Escape Quotation in PHP

This article will introduce different methods to escape quotation in PHP.

Use the Backslash to Escape Quotation in PHP

Whenever we use quotation marks inside a string, the PHP compiler shows an error. To avoid this error, we will use backslash \ to escape it. The correct syntax to use backslash is as follows.

$mystring = "\"\"";

The output will be "".

The program below shows the way by which we can use the backslash \ to escape quotation marks in PHP.

echo("My name is \"DelftStack\".");


My name is "DelftStack".

We can use the built-in function addslashes() to add backslashes using PHP. The correct syntax to use this function is as follows.


The detail of the parameter is as follows.

Variables Description
$string It is the string with which we want to add backslashes before the characters that generate the error.

The program below demonstrates further.

$string = "My name is "DelftStack"";
$newString = addslashes($string);


My name is "DelftStack".
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