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Aminul Is an Expert Technical Writer and Full-Stack Developer. He has hands-on working experience on numerous Developer Platforms and SAAS startups. He is highly skilled in numerous Programming languages and Frameworks. He can write professional technical articles like Reviews, Programming, Documentation, SOP, User manual, Whitepaper, etc.

Articles by Md Aminul Islam

Ruby Howtos

  1. Is Ruby Single Threaded
  2. nil, empty and blank in Ruby
  3. How to Execute Ruby Files and Commands in Console
  4. each and collect Keywords in Ruby
  5. How to Get Hash Value in Ruby using the fetch() Method
  6. Literal for Double-Quoted Strings in Ruby
  7. How to Find Array Index in Ruby
  8. super in Ruby
  9. extend in Ruby
  10. Ruby to_sym Function
  11. yield in Ruby
  12. String Delimiters %q in Ruby
  13. %i and %I in Ruby
  14. call() and send() in Ruby
  15. How to Combine Array to String in Ruby
  16. How to Square Array Element in Ruby

MongoDB Howtos

  1. How to Implement Auto Increment in MongoDB
  2. How to Generate ObjectId in MongoDB Using Java
  3. Compound Index in MongoDB
  4. How to Check if a Collection Exists in MongoDB Using NodeJS
  5. How to Compare Dates in MongoDB
  6. How to Compare Fields in MongoDB
  7. How to Find a Specific Document With Array in MongoDB
  8. How to Left Join in MongoDB
  9. How to Match Multiple Values in MongoDB
  10. Sparse Index in MongoDB
  11. How to Check if a Document Exists in MongoDB
  12. How to Query With String Length in MongoDB
  13. How to Remove Duplicates in MongoDB
  14. How to Remove Item by ID in MongoDB
  15. How to Remove User From Database in MongoDB
  16. How to Update User Password in MongoDB

SQLite Howtos

  1. How to Convert MySQL to SQLite
  2. How to Convert SQLite to MySQL
  3. Maximum Limits in SQLite
  4. How to Concatenate in SQLite
  5. How to Exit in SQLite
  6. How to Find Data That Contains Matching Pattern in SQLite
  7. How to Find Difference Between Dates in SQLite
  8. How to Insert Multiple Rows in SQLite
  9. How to Open .Sqlite File in Windows
  10. How to Convert String Date With Format in SQLite
  11. How to Create Table if Not Exists in SQLite
  12. How to INSERT OR IGNORE in SQLite

MySQL Howtos

  1. How to Duplicate a Row in MySQL
  2. How to LEFT JOIN on Multiple Columns in MySQL
  3. While Loop in MySQL

React Howtos

  1. extends in React JS
  2. How to Add a Background Video in React JS
  3. Conditional Routing in React JS
  4. Field Validation for React-Select
  5. Axios GET Header in React Native
  6. How to Add Dynamic Components in React
  7. How to Create Editable Table in React
  8. How to Export Function in React
  9. href onClick Event in React
  10. Storage in React Native
  11. How to Center Image in React Native
  12. How to Change App Name in React Native
  13. How to Download File in React Native
  14. How to Include an Image in React Native
  15. How to Set Image Width in Percent in React Native
  16. Picker Style in React Native
  17. How to Align Elements in React Native
  18. How to Include Dynamic Image in React Native
  19. How to Include Icon Button in React Native
  20. The for Loop in React Native
  21. Vertical Alignment in React Native

Batch Howtos

  1. How to Copy Folder With Its Contents in Batch Script
  2. How to Run Multiple Commands Simultaneously in Batch Script
  3. How to Read a File Into a Variable in Batch Script
  4. How to Rename Part of Filename in Batch Script
  5. How to Extract or Unzip File in Batch Script
  6. How to Implement Error Handling in Batch Script
  7. How to Run Batch File Remotely
  8. How to Run Batch Script in C#
  9. How to Transfer File to Raspberry Pi Using Batch Script
  10. How to Replace Text From File in Batch Script
  11. How to Move Files Using Batch Script
  12. How to Run Batch Script in Silent Mode
  13. How to Download File From URL in Batch Script
  14. How to Run Multiple Files in Batch Script
  15. Equivalent of Batch Script for macOS
  16. How to Convert Video File Format in Batch Script
  17. How to Connect FTP With Batch Script
  18. How to Do Recursive Xcopy in Batch Script
  19. How to Run CMD Commands in Batch Script
  20. How to Run Python File in Batch Script
  21. How to System-Generate Filename With Timestamp in Batch Script
  22. How to Uninstall Programs in Batch Script
  23. How to Use Batch File to Write to a Text File
  24. New Line in Batch Script
  25. How to Change the Current Directory in Batch Script
  26. How to Install MSI File in Batch Script
  27. How to Rename a File in Batch Script
  28. How to Run a Batch File With Parameters in Batch Script
  29. How to SendKeys in Batch Script
  30. How to Generate Random Numbers in Batch Script
  31. How to Get the Date in Batch Script
  32. How to Create a Function in Batch Script
  33. How to Declare an Array in Batch Script
  34. How to Get the Date and Time in Batch Script
  35. Networking in Batch Script
  36. How to Close Console After Opening a Program in Batch Script
  37. How to Exit a Batch File
  38. How to Retrieve Substring in Batch Script
  39. How to Send Email From Batch Script
  40. How to Take String Input in Batch Script
  41. How to Use IF ELSE and GOTO in Batch Script
  42. If ELSE Condition in Batch Script
  43. Color in Batch Script
  44. How to Add Comments in Batch Script
  45. How to Pause With the Enter Key in Batch Script
  46. How to Use @ in Batch Script
  47. How to Use //P With the SET Command in Batch Script
  48. How to Use the START Command in Batch Script
  49. The PAUSE Keyword in Batch Script
  50. For \F in Batch Script
  51. How to Run Batch (.bat) File in CMD
  52. How to Check if a File Exists Using Batch
  53. How to Concatenate Multiple Files Using Batch Script
  54. How to Copy file with Batch Script
  55. How to Declare Variables in Batch Script
  56. How to Delete File Using Batch Script
  57. How to Delete Files Older Than N Days Using Batch Script
  58. How to Map Network Drive in Batch Script
  59. How to Prompt User Input and Use Results in Batch Script
  60. How to Run .exe File From the Command Prompt Using a Batch Script
  61. How to Run Batch Script Using a Task Scheduler
  62. The For Loop in Batch Script

PowerShell Howtos

  1. How to Create and Run Service in PowerShell
  2. How to Get AdGroupMember From Multiple Groups in PowerShell
  3. How to Find Registry Key in PowerShell
  4. How to Encode Without BOM in PowerShell
  5. How to Create JSON Array in PowerShell
  6. How to Extract Texts Using Regex in PowerShell
  7. How to Modify XML File Content Using PowerShell Script
  8. Nested ForEach-Object and Where-Object in PowerShell
  9. How to Get-Acl for a Specific User in PowerShell
  10. How to Import Certificates in PowerShell

Java Howtos

  1. How to Merge PDF in Java
  2. How to Pretty-Print JSON Data in Java
  3. Anagram in Java
  4. Decorator in Java
  5. How to Use Index With forEach in Java
  6. Parallel Processing in Java
  7. How to Disable SSL Validation in Java
  8. How to Find Unique Values in Java ArrayList
  9. Static Interface in Java
  10. Covariant Return Type in Java
  11. Diamond Operator in Java
  12. How to Find the Day of the Week Using Zellers Congruence in Java
  13. Increment Map in Java
  14. Postfix Expression in Java
  15. How to Autowire in Java Spring Boot
  16. How to Create gitignore File for Java
  17. How to Create SSH Connection in Java
  18. How to Handle Integer Overflow and Underflow in Java
  19. How to Parse XML to Java Object
  20. How to Re-Throw Exception in Java
  21. Optional ifPresent() in Java
  22. Thread-Safe Collections in Java
  23. Cacerts vs Keystore in Java
  24. Generics in Java
  25. How to Get First Element From List in Java
  26. String Padding in Java
  27. Closure in Java
  28. How to Throw New Exception in Java
  29. String Template in Java
  30. Unsigned and Signed Right Bit Shift Operator in Java
  31. Vector and ArrayList in Java
  32. Ellipsis in Java
  33. Generic Interface in Java
  34. How to Call REST API in Java
  35. How to Delegate in Java
  36. How to Downcast in Java
  37. How to Find the Index of an Element in a List Using Java
  38. Java - Use NotNull Annotation in Method Argument
  39. Java - Use Nullable Annotation in Method Argument
  40. Java Goto
  41. JVM -XSS Option
  42. Zulu in Java
  43. How to Parse HTML in Java
  44. Test Private Method in Java
  45. How to Calculate Probability in Java
  46. How to Convert JSON Data to String in Java
  47. How to Get Screen Resolution in Java
  48. Natural Ordering in Java
  49. How to Fill Rectangle in Java
  50. Color Textfield Text in JavaFX
  51. Gridpane Alignment in JavaFX
  52. How to Create Label Text Color in Java With JavaFx Library
  53. How to Clear the Canvas in JavaFX
  54. How to Create a Transparent Scene in JavaFX
  55. The setCellValueFactory Method in JavaFX
  56. The setOnAction Method in JavaFX
  57. How to Convert ArrayList to ObservableList in JavaFX
  58. How to Use the Scene Builder in JavaFX
  59. How to Fix the Access Restriction Error When Using JavaFX in JRE 8
  60. How to Move Objects in JavaFX
  61. How to Use KeyEvent in JavaFX
  62. How to Use the setAlignment Method in JavaFX

Linux Howtos

  1. NTP in Linux
  2. The ps aux Command in Linux
  3. How to Run a Background Process in Bash
  4. How to Read File Into Variable in Bash
  5. How to Take Optional Input Arguments in Bash
  6. Bash Profile in macOS
  7. How to Break Out of a Loop in Bash
  8. How to Print Array Elements in Bash
  9. How to Remove Empty Line in Bash
  10. How to Use Double and Single Pipes in Bash
  11. How to Append New Data to an Array Without Specifying the Index in Bash
  12. How to Check if a Variable Has a Value in Bash
  13. How to Clear Terminal Screen in Bash
  14. How to Find File Size in Bash
  15. How to Open Emacs in Bash
  16. How to Reload the .bash_profile From Command Line
  17. How to Remove Line From File in Bash
  18. How to Concatenate Multiple Files in Bash
  19. How to Echo to Stderr in Bash
  20. How to Find the Current Folder Name in Bash
  21. How to Parse XML in Bash
  22. How to Pass All Arguments in Bash
  23. How to Rename a File in Bash
  24. How to Sort Array in Bash
  25. Multi-Dimensional Array in Bash
  26. Bash grep Command
  27. Bash tee Command
  28. Division in Bash
  29. How to Get Array Length in Bash
  30. Multiline Echo in Bash
  31. Single Line if...else in Bash
  32. How to Call Another Script From Current Script in Bash
  33. How to Create an Infinite Loop in Bash
  34. How to Get Bash Script Filename
  35. How to Run Shell Script on macOS
  36. Bash fi Keyword
  37. How to User Input in Bash

Python How-To's

  1. How to Fix ConnectionRefusedError: [Errno 61] Connection Refused in Python
  2. How to Solve the TypeError: An Integer Is Required in Python
  3. How to Fix Importerror: Install XLRD for Excel Support in Python
  4. How to Fix AttributeError: __Exit__ in Python