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Rohan is a learner, problem solver, and web developer. He loves to write and share his understanding.

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Python How-To's

  1. How to Convert Integer to Roman Numerals in Python
  2. How to Get Longest Common Subsequence in Python
  3. Python Lambda Closure
  4. How to Calculate and Display a Convex Hull in Python
  5. How to Calculate the Average Word Length in a Sentence in Python
  6. How to Get the Number of CPUs Using Python
  7. The @ Symbol in Python
  8. How to Develop Python Applications in Qt Creator
  9. How to Use a DLL File From Python
  10. Python Egg
  11. How to One Line FTP Server in Python
  12. How to Make Random IP Address Generator in Python
  13. FFmpeg in Python Script
  14. How to Fix OSError: [Errno 8] Exec Format Error in Python
  15. How to Fix Error: Command cl.exe Failed: No Such File or Directory
  16. How to Fix Socket.Gaierror: [Errno 8] Nodename Nor Servname Provided, or Not Known in Python
  17. How to Fix TypeError: Iteration Over Non-Sequence
  18. How to Fix Python Math Domain Errors in math.log Function
  19. How to Fix ValueError: Classification Metrics Can't Handle a Mix of Multiclass and Continuous-Multioutput Targets
  20. How to Fix ImportError: No Module Named mysql.connector
  21. How to Fix Python ImportError: No Module Named Requests
  22. How to Fix ValueError: Cannot Convert Float NaN to Integer in Python
  23. How to Fix AttributeError: 'generator' Object Has No Attribute 'next' in Python
  24. How to Fix AttributeError: Module Enum Has No Attribute Intflag
  25. How to Fix E: Unable to Locate Package Pip in Ubuntu
  26. How to Fix the TypeError: Int Object Is Not Iterable Error in Python
  27. How to Fix Python ImportError: No Module Named
  28. How to Fix Error: else & elif Statements Not Working in Python
  29. How to Fix Python TypeError: Int Object Is Not Callable
  30. Python Traceback Most Recent Call Last
  31. How to Fix ValueError: list.remove(x): X Not in List Error in Python
  32. How to Fix Error: Invalid Command Bdist_wheel in Python
  33. How to Solve Python AttributeError: _csv.reader Object Has No Attribute Next
  34. How to Solve Python AttributeError: '_io.TextIOWrapper' Object Has No Attribute 'Split'

PowerShell Howtos

  1. How to Escape Single Quotes and Double Quotes in PowerShell
  2. How to Return Several Items From a PowerShell Function
  3. How to Sort Object in PowerShell
  4. How to Delete Certificate From Computer Store Using PowerShell
  5. How to Get the Parent's Parent Directory in PowerShell
  6. How to Sorting Array Values Using PowerShell
  7. How to Check SQL Server Version Using PowerShell
  8. How to Copy Files Over the Network in PowerShell
  9. How to Download and Install Git Client for Windows Using PowerShell
  10. How to Run a Scheduled Task in Task Scheduler Through PowerShell Command
  11. Multiple Foreground Colors in PowerShell in One Command
  12. How to Append Data to a CSV File in PowerShell
  13. How to Parse Datetime by ParseExact in PowerShell
  14. How to Control Column Widths With Format-Table in PowerShell
  15. How to Extract the Filename From a Path Using PowerShell
  16. How to Jump Around to Certain Spots in PowerShell Script
  17. How to Remove Item From an Array in PowerShell
  18. How to Rename Computer and Join to Domain With PowerShell
  19. How to Resolve IP Address From Hostname With PowerShell
  20. How to Set Folder Permissions in PowerShell
  21. How to Count the Number of Characters, Words and Lines in PowerShell
  22. How to Determine if Two Objects Are Identical in PowerShell
  23. How to Split Directory Path in PowerShell
  24. How to Copy Files From Windows to Linux Using PowerShell
  25. Remoting $Using Variable Scope in PowerShell
  26. How to Get Startup Type of Windows Services Using PowerShell
  27. PowerShell With Robocopy and Arguments Passing
  28. How to Concatenate Files Using PowerShell
  29. How to Select Attributes in XML Using XPath
  30. How to Confirm Prompt in PowerShell
  31. How to Get File Size in KB Using PowerShell
  32. Write-Verbose vs Write-Host in PowerShell
  33. How to Escape Special Characters in PowerShell
  34. How to Find Users HKEY_USERS Registry Key Using PowerShell
  35. How to Recursively Set Permissions on Folders Using PowerShell
  36. PowerShell Mandatory Parameter With Default Value
  37. How to Create and Throw a New Exception in PowerShell
  38. PowerShell Equivalent of Linux mkdir Command
  39. How to Open a Folder Using PowerShell
  40. How to Get a List of All PowerShell Modules
  41. How to Combine Multiple Conditions in if Statement
  42. How to Convert a Secure String to Plain Text in PowerShell
  43. How to Create Tables in PowerShell
  44. How to Remove Spaces From a Variable Using PowerShell
  45. How to Store Text File Contents in Variable Using PowerShell
  46. How to Count the Length of Array in PowerShell
  47. How to Count Items in a Folder With PowerShell
  48. How to Export a CSV to Excel Using PowerShell
  49. How to Run a Git Command in PowerShell
  50. How to Clear Variable Content in PowerShell
  51. PowerShell Command Equivalent to Linux ls
  52. How to Return Versions of .NET Framework on a Machine using PowerShell Script
  53. The filter Keyword in PowerShell
  54. How to Check if a String Is Not NULL or EMPTY in PowerShell
  55. How to Remove Path and Extension From Filename in PowerShell
  56. How to Remove Duplicate Values From a PowerShell Array
  57. How to Prevent Idle Mode in PowerShell
  58. How to Ping List of Host Names and Output Results to CSV in PowerShell
  59. How to Use the @ Symbol in PowerShell
  60. How to Add Objects to an Array of Objects in PowerShell
  61. How to Get the File System Location of a PowerShell Script
  62. How to Find the CPU and RAM Usage Using PowerShell
  63. Path With Spaces in PowerShell
  64. UTF-8 Encoding (CHCP 65001) in PowerShell
  65. How to Delete Files Older Than X Days Using PowerShell
  66. How to Copy Folder With Subfolders in PowerShell
  67. How to Find the Position of Substring in PowerShell
  68. How to Accessing the $args Array in PowerShell
  69. How to Check if Folder Exists in PowerShell
  70. How to Get File Version in PowerShell
  71. How to Perform Keystroke Inside PowerShell
  72. Line Break in PowerShell
  73. How to Add a New Line to Command Output in PowerShell
  74. How to Convert XML to CSV File in PowerShell
  75. How to Create an Array, Hash Table, and Dictionary in PowerShell
  76. PowerShell Multidimensional Arrays
  77. How to Create a Shortcut Using PowerShell
  78. How to Get IPv4 Address in PowerShell
  79. How to Upload Files With FTP in PowerShell
  80. PowerShell Sudo
  81. How to Create Text File Using Windows PowerShell
  82. How to Replace a Text in File Using PowerShell
  83. How to Prompt User Input in PowerShell
  84. How to Exit From Foreach Object in PowerShell
  85. How to Join Path to Combine More Than Two Strings Into a File Path in PowerShell
  86. How to See the Command History Across All PowerShell Sessions
  87. How to Redirect a PowerShell Output to a File During Execution
  88. Equivalent of which Command in PowerShell
  89. How to Compare the Contents of Two String Objects in PowerShell
  90. How to Get Only Directories Using Get Childitem in PowerShell
  91. How to Negate a Condition in PowerShell
  92. How to Pass Boolean Parameters to a PowerShell Script From a Command Prompt
  93. How to Select the Values of One Property on All Objects of an Array in PowerShell
  94. How to Get Full Path of the Files in PowerShell
  95. How to Get String Length of a Variable in PowerShell
  96. How to Set Timezone Using PowerShell
  97. Ternary Operator in PowerShell
  98. How to Search a String in Multiple Files and Return the Name of Files in PowerShell
  99. Recursive File Search Using PowerShell
  100. How to Press Any Key to Continue in PowerShell
  101. How to Convert a String to Datetime in PowerShell
  102. How to Split a String Into Separate Variables in PowerShell
  103. The Or Statement in PowerShell
  104. How to Convert an Array Object to a String in PowerShell
  105. How to Convert String to Integer in PowerShell
  106. How to Edit a Text File on the Console Using PowerShell
  107. How to GetType Used in PowerShell
  108. How to Add Items to Array in the PowerShell
  109. How to Pass an Argument to a PowerShell Script
  110. How to Run a PowerShell Script From a Batch File
  111. How to Check if a File Exists in Windows PowerShell
  112. How to Run a PowerShell Script
  113. The echo Equivalent in PowerShell
  114. How to Format a DateTime in PowerShell