Open .Sqlite File in Windows

MD Aminul Islam Jan 30, 2023 Nov 08, 2022
  1. Open the .sqlite File
  2. Check Whether the File Is Successfully Opened
Open .Sqlite File in Windows

SQLite supports two kinds of extensions to save the database: .sqlite and .db. But both are the same.

If you are using the Command Line Interface for SQLite, it’s easy to open SQLite files.

This article will show how we can open a .sqlite file using Windows Command Prompt. Let’s look at the steps to open a .sqlite file in Windows.

Open the .sqlite File

To open the .sqlite file, you need to execute the command below.

sqlite3 mydata.sqlite

Check Whether the File Is Successfully Opened

To check whether the file was successfully opened or not. You can execute the command .tables, showing you the list of tables inside the database.

After doing all the steps, you will get the below output.

open sqlite file

Please note that the file types .sqlite and .db are the same.

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