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Mehvish Ashiq is a former Java Programmer and a Data Science enthusiast who leverages her expertise to help others to learn and grow by creating interesting, useful, and reader-friendly content in Computer Programming, Data Science, and Technology.

Articles by Mehvish Ashiq

Python Pandas Howtos

  1. Introduction to Pandas Family Tree
  2. Pandas Anti-Join
  3. How to Use of rolling().apply() on Pandas Dataframe and Series
  4. How to Reshape Pandas DataFrame From Wide to Long
  5. How to Scrape HTML Tables Into a Data Frame Using BeautifulSoup
  6. How to Apply Square Root Function on a Column of Pandas Data Frame
  7. How to Convert DataFrame Column to Datetime in Pandas
  8. How to Split a Pandas DataFrame Column by a Delimiter
  9. How to Use Multiprocessing on a Pandas DataFrame
  10. Introduction to Useful Rolling Functions for GroupBy Object in Pandas

Python How-To's

  1. How to Propagate Logging in Python
  2. Python Global Logger
  3. Structural Pattern Matching in Python
  4. Fama-Macbeth Regression in Python
  5. How to Insert Data Into an SQLite Database Using Python
  6. Python Audio Synthesis
  7. How to Append Data to a JSON File Using Python
  8. How to Mock Patch One Function Invoked by Another Function in Python

Java Howtos

  1. How to Capture and Analyze Java Heap Dump
  2. How to Limit Java SSL Debug Logging
  3. Introduction to Integration Testing in Java
  4. How to Define a Static Method in Java Interface
  5. How to Get Current Timestamp in ISO 8601 Format
  6. How to Convert InputStream to the File Object in Java
  7. How to Use OpenJDK to Install Java in Ubuntu
  8. Introduction to Interceptors in Java EE
  9. How to Fix Error: There Is Insufficient Memory for the Java Runtime Environment to Continue in Eclipse
  10. How to Fix Java.IO.NotSerializableException in Java
  11. How to Fix the Error Occurred During Initialization of VM in Minecraft
  12. How to Fix the Public Keys in Reply and Keystore Don't Match Error in Java
  13. How to Resolve the Package Does Not Exist Error in Java
  14. How to Fix Android Java.Lang.IllegalStateException: Could Not Execute Method of the Activity
  15. How to Fix JAVA_HOME Cannot Be Determined From the Registry Error in R
  16. How to Fix Java.Net.SocketException: Broken Pipe Error in Java
  17. How to Fix the Java.Lang.ClassNotFoundException: Org.Springframework.Web.Context.ContextLoaderListener Error in Java
  18. How to Fix No JVM Could Be Found on Your System Define EXE4J_JAVA_HOME Error in Java
  19. How to Fix the Unable to Install Java There Are Errors in the Following Switches
  20. How to Fix Class X Is Public Should Be Declared in a File Named Error
  21. How to Fix the Java Error: Generic Array Creation
  22. How to Resolve Java.Lang.RuntimeException: Unable to Instantiate Activity ComponentInfo
  23. How to Resolve Unreported Exception IOException Must Be Caught or Declared to Be Thrown in Java
  24. Fix Java.Lang.NoClassDefFoundError: Could Not Initialize Class Error
  25. How to Fix Class Names Are Only Accepted if Annotation Processing Is Explicitly Requested in Java
  26. How to Fix Comparison Method Violates Its General Contract Error in Java
  27. How to Fix Java.Security.InvalidKeyException: Illegal Key Size
  28. How to Resolve Missing Method Body or Declare Abstract in Java
  29. How to Fix the Error: Else Without if in Java
  30. How to Fix No Space Left on Device in Java
  31. How to Fix Error: Could Not Open jvm.cfg in Java
  32. How to Fix the Stream Closed Error
  33. How to Fix Error: Java Lang Index Out of Bounds Exception
  34. How to Debug Java Codes Remotely
  35. How to Fix Java.Net.SocketException: Network Is Unreachable
  36. How to Fix the Warning: Uses or Overrides a Deprecated API in Java
  37. Java Tail Call Optimization
  38. Difference Between Repository Pattern and DAO in Java
  39. How to Fix Error: JavaFX FXML Load Exception
  40. How to Create JavaFX Message Box
  41. JavaFX Media Player
  42. How to Create Canvas Using Java Swing
  43. How to Use Java FFMPEG to Convert Files From One Format to Another
  44. Dynamic Method Dispatch in Java
  45. How to Fix Execution of Java Constructors in Inheritance
  46. Java Jagged Array
  47. How to Create Pascal's Triangle in Java
  48. How to Compare Arrays in Java
  49. How to Move File From Current Directory to a New Directory in Java
  50. Exception Types and Their Handling in Java
  51. Java Bitwise Operators
  52. Java Singleton Class
  53. The abs() Method in Java
  54. The sqrt() Method in Java
  55. Method Overloading in Java
  56. Introduction to HashMap in Java
  57. How to Create Java Progress Bar Using JProgressBar Class
  58. How to Find Java Virtual Machine DLL
  59. Java Multiline Strings
  60. How to Format Specifiers for Floating-Point Numbers in Java
  61. Introduction to Java NIO Package
  62. Difference Between void and Void in Java
  63. How to Write Native Methods in Java
  64. How to Draw a Hexagon in Java
  65. The setBounds() Method and Its Uses in Java
  66. How to Create PPTP Connection in Java
  67. How to Format Specifiers for Integral Numbers in Java

MongoDB Howtos

  1. How to Use Hibernate OGM to Integrate Hibernate With MongoDB
  2. How to Convert Timestamp Into Date in MongoDB
  3. MongoDB Distinct Aggregation
  4. How to Remove Element From an Array in MongoDB
  5. Project Nested Fields in MongoDB
  6. How to Bulk Update of Documents in MongoDB Using Java
  7. How to Use forEach() to Update an Array Field in MongoDB Shell
  8. How to Aggregate Match in an Array in MongoDB
  9. How to Show Indexes in MongoDB
  10. How to Print JSON Without Whitespaces in MongoDB
  11. How to Use of $Match (Aggregation) Stage in MongoDB
  12. How to Use Pipeline in Lookup Operator in MongoDB
  13. MongoDB Maximum Document Size
  14. How to Get the Last N Records in MongoDB
  15. How to Install and Use Elasticsearch With MongoDB on Windows and Ubuntu
  16. How to Repair MongoDB Database
  17. MongoDB Aggregate Sort
  18. The NOT IN Comparison Operator in MongoDB
  19. How to Fuzzy Search in MongoDB
  20. How to Combine Two Collections Into One Collection Using MongoDB
  21. How to Copy a Collection Within the Same Database in MongoDB
  22. How to Get the Size of a Database in MongoDB
  23. How to Join Multiple Conditions Using the Lookup Operator in MongoDB
  24. How to Print Document Values Using MongoDB Shell

MySQL Howtos

  1. How to Connect a Remote MySQL Database Using the Command Line
  2. How to Generate Random and Unique Strings in MySQL
  3. How to Use Mysqldump Gzip to Create a Compressed File for a MySQL Database
  4. How to Enable Slow Query Log in MySQL
  5. How to Optimize Tables and Databases in MySQL
  6. How to Append Strings to an Existing Field in MySQL
  7. How to Use, Benefits, and Alternative of the Zerofill in MySQL
  8. How to Convert From Datetime Type to Date Only in MySQL
  9. How to Insert Into Multiple Tables in MySQL
  10. How to Insert Timestamp Into a MySQL Table
  11. How to Reset the MySQL Root Password in Ubuntu
  12. How to Select the First Row From the MySQL Table
  13. How to Add the Primary Key to a MySQL Table
  14. How to Group the Datetime Column by Date Only in MySQL
  15. How to Show Table and Database Structure in MySQL
  16. How to Turn Off Foreign Key Constraint in MySQL
  17. How to Calculate Percentage in MySQL
  18. How to Create a Function in MySQL
  19. How to Get the ID of the Latest Inserted Record in MySQL
  20. How to Update Multiple Columns in Multiple Rows With Different Values in MySQL
  21. MySQL ForEach Loop
  22. MySQL Money Data Type
  23. How to Change the Connection Timeout in MySQL
  24. How to Change the max_allowed_packet Size in the MySQL Server
  25. How to Compare MySQL Timestamp Dates With the Date Parameter Only
  26. How to Get the Current Date and Time in MySQL
  27. How to Cast to Decimal in MySQL
  28. How to List All Stored Procedures in MySQL
  29. How to Loop Through All Rows of a MySQL Table
  30. How to Show the Current Database in MySQL
  31. The Equivalent of Oracle's decode Function in MySQL
  32. How to Fix Error: Data Is Truncated for a Column Error in MySQL
  33. How to Get the MySQL Command History in Windows and Linux
  34. How to Show Indexes for Table or Database in MySQL
  35. How to Use the Date_ADD() Function to Add Days and Time in MySQL
  36. How to Copy Table Structures Without Copying Data in MySQL
  37. How to Update Primary Key in MySQL Tables
  38. Different Ways to Connect a Remote MySQL Server Using Ubuntu
  39. How to Skip Grant Tables in MySQL
  40. How to Copy Rows in the MySQL Database
  41. How to Wait for Table Metadata Lock
  42. How to Check if a Row Exists in the MySQL Table
  43. How to Use the ORDER BY Clause With Multiple Columns in MySQL
  44. Introduction to the MySQL Composite Key
  45. Where vs Having in MySQL
  46. How to Convert String to Date Format in MySQL
  47. How to Escape Sequences in MySQL
  48. Intersect Operator in MySQL
  49. How to Delete All Rows in MySQL Database Using phpMyAdmin
  50. How to Export MySQL Database Using Mysqldump
  51. How to Import Excel File Into a MySQL Database
  52. How to Select Top N Rows in MySQL
  53. How to Search Rows to Find Substrings in MySQL
  54. How to Unblock With Mysqladmin Flush Hosts in MySQL
  55. Event Scheduler or Set a Timer in MySQL
  56. Difference Between Schema and Database in MySQL
  57. How to Display Errors Using MySQLi Error Functions
  58. How to MUL vs PRI vs UNI in MySQL
  59. How to Search Occurrences of String in MySQL Database
  61. How to Copy Data From One Database to Another in MySQL
  62. How to Loop PHP MySQLi Fetch Array Function
  63. How to Stop Mysqld
  64. Minus Operation in MySQL
  65. How to Create New Database in MySQL Workbench
  66. MySQL Comments
  67. MySQL With Clause
  68. How to Use of Row_Number() Function in MySQL

C Howtos

  1. How to Compile a C File on Mac
  2. How to Release the Allocated Memory for Nodes in the Linked List in C
  3. How to Use the mmap Function to Write to the Memory in C
  4. Stack Smashing Detected Error in C
  5. The Volatile Qualifier in C
  6. Difference Between Struct and Typedef Struct in C
  7. How to Use Boolean Values in C
  8. How to Use of extern C in C++

JavaScript Howtos

  1. How to Convert Array to Set in JavaScript
  2. How to Create Keyboard Shortcuts Using JavaScript
  3. How to Get Height and Width of the Element in JavaScript
  4. How to Load an External HTML File Using JavaScript
  5. How to Convert Blob to File Using JavaScript
  6. How to Detect Browser or Tab Closing Event in JavaScript
  7. How to Prepend Elements in JavaScript
  8. How to Get an Apostrophe in a String Using JavaScript
  9. How to Select a Random Element From an Array in JavaScript
  10. How to Change Label Text Using JavaScript
  11. How to Repeat a String Using JavaScript
  12. Dynamic Array in JavaScript
  13. How to Cancel Events in JavaScript
  14. How to Create A Noop Function in JavaScript
  15. How to Create Table Dynamically in JavaScript
  16. How to Filter Array Multiple Values in JavaScript
  17. How to Get Child Element by Class in JavaScript
  18. How to Push Key-Value Pair Into an Array Using JavaScript
  19. Global and Private Functions in JavaScript
  20. How to Call API in JavaScript
  21. How to Detect Memory Leak Detection in JavaScript
  22. How to Valid Variable Names in JavaScript
  23. Introduction to JavaScript Profiler
  24. JavaScript Z Index
  25. How to Detect a Finger Swipe Events in JavaScript
  26. How to Implement SHA-256 in JavaScript
  27. How to Remove Non Alphanumeric Characters Using JavaScript
  28. How to Replicate Python Stripe Method in JavaScript
  29. How to Replace a String in JavaScript
  30. Multiple Variable Assignment in JavaScript
  31. How to Call C# Function From JavaScript
  32. How to Generate Random Boolean in JavaScript
  33. How to Print the Content of a Div Element in JavaScript
  34. How to Run JavaScript in Visual Studio Code
  35. How to Set Session Variable in JavaScript
  36. How to Split String Into Array by Comma in JavaScript
  37. How to Use Dynamic Variable Name in JavaScript
  38. JavaScript Event Listener List
  39. JavaScript Lexical Scope
  40. Polymorphism in JavaScript
  41. How to Move Element Position in JavaScript
  42. How to Remove Special Characters in JavaScript
  43. How to Reset Form in JavaScript
  44. JavaScript Map vs Object
  45. Enter Key Event in JavaScript
  46. How to Get Array Intersection in JavaScript
  47. How to Get Attributes of HTML Element Using JavaScript
  48. How to Remove All Child Elements Using JavaScript
  49. How to Replace With Regex in JavaScript
  50. How to Serialize Form in JavaScript
  51. JavaScript String startsWith
  52. How to Use of HTML Script Type Attribute
  53. How to Create and Iterate Array of Images in JavaScript
  54. How to Add ID to Element Using JavaScript
  55. How to Overload Function in JavaScript
  56. How to Pass Array to a Function in JavaScript
  57. How to Print Array Elements in JavaScript
  58. How to Get Textbox Value in JavaScript
  59. How to Import Function From Another JS File
  60. JavaScript VS for...of Loop
  61. How to Change Button Text in JavaScript
  62. JavaScript Associative Array and Hash Table
  63. JavaScript Default Function Parameters
  64. How to Open Local Text File Using JavaScript
  65. How to Create A Count Up Timer in JavaScript
  66. How to Display Text When Checkbox Is Checked in JavaScript
  67. How to Scroll Automatically to the Bottom of the Page in JavaScript