Convert SQLite to MySQL

  1. Convert SQLite to MySQL
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Convert SQLite to MySQL

Sometimes we need to convert our database from SQLite to MySQL for various purposes like using some extra features. This article will show the easiest and most simple way to convert an SQLite database into a MySQL database.

Convert SQLite to MySQL

For this purpose, we will use a third-party software named DBConvert. You can download it from here.

Follow the below steps to convert SQLite to MySQL.

  • Open the DBConvert software.
  • In the "Source" select the SQLite database and browse the source of the SQLite file.

    Source Tab Select SQLite Database

    Now confirm the tables.

    Confirm Tables

    Click on "Next".

  • In the Destination, select "MySQL" and provide all necessary server information. Click on "Next".

    In destination tab select MySQL

  • Lastly, finish the Customization, Execution, and Scheduling with the necessary information and complete the conversion.

An Alternative Way to Convert SQLite to MySQL

Another easiest alternative way is to use the .dump command. This command can be used for migrating from SQLite to MySQL.

To convert SQLite to MySQL, use the following command:

sqlite3 mydata.sqlite .dump > mydata.sql

After executing the above command, you will see a .sql file created in your working directory.

Note that this article is for switching SQLite to MySQL.

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