JavaScript Howtos

  1. Get First Character From a String in JavaScript
  2. Named Parameters in JavaScript
  3. QuickSort in JavaScript
  4. JavaScript Async forEach
  5. JavaScript Change Selected Option
  6. JavaScript Clear Cache
  7. JavaScript Lookup Table
  8. Try Without Catch in JavaScript
  9. Add Minutes to Date in JavaScript
  10. Filter Multiple Conditions in JavaScript
  11. Load Image From URL in JavaScript
  12. Check if All Values in Array Are True in JavaScript
  13. JavaScript Hide Button
  14. Embed HTML in JavaScript
  15. Infinite Scroll in JavaScript
  16. JavaScript Escape Backslash
  17. JavaScript Remove All Event Listeners
  18. JavaScript Scientific Notation
  19. JavaScript Alert New Line
  20. JavaScript Wait for Page to Load
  21. JavaScript Clipboard Data
  22. Calculate Date Difference in JavaScript
  23. Extend Class in JavaScript
  24. Extract the First Child of an Element in JavaScript
  25. JavaScript Equivalent of var_dump() in PHP
  26. JavaScript RegEx Group
  27. Loop Through Dictionary in JavaScript
  28. Sort by Date in JavaScript
  29. Fade-In Div in JavaScript
  30. Nested Objects in JavaScript
  31. Radio Button Validation in JavaScript
  32. Count Number of Keys in Object in JavaScript
  33. Leading Zeros in JavaScript
  34. Infinite Loop in JavaScript
  35. Convert CSV to JSON in JavaScript
  36. Priority Queue in JavaScript
  37. Call Python From JavaScript
  38. Create Unique ID With JavaScript
  39. Palindrome in JavaScript
  40. Singleton Implementation in JavaScript
  41. Init Functions in JavaScript
  42. Auto Click in JavaScript
  43. Replace New Line Using JavaScript
  44. Transpose an Array in JavaScript
  45. Disable Scrolling in JavaScript
  46. Parse HTML in JavaScript
  47. Set Textarea Value in JavaScript
  48. Change Button Color in JavaScript
  49. Clear Table in JavaScript
  50. Increment by 2 in for Loop in JavaScript
  51. Media Query in JavaScript
  52. Clear Console Using JavaScript
  53. Copy Array in JavaScript
  54. Strip the HTML Content Using JavaScript
  55. Filter Table in JavaScript
  56. Get href in JavaScript
  57. Reset Button in JavaScript
  58. Select Onchange in JavaScript
  59. Get Viewport Dimension in JavaScript
  60. Check if Cookie Exists in JavaScript
  61. Resizable Element in JavaScript
  62. Change the Mouse Pointer Using JavaScript
  63. Count Occurrences in String Using JavaScript
  64. Find the NTH Child Using JavaScript
  65. Reorder Elements of an Array in JavaScript
  66. Subset of an Array in JavaScript
  67. Change Page in JavaScript
  68. el in JavaScript
  69. Replace Space With Dash in JavaScript
  70. isset Equivalent in JavaScript
  71. Get Element by Name in JavaScript
  72. Get Selected Radio Button Value in JavaScript
  73. Convert JSON Object to JavaScript Array
  74. Rock Paper and Scissors in JavaScript
  75. Rotate an Image With JavaScript
  76. Splice vs Slice in JavaScript
  77. Add Text to Element in JavaScript
  78. JavaScript Double Pipe
  79. JavaScript Negative Number
  80. Trigger Click Event in JavaScript
  81. List Object Properties in JavaScript
  82. Enumerator in JavaScript
  83. Return Values of a Function in JavaScript
  84. Sort Strings in JavaScript
  85. Not in Operator in JavaScript
  86. The setInterval Loop in JavaScript
  87. Change Date Format in JavaScript
  88. Timer in JavaScript
  89. Go to URL With Onclick in JavaScript
  90. Detect Keyboard Input Event in JavaScript
  91. Get Element by Type in JavaScript
  92. Phone Number RegEx in JavaScript
  93. Resize Image Using HTML Canvas in JavaScript
  94. RGB Color Model in JavaScript
  95. Set Selected Option in JavaScript
  96. Update Object in JavaScript Array
  97. Draw Circle in HTML5 Canvas Using JavaScript
  98. Get First Element of Array in JavaScript

MySQL Howtos

  1. Update Record if It Exists Else Insert It in the MySQL Table
  2. Difference Between Two Tables in MySQL
  3. Identity Column in MySQL
  4. Revoke Privileges in MySQL
  5. Show Locks in MySQL
  6. Get Sum of Multiple Columns in MySQL
  7. View Tables in MySQL Workbench
  8. Check if a Database Exists in MySQL
  9. Sort MySQL Data Alphabetically
  10. MySQL Remove Unique Constraint
  11. Specify Unique Constraints for Multiple Columns in MySQL
  12. Add an Auto Increment Column in MySQL
  13. Drop a Column if It Exists in MySQL
  14. Insert Multiple Rows in MySQL
  15. MySQL Drop Index

MongoDB Howtos

  1. Sort by Timestamp in MongoDB
  2. Compass Filter in MongoDB
  3. MongoDB Add Element to Array
  4. Update MongoDB Version in Mac
  5. Create Indexes in MongoDB
  6. Get Database From Connection String in MongoDB
  7. MongoDB Query Nested Object
  8. MongoDB Truncate Collection
  9. Pretty Print in MongoDB

HTML Howtos

  1. HTML Center iFrame
  2. HTML Chevron
  3. HTML Email Validation
  4. HTML List Indent
  5. HTML Small Font
  6. HTML Text Wrap
  7. Place HTML Div Side by Side

React Howtos

  1. React Portal Functional Component
  2. Update React Icon Sizes
  3. Import JavaScript File Into ReactJS
  4. Toggle Classes in ReactJS

Node.js Howtos

  1. Make HTTP Request to Get Data Using Node.js
  2. Encode Base64 in Node.js
  3. Execute Shell Script in Node.js
  4. AJAX Call in Node.js
  5. Call REST API in Node.js
  6. Encode URL in Node.js
  7. Resolve the Cannot Find Module Error in Node.js
  8. Throw an Error in Node.js
  9. Fix the Error: Cannot Find Module 'Webpack' in Node.js
  10. Read File in Node.js
  11. HTTP Post Request in Node.js
  12. Node.js Send File to Client

jQuery Howtos

  1. jQuery extend() Method
  2. Get Height in jQuery
  3. jQuery replace() Method
  4. jQuery indexof() Method
  5. Update innerHTML Using jQuery
  6. jQuery Get URL Parameter
  7. Set Checkbox Checked Using jQuery
  8. jQuery addEventListener
  9. Handle Button Click Event in jQuery
  10. Refresh the Page in jQuery
  11. Use setTimeout() in jQuery
  12. Working With Tabs in jQuery
  13. AJAX POST Request in jQuery
  14. Handle $.ajax Failure in jQuery
  15. jQuery Dialog
  16. jQuery Trigger Click
  17. Toggle Class in jQuery
  18. Use Hover in jQuery
  19. Add Options to a <Select> Dropdown Using jQuery
  20. Add Style to an Element Using jQuery
  21. Date Format in jQuery
  22. Get Data Attribute Values in jQuery
  23. Submit HTML Form Using jQuery
  24. Get Value of Select OnChange in jQuery
  25. Select by Name in jQuery
  26. Set Selected Option in jQuery

PHP Howtos

  1. Document Root in PHP
  2. Maximum Upload Size in PHP
  3. Sanitize Input in PHP
  4. URL Encoding in PHP
  5. Date Format in PHP for Insertion in MySQL
  6. Get Last Array Element in PHP
  7. Get Yesterday's Date in PHP
  8. One Line if Statement in PHP
  9. Call to Undefined Function in PHP
  10. Check if Key Exists in Array in PHP
  11. Replace Space With Dash in PHP
  12. Get the Current Script File Name in PHP
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