How to Fix No Module Named CV2 in Mac in Python

Rana Hasnain Khan Feb 02, 2024
How to Fix No Module Named CV2 in Mac in Python

We will introduce how to correctly install and import the OpenCV module in Python with the help of examples.

No Module Named CV2 in Mac in Python

First, we must understand what’s OpenCV and why it is used in Python. OpenCV is a Python library used to perform image processing and computer vision tasks.

This library includes many features that can help us with complicated tasks such as object detection, face recognition, and tracking.

The most common mistake many programmers make is installing the wrong library of OpenCV. It is a very common mistake because we call it differently while importing and installing, which confuses people in installing the wrong library.

We can easily install the OpenCV module using the following pip command, as shown below.

pip install opencv-python

Once we have installed the library, we can easily import it into our code using the following code, as shown below.

import cv2

Now, if you are having any troubles, you can easily resolve them by installing the correct library and importing it correctly. Most programmers try to install OpenCV using the following command, as shown below.

pip install cv2

Just because we import OpenCV using cv2 doesn’t mean that we can install the OpenCV library by using the same name and because of this they install the wrong library which is blog distribution utilities but not an OpenCV library.

We hope this article will help you resolve the most common issue we face while working on OpenCV.

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