Fix the Unable to Install Java There Are Errors in the Following Switches

Mehvish Ashiq Aug 11, 2022
Fix the Unable to Install Java There Are Errors in the Following Switches

Today’s tutorial contains instructions to resolve an error stating, Unable to install Java. There are errors in the following switches when we try to open a .jar file.

Unable to install Java. There are errors in the following switches Error Demonstration, Its Causes and Solutions

Let’s start with the error demonstration and understand when we get this error. We downloaded one file for a game that needs Java to run.

The file was saved as a WinRAR file when we downloaded it.

So, we right-clicked this file and selected Open with > Java Platform SE Binary. We selected this option because it was the only Java add-on to choose.

As soon as we select that, an error message pops up, which says the following.

Error Description:

Java Installation Not Completed.
Unable to install Java.
There are errors in the following switches:
Check that the commands are valid and try again.

Possible Reasons for this Error

We need to understand the error before trying to figure out its causes. The error states Java Installation Not Completed, though we have already installed Java.

So, what is causing this error? Some of the reasons are listed below.

  1. We face this error when we have installed multiple versions of Java on our machine.
  2. This error can also occur if the .jar association has been hijacked.
  3. Sometimes, we get this error if any of our files are corrupted.

So, how to resolve this? Let’s learn about all possible solutions one by one below.

Solution 1: To Open .jar Files, Set Java Platform SE Binary as Default Program

  1. Right-click on a required .jar file, select Open with > Choose Another App.

    solution one choose another app

  2. Click on More Apps to expand, and check the option saying Always use this app to open .jar files. Then, scroll and click on Look for another app on this PC.

    solution one look for another app on pc

  3. Now, navigate to a folder where you have installed Java. This location will vary based on what version of Java you have installed.

    Navigate to the C:\Program Files\Java\jreVersion\bin location if you have installed Java 64-bit. Go to the C:\Program Files(x86)\Java\jreVersion\bin if you have installed the 32-bit version of Java.

  4. Now, look for the Java Platform SE Binary named javaw.exe file and click Open.

    solution one open javaw

  5. From now on, the .jar file must be open without issues. If you still have that irritating error, follow the instructions in the following solution.

Solution 2: Download the Jarfix.exe File, Run It to Repair an Invalid Java Files Association

  1. Download a tool named Jarfix.exe.
  2. Next, double-click on the file and run it to restore a .jar file association. You will see the following screen after the successful installation of jarfix.exe.

solution two install jarfix

Once it is installed, the error must be gone. If any of the above methods do not fit your case, then go for the final solution below.

Solution 3: Uninstall Java and Re-install on Your Machine

  1. Download a tool to uninstall Java and run it.

  2. Select Agree to the Terms that you will see on the first screen. In case you are promoted with there is only one up-to-date Java version detected. Are you sure to continue? hit Yes.

  3. Once it is downloaded, double-click on it and select Agree.

  4. Select all versions of Java and click Next as given below.

    solution three select all java versions

  5. Click Yes to clear the cache; you may also navigate to a web page to read about the Java development cache.

    solution three clear cache

  6. Once Java is uninstalled, click on the Get Java button to navigate to the page for downloading the latest version of Java and installing it. You can download Java versions x32 and x64 based on your needs and requirements.

    solution three get java

  7. Finally, open the .jar file to continue your work.

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