For \F in Batch Script

For \F in Batch Script

This article will discuss using the FOR \F loop in Batch Script.

Use the FOR \F Loop in Batch Script

The general format for this type of FOR loop is shown below:

FOR /F ["YOUR_OPTIONS_HERE"] %%PEREMETER IN (file_name_here) DO (

Let’s see the options available for this command and an example. The options for this command are shown below:

  1. DELIMS=xxx - Provides the delimiter characters; contains a default value for strings, SPACE or TAB.
  2. SKIP=n - Specifies the number of lines that should be skipped.
  3. TOKENS=n - Holds the line numbers that should be checked or read.

The below example finds the Name and Gender from a text file. Here, tokens=1,2 checks the first and second lines, and delims=; excludes the symbol ; every time it is found.


@echo off
FOR /F "tokens=1,2 delims=;" %%i IN ( test_list.txt ) DO  (
    echo Full Name: %%i %%j   Gender: %%k

Here the full name is divided into two parts: First name and Last name.

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