Set Checkbox Checked Using jQuery

Shraddha Paghdar Jun 30, 2022
Set Checkbox Checked Using jQuery

In this post, we’ll learn about setting checkboxes checked in jQuery.

Set Checkbox Checked in jQuery

This jQuery method accepts the attribute’s name, whose value should be updated and associated with the element. jQuery’s .attr() method is used to set one or more attributes for the set of matched items/elements.


attr( attributeName, value )
  1. attributeName is the first input parameter of the type string that indicates the name of the attribute whose value is to be set.
  2. value is the second input parameter of type string or null or number that indicates the value set for the selected attribute. If the value is null, the specified attribute will be removed, similar to .removeAttr().

The .attr() technique is handy to set the value of attributes - specifically while putting more than one attribute or using values returned by a function. The .attr() approach reduces inconsistencies.

You can find more information about the .attr() of jQuery in the documentation for .attr().

Let’s have an example.

Code - HTML:

<input type="checkbox" id="Mumbai">Mumbai
<input type="checkbox" id="Goa">Goa

Code - JavaScript + jQuery:


We described two checkboxes, each assigned a different id. You can access the checked attribute of the checkbox using the attr() method.

This method allows you to update the attribute of the checkbox to be set as the default value. Run the example code above in any browser that supports jQuery to display the following result.


set checkbox checked

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