Marion Paul Kenneth Mendoza

Docker Howto's

  1. Combine Build and Run Commands in Docker
  2. Understanding the Entrypoint Flag in Docker
  3. Tagging an Image Using Docker and Docker Compose
  4. Understanding the Volume Instruction in Docker
  5. Change Working Directory Command in Docker
  6. Check if the Docker Container Is Running or Not
  7. Difference Between Stop, Down, Up, and Start in Docker Compose
  8. List All Images in Docker Registry V2
  9. Delete Containers Permanently in Docker
  10. Add a Network Mode in Docker Compose
  11. Daemon Log Locations in Docker
  12. Add an Insecure Registry Entry in Docker
  13. Difference Between Docker and Docker Compose
  14. Rename an Image in Docker
  15. Run Containers Continuously in the Background Using Docker
  16. View Specific Docker Compose Service Logs
  17. Update Existing Images With Docker Compose
  18. Set the Working Directory in Docker
  19. Add a Hostname to a Service in Docker-Compose

PowerShell Howtos

  1. Read Excel Sheet Data in PowerShell
  2. Install Python With PowerShell
  3. Read CSV File Line by Line in PowerShell
  4. List Local Users and Groups Using PowerShell
  5. Generate Random Strings Using PowerShell
  6. Unblock Files Using PowerShell
  7. Install a PFX Certificate Using PowerShell
  8. Manually Stop a Long Script Execution in PowerShell
  9. Create New Registry Keys Using PowerShell
  10. Remove-Item if File Exists in PowerShell
  11. Different Parameters in PowerShell
  12. Performing Awk Commands in PowerShell
  13. Test a Variable's Data Type Using PowerShell
  14. Get Disk Space Information Using PowerShell
  15. Sending a Mouse Click Event in PowerShell
  16. Filter and Isolate PowerShell Objects
  17. Compress With 7-Zip in PowerShell
  18. Log Off Remote Sessions in PowerShell
  19. Manage NTFS Permissions Using PowerShell
  20. Query for File's Last Write Time in PowerShell
  21. Keep PowerShell Console Open After Script Execution
  22. Property vs. ExpandProperty in PowerShell
  23. Handling Errors Using Try-Catch Block in PowerShell
  24. Managing Certificate Stores Using PowerShell
  25. Mapping an SMB Drive Using PowerShell
  26. Convert PowerShell File to an Executable File
  27. Get User Organizational Unit Using PowerShell
  28. Parse XML Files Using PowerShell
  29. Selecting Multiple Patterns in a String Using PowerShell
  30. Renaming Files and Folders Using PowerShell
  31. Set Environment Variables Using PowerShell
  32. Moving Files and Folders Using PowerShell
  33. Query Active Directory Users in PowerShell
  34. Run Commands in Parallel in PowerShell
  35. All Replace Methods in PowerShell
  36. Create an Input Box in PowerShell
  37. Execute Commands Using PowerShell Remoting
  38. Use Credential Manager Module in PowerShell
  39. Get Logged on Users in PowerShell
  40. Clear the Screen in PowerShell
  41. Install Software in PowerShell
  42. Use PowerShell Functions
  43. Measure Runtime of a Script Using PowerShell
  44. Display Message Box in PowerShell
  45. Manage Services in PowerShell
  46. Get Date and Time Using PowerShell
  47. Import CSV Files Into Array in PowerShell
  48. Output Informational Messages in PowerShell
  49. Replacing Strings in PowerShell
  50. Using Global Variables in PowerShell
  51. Export Output to a File Using PowerShell
  52. Copy Files and Folders in PowerShell
  53. Counting Objects in PowerShell
  54. Get Registry on a Remote Computer in PowerShell
  55. Incrementing and Decrementing in PowerShell
  56. Changing Colors in PowerShell
  57. Remove Users From Groups in PowerShell
  58. Null Variables in PowerShell
  59. Suppressing PowerShell Errors
  60. Add Properties to Objects in PowerShell
  61. Extracting a Substring in PowerShell
  62. Rounding Numbers in PowerShell
  63. Invoke Expressions Using PowerShell
  64. List Drives in PowerShell
  65. Running SQL Queries in PowerShell
  66. Append Data to File Using PowerShell
  67. Logical Operators in PowerShell
  68. Managing ACL Permissions Using PowerShell
  69. Parse JSON Files Using PowerShell
  70. Automating PowerShell Scripts Using Task Scheduler
  71. Initializing an Array of Custom Objects in PowerShell
  72. Send Emails Using PowerShell
  73. Delete Services Using PowerShell
  74. Performe LDAP Queries in PowerShell
  75. Run PowerShell Commands in Command Prompt
  76. Get the MD5 Checksum in PowerShell
  77. Installing the NuGet Package in PowerShell
  78. Managing Registries Using Windows PowerShell
  79. Multiple Values on a Parameter in PowerShell
  80. Pipeline Variable in PowerShell
  81. Running Executable Files in PowerShell
  82. Compress and Unzip Files Using PowerShell
  83. Create Symbolic Links in PowerShell
  84. Creating Log Files in PowerShell
  85. Get the File Extension Using PowerShell
  86. Check the Beginning of a String Using PowerShell
  87. Filter Files and Folders Using PowerShell
  88. Boolean Values in PowerShell
  89. Creating Aliases in PowerShell
  90. Get Credential Using PowerShell
  91. Split Commands to Multiple Lines in PowerShell
  92. Using the Where-Object Command in PowerShell
  93. String Interpolation in PowerShell
  94. Get the Localhost Name in PowerShell
  95. Return Value in PowerShell
  96. Get the Value of a Registry Key Using PowerShell
  97. Get All Group Membership of a User Using PowerShell
  98. Print Environment Variables in Windows PowerShell
  99. Run CMD Commands in PowerShell
  100. Base64 Encoding in Windows PowerShell
  101. Create Directory Using Windows PowerShell
  102. Get the Current Location of the PowerShell Script
  103. Starting Processes With Windows PowerShell
  104. Update Windows PowerShell to the Latest Version
  105. Wait for Each Command to Finish in PowerShell
  106. Get Command Line Arguments in Windows PowerShell
  107. Get the Windows Version in PowerShell
  108. Read Files Line by Line in Windows PowerShell
  109. Commenting Out Code in PowerShell
  110. Terminate a Script in Windows PowerShell
  111. Write Output in Windows PowerShell
  112. Run PowerShell Script as Administrator
  113. Set the PATH Environment Variables in Windows PowerShell
  114. Change the Working Directory in PowerShell
  115. Concatenate Strings in PowerShell

Python How-To's

  1. Understanding Slots in Python
  2. Visualize Trees in Python
  3. Cross Correlation in Python
  4. Run Unit Tests in Python
  5. Call Java From Python
  6. Use of Memory Caching in Python
  7. Difference Between Mock and Patch in Python
  8. Difference in Concurrency Aspects in Python
  9. Difference Between typing.Dict & Dict and Their Uses in Python
  10. Fix the Pylint Unresolved Import Error in Python
  11. EnvironmentError: Mysql_config Not Found in Python
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