Check if a File Exists Using Batch

MD Aminul Islam May 19, 2022
Check if a File Exists Using Batch

This article will demonstrate checking if a file exists or not using a Batch script through an example code.

Check if a File Exists Using a Batch Script

The general format or syntax for the code to check if a file exists is provided below.

IF EXIST filename.txt (
    action if file exists
) ELSE (
    action if the file doesn't exist

The below example will check whether the file simple.txt exists or not. If the file exists, it will show the message File exists!!!; if the file doesn’t exist, it will show the message: File missing!!!.

Example code:

IF EXIST simple.txt (
    echo File exists!!!
) ELSE (
    echo File missing!!!


File exists!!!

Remember, the methods discussed here are written using Batch Script and only work in the Windows CMD.

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