Articles by Minahil Noor

C# Howtos

  1. How to Convert String to Enum in C#
  2. Double Question Mark in C#
  3. Exponent in C#
  4. HashMap in C#
  5. How to Convert Int to Enum in C#
  6. Priority Queue in C#
  7. Question Mark in C#
  8. Random Int in C#
  9. Random Number in a Range in C#
  10. How to Get File Name From the Path in C#
  11. How to Get the Length of an Array in C#
  12. How to Sort an Array in C#
  13. How to Sort an Array in Descending Order in C#
  14. How to Use Strings in Switch Statement in C#
  15. Optional Parameter in C#
  16. How to Convert a String to Boolean in C#
  17. How to Remove Element of an Array in C#
  18. How to Convert a String to Float in C#
  19. How to Make a Delay Timer in C#
  20. How to Convert a String to a Byte Array in C#
  21. How to Convert an IEnumerable to a List in C#
  22. How to Pass a Method as a Parameter in C# Function
  23. How to Rename a File in C#
  24. How to Sort a List by a Property in the Object in C#
  25. How to Write a Multiline String Literal in C#
  26. How to Create a Folder in C#
  27. How to Download a File From a URL in C#
  28. How to Convert String to Datetime in C#
  29. How to Remove Item From List in C#
  30. How to Identify if a String Is a Number in C#
  31. How to Read a Text File Line by Line in C#
  32. How to Round a Decimal Value to 2 Decimal Places C#
  33. How to Get the Index of the Current Iteration of a Foreach Loop in C#
  34. C# Parse JSON in C#
  35. How to Convert the Object to a JSON String in C#
  36. How to Write Data Into a CSV File in C#
  37. How to Get the Current Folder Path in C#
  38. How to Make a Textbox That Only Accepts Numbers in C#
  39. How to Read a CSV File and Store Its Values Into an Array in C#
  40. How to Pass Multiple Parameters to a Get Method in C#
  41. How to Join Two Lists Together in C#
  42. How to Get the Unix Timestamp in C#
  43. How to Get the Current Date Without Time in C#
  44. How to Convert Byte Array to String in C#
  45. How to Convert a Char to an Int in C#
  46. How to Efficiently Remove All Whitespaces From a String in C#
  47. How to Read and Parse an XML File in C#

Python How-To's

  1. How to Get and Increase the Maximum Recursion Depth in Python
  2. How to Convert Integer to String in Python

PHP Howtos

  1. How to Remove All Spaces Out of a String in PHP
  2. How to Find the Foreach Index in PHP
  3. How to Convert an Integer Into a String in PHP
  4. How to Convert an Array to a String in PHP
  5. How to Convert a String to a Number in PHP
  6. How to Get the Last Character of a String in PHP
  7. How to Get the Current Year in PHP
  8. How to Convert a Date to a Timestamp in PHP
  9. How to Convert a Timestamp to a Readable Date or Time in PHP
  10. How to Get the First Element of an Array in PHP
  11. How to Echo or Print an Array in PHP
  12. How to Delete an Element From an Array in PHP
  13. How to Remove Empty Array Elements in PHP
  14. How to Show a Number to Two Decimal Places in PHP
  15. How to Convert One Date Format to Another in PHP
  16. How to Generate JSON File in PHP
  17. How to Parse a JSON File in PHP
  18. How to Use cURL to Get JSON Data and Decode JSON Data in PHP
  19. How to Check if a String Starts With a Specified String in PHP
  20. How to Write Into a File in PHP
  21. How to Get the Current Date and Time in PHP
  22. How to Get the Errors to Display in PHP
  23. How to Combine Two Arrays in PHP
  24. How to Convert XML to JSON in PHP
  25. How to Remove Duplicate Values From an Array in PHP
  26. How to Start and Stop a Timer in PHP
  27. How to Convert String to Float in PHP
  28. How to Get PHP String Length
  29. How to Replace String in PHP
  30. How to Check foreach Loop Key Value in PHP
  31. How to Escape Quotation in PHP
  32. How to Format Phone Numbers in PHP
  33. How to Check if File Exists in PHP
  34. How to Initialize Empty Array in PHP
  35. How to Concatenate Strings in PHP
  36. How to Perform Array Delete by Value Not Key in PHP
  37. How to Reset Array in PHP
  38. How to Write Multi-Line Strings in PHP
  39. How to Add Elements to an Array in PHP
  40. How to Check if a String Contains a Substring in PHP
  41. How to Create a New Line in PHP
  42. How to Remove the Last Character From a String in PHP
  43. How to Extract Data From JSON in PHP
  44. How to Get a File Extension in PHP
  45. How to Sort an Array of Associative Arrays by Value of a Given Key in PHP
  46. How to Extract Numbers From a String in PHP
  47. How to Get Time Difference in Minutes in PHP
  48. How to Loop Through an Array in PHP
  49. How to Read a Large File Line by Line in PHP
  50. How to Get Parameters From a URL String in PHP
  51. How to Check Whether an Array Is Empty in PHP
  52. How to Convert an Array to an Object in PHP

Python Pandas Functions

  1. Pandas DataFrame.idxmax() Function
  2. Pandas DataFrame.insert() Function
  3. Pandas DataFrame.resample() Function
  4. Pandas DataFrame.reset_index() Function
  5. Pandas DataFrame.rolling() Function
  6. Pandas DataFrame.std() Function
  7. Pandas DataFrame.to_dict() Function
  8. Pandas DataFrame.to_numeric() Function
  9. Pandas Series.head() Function
  10. Pandas Series.to_frame() Function
  11. Pandas Series.tolist() Function
  12. Pandas DataFrame.astype() Function
  13. Pandas DataFrame.corr() Function
  14. Pandas DataFrame.describe() Function
  15. Pandas DataFrame.isnull() and notnull() Function
  16. Pandas DataFrame.ix[] Function
  17. Pandas DataFrame.loc[] Function
  18. Pandas Series Function
  19. Pandas DataFrame DataFrame.transpose() Function
  20. Pandas DataFrame DataFrame.where() Function
  21. Pandas DataFrame DataFrame.plot.hist() Function
  22. Pandas DataFrame DataFrame.to_csv() Function
  23. Pandas DataFrame DataFrame.transform() Function
  24. Python Pandas pandas.pivot_table() Function
  25. Pandas DataFrame Function
  26. Pandas DataFrame DataFrame.sample() Function
  27. Pandas DataFrame DataFrame.aggregate() Function
  28. Pandas DataFrame DataFrame.dropna() Function
  29. Pandas DataFrame DataFrame.reindex() Function
  30. Pandas pandas.melt() Function

Python Numpy Functions

  1. Python NumPy numpy.sort() Function
  2. Python NumPy numpy.linalg.norm() Function
  3. Python NumPy numpy.shape() Function
  4. Python NumPy numpy.concatenate() Function
  5. Python NumPy numpy.histogram() Function