Run Batch File Remotely

MD Aminul Islam Jul 27, 2022
Run Batch File Remotely

Sometimes we need to use a computer remotely from a different location. We can do this with some third-party software like TeamViewer.

But we can execute a Batch file from the remote directory without third-party software. In this article, we are going to see how we can run a Batch file from a remote location, and we are going to see an example command to make the topic easier.

Run Batch File Remotely

For this purpose, we will use a built-in Batch command named psexec. Below is an example of the command.

psexec \\IPofTheRemoteServer d:\directory\to\file\YourFile.bat

This command contains some important flags you can use based on your needs. Let’s see them in detail.

-a Uses for selecting the processor. The lowest number of the CPU is 1.
-c This flag is for copying the specified executable from the remote system for execution.
-d This flag tells the system not to wait for process termination.
-e This flag will not load the specified account profile.
-f This flag will copy the specified program file through the program file existing on the remote computer.
-i This flag tells to run the program to interact with the session’s PC specified on a remote system.
-h Checks whether the targeted system is Windows Vista or higher.
-l This flag is used to run the process in a limited user mode. It also provides integrity to the process.
-n This flag counts the timeout when connecting to the host computer.
-p This flag provides the password and username when connecting to the host computer.
-r This flag specifies the remote service name for creating or interacting with.
-s This flag will run the remote process in a system account.
-u This flag specifies the optional user name when login into the remote computer.
-v This flag specifies the version number of the remote system.
-w This flag sets the working directory of a process relative to the remote computer.
-x This flag is to display the UI on a Winlogon secure desktop of a local system.
-priority This flag specifies the priority of a process.
arguments This flag specifies the arguments that need to be passed.
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