
  43. How to Make List of Even Numbers in Python
  44. How to Raise Exception in Python
  45. The time Module in Python
  46. List Remove by Index in Python
  47. KFold in Python
  48. How to Process Finished With Exit Code 0 in Python
  49. How to Wrap Text in Python
  50. Nested for Loop in One Line in Python
  51. Pickle Load in Python
  52. Spline Interpolation in Python
  53. SCP in Python
  54. fetchall() in Python
  55. Python Lambda With Multiple Lines
  56. How to Install XLRD in Python
  57. How to Import Class From Another File in Python

TypeScript Howtos

  1. How to Use Mocha in TypeScript
  2. How to Ignore Next Line in TypeScript
  3. How to Use Lodash in TypeScript
  4. How to Add TypeScript to a React Project
  5. Tsconfig References in TypeScript
  6. Function Interface in TypeScript
  7. How to Merge Objects TypeScript
  8. TypeScript in Operator
  9. How to Create Table in React TypeScript
  10. How to Make HTTP Request in TypeScript
  11. How to Use Jest Mock in TypeScript
  12. How to Install Specific Version of TypeScript
  13. How to Use Any Data Type in TypeScript
  14. The abstract Method in TypeScript
  15. How to Check if a String Has a Certain Text in TypeScript
  16. How to Import JavaScript in TypeScript
  17. How to Compare Strings in TypeScript
  18. How to Extend Type in TypeScript
  19. How to Record in TypeScript
  20. How to Run File in TypeScript
  21. TypeScript forEach() Loop
  22. TypeScript Typeof
  23. How to Convert String Into Number in TypeScript
  24. How to Enumerate String in TypeScript
  25. How to Get Current Date and Time in TypeScript
  26. How to Interface Array of Objects in TypeScript
  27. The console.log Method in TypeScript
  28. The Date Object in TypeScript

Angular Howtos

  1. Textarea vs Input in AngularJS
  2. Array of Objects in Angular
  3. How to Export Data to Excel in Angular
  4. How to Use Radio Buttons in Angular
  5. How to Use SetInterval in AngularJS
  6. Best Backend Frameworks to Integrate With AngularJS
  7. Controller as Syntax in AngularJS
  8. How to Debug AngularJS in Chrome
  9. How to Display Image in AngularJS
  10. How to Do Dirty Checking in AngularJS
  11. How to Make a Pie Chart in AngularJS
  12. How to Parse JSON in Angular
  13. How to Set Cookie in Angular
  14. How to Use Blur Event in Angular
  15. Ng-Keypress in AngularJS
  16. onFocusEvent in Angular
  17. How to Get Current Date in Angular
  18. How to Use $broadcast() in AngularJS
  19. Grid Table in AngularJS
  20. How to Create a Navbar in Angular
  21. WebSocket in Angular
  22. Angular then() Method
  23. How to Add Conditional Classes With ngClass in Angular
  24. How to Uninstall and Install Angular CLI
  25. Component vs. Module in Angular
  26. How to Add Class in Angular
  27. How to Delete Component in Angular
  28. How to Upload Image in Angular
  29. How to Use ngSwitch in Angular
  30. How to Navigate with Router Link in Angular
  31. How to Use Router Navigate in Angular
  32. Folder Structure in AngularJS
  33. How to Use Angular ngAfterViewInit Method
  34. The Ng-Options in AngularJS
  35. How to Install Bootstrap in Angular
  36. Providers in AngularJS
  37. Date Picker in Angular
  38. How to Load Spinner in AngularJs
  39. How to View Child in Angular
  40. The if...else Statement in Angular
  41. How to Find Elements by Class Name in Angular
  42. How to Show and Hide in Angular
  43. How to Use Directive Link Function in AngularJS
  44. How to Use forEach in Angular
  45. How to Update Angular CLI
  46. AngularJs $watchcollection
  47. ElementRef in Angular
  48. How to Make A Rich Text Editor in Angular
  49. How to Use Angular stateParams
  50. How to Use q all in AngularJs
  51. How to Use The for Loop in Angular
  52. How to Use Bootstrap in Angular
  53. How to Use Google Maps in Angular
  54. How to Use jQuery in Angular 2
  55. Ng-Repeat Filter in Angular
  56. How to Store Data in Angular Local Storage
  57. Angular subscribe() Method
  58. How to Create New Component in Angular
  59. How to Copy in Angular
  60. How to Implement Pagination in Angular
  61. How to Set Selected Option in Angular Dropdown
  62. On Load in Angular
  63. Carousel in Angular
  64. Difference Between Angular Service and Angular Factory
  65. How to Access Parent Scope From the Child Controller in Angular
  66. How to Check Angular Version
  67. How to Download File in Angular
  68. How to Set Default Value in Angular
  69. Session Storage in Angular
  70. Event Emitter in Angular
  71. How to Drag and Drop in Angular
  72. Data Tables in Angular
  73. Date Format in Angular
  74. getElementById Replacement in Angular
  75. How to List of All Mat Icons in Angular
  76. How to Upload File in Angular
  77. The setTimeout() Function in Angular

C# Howtos

  1. How to Compile C# in Command Line
  2. How to Convert List Into Dictionary in C#

Python Matplotlib Howto's

  1. How to Plot Horizontal Line in Python

PHP Howtos

  1. How to Check if a Property Exists in PHP
  2. How to Get Time Zone in PHP
  3. How to Write to an Error Log File in PHP
  4. How to Convert a String Into an Array in PHP

React Howtos

  1. How to Dispatch in React
  2. How to Run iOS in React Native
  3. How to Set Router Authentication in React
  4. How to Use React and PHP Together
  5. super vs super(props) in React
  6. How to Add Emoji in React
  7. How to Check Box onChange in React
  8. How to Import JSON File in React
  9. How to Pass Parameter with onClick Method in React
  10. The onDoubleClick Event in React
  11. How to Reload Component in React
  12. How to Show and Hide Element in React
  13. Z-Index in React Native
  14. Global Variable in React
  15. How to Import Styles in React
  16. React onSubmit
  17. Button onClick Event in React
  18. How to Style Hover in React
  19. How to Enable Hot Reloading in React Native
  20. ReactDOM Render in React
  21. How to Scroll to Top in React
  22. How to Clear Cache in React Native
  23. Bootstrap Dropdown in React
  24. How to Create Navbar in React
  25. How to Add React Syntax in Sublime
  26. How to Allow CORS in React
  27. How to Use Callback With the useState Hooks in React
  28. setState and prevState in React
  29. What Is Isomorphic React
  30. How to Store Data in Session Storage in React
  31. Image Tag in React
  32. Fonts in React
  33. How to Redirect to External URL in React
  34. How to Render HTML String in React
  35. How to Add Logo in React
  36. How to Center Text in React
  37. How to Export Default in React
  38. The if Statement in React
  39. How to Disable Buttons in React