Exponent in C#

This article will introduce the exponent operator in C#.

Use the Pow() Method as Exponent Operator in C#

In C#, there is no specific operator for the exponent. There is a method Math.Pow() that we can use to raise a number to some power. The correct syntax to use this method is as follows.

Math.Pow(x, y);

This method returns the result after calculating x raised to the power y. The detail of its parameters is as follows.

Parameters Description
x base
y exponent

The program below shows how we can use the Pow() method to raise a number to specific power.

using System;
public class Program {
   public static void Main() {
double Result, Number1, Number2;

Number1 = 3;
Number2 = 4;

Result = Math.Pow(Number1, Number2);



The function has returned the result after calculating 3 raised to the power 4(3x3x3x3).

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