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Python How-To's

  1. How to Play Mp3 File Using Python
  2. How to Remove Commas From String in Python
  3. How to Calculate Modular Multiplicative Inverse in Python
  4. How to Delete Files and Directories Using Python

Go Howtos

  1. How to Convert String to Integer Type in Go
  2. How to Convert Go Struct to JSON
  3. How to Find a Type of an Object in Go
  4. How to Print Struct Variables in Console in Go
  5. How to Convert an Int Value to String in Go
  6. How to Parse Date String in Go
  7. How to Delete an Element From a Slice in Golang
  8. How to Check if a Map Contains a Key in Go
  9. How to Efficiently Concatenate Strings in Go
  10. How to Write Multiline Strings in Go
  11. How to Iterate Over an Entire Map in Go
  12. How to Concatenate Two Slices in Go

Python Matplotlib Howto's

  1. How to Add Title to Subplots in Matplotlib
  2. How to Add a Y-Axis Label to the Secondary Y-Axis in Matplotlib
  3. How to Connect Scatterplot Points With Line in Matplotlib
  4. How to Change Space Between Subplots in Matplotlib
  5. How to Set Marker Size of Scatter Plot in Matplotlib
  6. How to Manually Set the Size of the Bins in Matplotlib Histogram
  7. How to Display Multiple Images in One Figure Correctly in Matplotlib
  8. How to Plot a 2D Heatmap With Matplotlib
  9. How to Plot a Circle in Matplotlib
  10. How to Set the Figure Title and Axes Labels Font Size in Matplotlib
  11. How to Plot Logarithmic Axes in Matplotlib
  12. How to Plot and Save a Graph in High Resolution in Matplotlib
  13. How to Change the Line Width of Lines in Matplotlib Legend
  14. How to Set Limits for Axes in Matplotlib
  15. How to Save Plots as an Image File Without Displaying in Matplotlib
  16. How to Automate Plot Updates in Matplotlib
  17. How to Plot Data in Real Time Using Matplotlib
  18. How to Create a Surface Plot in Matplotlib
  19. How to Set a Single Main Title for All the Subplots in Matplotlib
  20. How to Change Matplotlib Plot Size
  21. How to Remove the Legend in Matplotlib
  22. How to Reverse Axes in Matplotlib
  23. How to Save Plots as PDF File in Matplotlib
  24. How to Turn Off the Axes for Subplots in Matplotlib
  25. How to Convert a NumPy Array to PIL Image in Python
  26. How to Create Boxplot in Matplotlib
  27. How to Create Colorplot of 2D Array Matplotlib
  28. How to Create Reverse Colormap in Python Matplotlib
  29. How to Label Scatter Points in Matplotlib
  30. How to Plot CDF Matplotlib Python
  31. How to Plot Multiple Lines in Python Matplotlib
  32. How to Plot Smooth Curve in Matplotlib
  33. How to Read Images using imread in Python Matplotlib
  34. How to Set Matplotlib Grid Interval
  35. Latex Formulas in Matplotlib
  36. Matplotlib 3D Projection
  37. Matplotlib.pyplot.specgram() in Python
  38. twinx and twiny in Matplotlib
  39. How to Plot NumPy Linear Fit in Matplotlib Python
  40. How to Plot Points in Matplotlib
  41. How to Plot Time Series in Matplotlib
  42. How to Set Number of Ticks in Matplotlib
  43. Pandas Plot Multiple Columns on Bar Chart With Matplotlib
  44. How to Use of pyplot.figure() in Matplotlib
  45. How to Create Density Plot in Matplotlib
  46. Stack Bar Plots in Matplotlib
  47. How to Add Subplot to a Figure in Matplotlib
  48. How to Add Text Inside the Plot in Matplotlib
  49. How to Draw an Arbitrary Line in Matplotlib
  50. How to Hide Axis, Borders and White Spaces in Matplotlib
  51. How to Set Color for Scatterplot in Matplotlib
  52. How to Set X Axis Values in Matplotlib
  53. Linestyles in Matplotlib Python
  54. How to Plot Histogram for List of Data in Matplotlib
  55. Differences Between cla(), clf() and close() Methods in Matplotlib
  56. How to Display an Image in Grayscale in Matplotlib
  57. How to Display an Image With Matplotlib Python
  58. How to Fill Between Multiple Lines in Matplotlib
  59. How to Make the Legend of the Scatter Plot in Matplotlib
  60. How to Plot a Table in Matplotlib
  61. How to Save Figures Identical to the Displayed Figures in Matplotlib
  62. How to Specify the Legend Position in Graph Coordinates in Matplotlib
  63. How to Make a Square Plot With Equal Axes in Matplotlib

Python Pandas Howtos

  1. How to Check if NaN Exisits in Pandas DataFrame
  2. How to Extract Month and Year Separately From Datetime Column in Pandas
  3. How to Filter DataFrame Rows Based on the Date in Pandas
  4. How to Randomly Shuffle DataFrame Rows in Pandas
  5. How to Add a New Column to Existing DataFrame With Default Value in Pandas
  6. How to Filter Dataframe Rows Based on Column Values in Pandas
  7. How to Create an Empty Column in Pandas DataFrame
  8. How to Create DataFrame Column Based on Given Condition in Pandas
  9. How to Iterate Through Rows of a DataFrame in Pandas
  10. How to Get Index of All Rows Whose Particular Column Satisfies Given Condition in Pandas
  11. How to Get First Row of Given Column Dataframe Pandas
  12. Difference Between Pandas apply, map and applymap
  13. Pandas loc vs iloc
  14. How to Convert String to Numeric Type in Pandas
  15. How to Replace NA Values using Pandas fillna()
  16. How to Compare Pandas DataFrame Object
  17. How to Convert Column Values to String in Pandas
  18. How to Convert NumPy Array to Pandas DataFrame
  19. How to Copy Pandas DataFrame
  20. How to Count Unique Values in Pandas
  21. How to Drop Duplicate Pandas Rows
  22. How to Drop Pandas Rows
  23. How to Drop Rows With NaN in Pandas
  24. How to Exclude Pandas DataFrame Column
  25. How to Filter Pandas DataFrame With Multiple Conditions
  26. How to Get and Set Pandas DataFrame Index Name
  27. How to Get Dummies in Pandas
  28. How to Get the First Row of DataFrame Pandas
  29. How to Groupby Two Columns in Pandas
  30. How to Load JSON File in Pandas
  31. How to Pandas Create Column Based on Other Columns
  32. How to Remove Pandas DataFrame Index
  33. How to Reset Pandas DataFrame Index
  34. How to Select Pandas DataFrame Columns
  35. How to Specify Suffix in Pandas join() Method
  36. How to Split Pandas DataFrame
  37. How to Write a Pandas DataFrame to CSV
  38. Pandas Axis Meaning
  39. Pandas Correlation Matrix
  40. Pandas Groupby Count
  41. Pandas Insert Method
  42. Pandas Map Python
  43. How to Merge on Multiple Pandas Columns

Python Scipy Functions

  1. SciPy scipy.stats.linregress Method
  2. SciPy scipy.stats.multivariate_normal
  3. Scipy scipy.optimize.curve_fit Method
  4. SciPy scipy.interpolate.interp1d Function

Python Pandas Functions

  1. Pandas concat Function
  2. Pandas cut Function
  3. Pandas DataFrame sort_index() Function
  4. Pandas DataFrame DataFrame.drop_duplicates() Function
  5. Pandas DataFrame DataFrame.interpolate() Function
  6. Pandas DataFrame DataFrame.plot.scatter() Function
  7. Pandas DataFrame DataFrame.sum() Function
  8. Pandas read_csv() Function
  9. Pandas DataFrame DataFrame.boxplot() Function
  10. Pandas DataFrame DataFrame.replace() Function
  11. Pandas DataFrame DataFrame.merge() Function
  12. Pandas DataFrame DataFrame.assign() Function
  13. Pandas DataFrame DataFrame.mean() Function
  14. Pandas Series Series.unique() Function
  15. Pandas DataFrame DataFrame.fillna() Function
  16. Pandas Series Series.value_counts() Function
  17. Pandas DataFrame DataFrame.apply() Function
  18. Pandas DataFrame DataFrame.shift() Function
  19. Pandas DataFrame DataFrame.query() Function
  20. Pandas DataFrame DataFrame.sort_values() Function
  21. Pandas DataFrame DataFrame.set_index() Function
  22. Pandas DataFrame DataFrame.groupby() Function
  23. Pandas DataFrame DataFrame.append() Function

Linux Howtos

  1. How to Change User Password in Linux
  2. How to Delete a User Account in Linux
  3. How to Install Plex Media Server on Ubuntu
  4. How to Start, Stop and Restart Apache Web Server in Linux
  5. How to Install Sublime Text Editor on Ubuntu 18.04
  6. How to Install the pip Package Manager on Ubuntu
  7. How to Change File Permissions in Linux
  8. How to Use While Loop in Bash
  9. How to Delete Files and Directories in Linux Terminal
  10. How to Install RPM Pacakges on CentOS
  11. How to Use the sleep Command in Bash
  12. How to Perform Copy, Cut and Paste Operations in Vim and Vi
  13. How to Read a File Line by Line Using Bash
  14. How to Shutdown a Linux Machine Using Terminal
  15. How to Use wget Command in Linux
  16. How to Use the gzip Command in Linux
  17. How to Create a File Using the Terminal in Linux
  18. How to Add Super Users in CentOS
  19. How to Use Functions in Bash
  20. How to Install VMware Tools in Ubuntu 18.04
  21. How to Perform Undo and Redo Operations in Vim and Vi
  22. How to Rename Files and Directories Using Linux Terminal
  23. How to View All the Installed Packages on Ubuntu
  24. How to Use if...else Statement in Bash
  25. How to Compare Strings in Bash
  26. How to Securely Transfer Files and Directories Using SCP
  27. How to Enable Line Numbers in Vim/Vi
  28. How to Check the Version of Ubuntu
  29. How to Move Files and Directories in Linux Using Mv Command
  30. How to Copy Files and Directories Using Linux Terminal
  31. How to Add Sudo Users in Ubuntu
  32. How to Save Files in Vim Before Quitting the Vim Editor
  33. How to Perform Increment and Decrement Operation in Bash
  34. How to Install GCC Compiler on Ubuntu 18.04
  35. How to Add Comments in Bash Scripts
  36. How to Make New Directories in Linux
  37. How to Extract Bzip2 Files Using Terminal
  38. How to Append Text to a File Using Bash
  39. How to Concatenate Strings in Bash

Python Numpy Functions

  1. NumPy numpy.meshgrid Function
  2. NumPy numpy.random.rand() Function
  3. NumPy numpy.median Function
  4. NumPy Function
  5. NumPy numpy.loadtxt() Function
  6. Python Numpy transpose() Function
  7. Python numpy.unique() Function
  8. Python numpy.argmax()

Git Howtos

  1. How to Remove a Git Remote URL