PowerShell Sudo

Rohan Timalsina Feb 08, 2022
  1. Use choco to Install and Use sudo on Windows PowerShell
  2. Use sudo Equivalent Runas in Windows PowerShell
PowerShell Sudo

The sudo command is one of the commonly used commands by Linux system administrators. It provides the root privileges to execute any command.

As a result, a normal user can completely control the system. But, PowerShell does not have sudo to run commands as an administrator.

If the shell is opened in the normal user privilege, you must restart PowerShell using Run as administrator. In Linux, you can use the sudo command to execute commands as a root user.

This tutorial will teach you to use the sudo command in Windows PowerShell.

Use choco to Install and Use sudo on Windows PowerShell

Chocolatey is a free package manager for Windows to download and install softwares. Before using chocolatey in PowerShell, you will need to install it first.

You can run the command below to install the chocolatey package. You will need to run PowerShell as an administrator to install any packages.

Set-ExecutionPolicy Bypass -Scope Process -Force; iex ((New-Object System.Net.WebClient).DownloadString('https://chocolatey.org/install.ps1'))

After installing the chocolatey package, run this command to install the sudo package.

choco install sudo

Now, you can use sudo in Windows PowerShell like in Linux.

You do not have to click Run as Administrator to open PowerShell and run commands that require administrative privileges.

For example, you can use sudo with choco to install a package without an elevated shell.

sudo choco install nano

Use sudo Equivalent Runas in Windows PowerShell

Runas is a command-line tool in Windows that allows users to run programs with different user accounts. It is mostly used to run as an administrator account.

For example, this command will open Notepad as an administrator.

runas /user:administrator notepad

Similarly, you can run different commands using the Runas command with an admin privilege. We hope this article helped you understand using sudo in Windows PowerShell.

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