React Syntax in Sublime

We will introduce how to use the React syntax in Sublime Text.

React Syntax in Sublime Text

Syntax highlighting is a strategy to improve the readability and context of the code. It is a great help for programmers who have to read all code to debug errors in the code.

Sublime Text is a good text editor used widely among developers because it is free and lightweight. Many developers face syntax highlighting issues especially react developers.

There is a very easy way to solve this problem.

If you are on windows, press Cntrl + Shift + P, or if you are on a mac, press cmd + Shift + P. That will open this window.

cntrl shift p result

Now, in that window, type install, and from options, select Package Control: Install Package.

install package in sublime text

Another window will open, and in that window, write Babel, and select Babel Snippets from options. It will be installed in a few minutes.

Go to View > Syntax > Javascript (Babel) and it will activate the syntax highlight.

activating syntax in sublime

And your react files will look like below.

syntax highlight in sublime

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