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Sahil is a full-stack developer who loves to build software. He likes to share his knowledge by writing technical articles and helping clients by working with them as freelance software engineer and technical writer on Upwork.

Articles by Sahil Bhosale

JavaScript Howtos

  1. The outerHTML Property in JavaScript
  2. How to Print PDF File in JavaScript
  3. How to Simulate a Click With JavaScript
  4. How to Stop setInterval Call in JavaScript
  5. How to Decode HTML Entities Using JavaScript
  6. How to Create an Editable ComboBox in JavaScript
  7. How to Wait for Promises to Get Resolved in JavaScript
  8. How to Create and Run a JavaScript File in Chrome
  9. JavaScript Obfuscation - Protects JavaScript Code From Stealing
  10. How to Track Mouse Position in JavaScript
  11. How to Specify Multiple Conditions Inside the if Statement in JavaScript
  12. How to Add Onclick Event on HTML Image Tag in JavaScript
  13. How to Crop an Image in JavaScript Using HTML Canvas
  14. Hashmap Eqivalent in JavaScript
  15. How to Create Array of Specific Length in JavaScript
  16. How to Submit Form With POST Request in JavaScript
  17. How to Unminify JavaScript File
  18. How to Convert Array to String in JavaScript
  19. URL Encoding in JavaScript
  20. How to Change CSS Classes in JavaScript
  21. How to Encode and Decode a String to Base64 in JavaScript
  22. The bind() Method in JavaScript
  23. Fastest Factorial Program in JavaScript
  24. How to Create Counters in JavaScript
  25. How to Remove First Element From an Array in JavaScript
  26. How to Search Objects From an Array in JavaScript
  27. How to Execute the JavaScript Code After the Webpage Loads
  28. How to Get the Value of the Selected Option From the Drop-Down List in JavaScript
  29. How to Write Data to a File in JavaScript
  30. Whether JavaScript Is a Pass by Reference or a Pass by Value Type
  31. How to Convert Arguments to an Array in JavaScript
  32. How to Get Height of the Div Element in JavaScript
  33. How to Check String Equality in JavaScript
  34. How to Access the Session Variable in JavaScript
  35. How to Format a Number in JavaScript
  36. How to Close the Browser Tab in a Browser Window
  37. How to Create Table Using JavaScript
  38. How to Copy Text to Clipboard in JavaScript
  39. How to Get Current Time in JavaScript
  40. How to Get the Screen, Window, and Webpage Sizes in JavaScript
  41. How to Print to Console in JavaScript
  42. How to Implement a Sleep Function in JavaScript
  43. How to Reverse a String in JavaScript
  44. How to Terminate a forEach Loop Using Exceptions in JavaScript
  45. How to Validate a Date in JavaScript
  46. The Meaning of => in JavaScript
  47. How to Move Mouse Pointer to a Specific Position Using JavaScript
  48. Why Global Variables Give Undefined Values in JavaScript
  49. How to Check if Number Is Between Two Values in JavaScript
  50. How to Concatenate String and Integer in JavaScript
  51. How to Add Hours to Date Object in JavaScript
  52. Regex Variable in JavaScript
  53. How to Get the Selected or Highlighted Text in JavaScript
  54. How to Check if a Character in a String Is Uppercase or Not in JavaScript
  55. How to Read Excel Files in JavaScript
  56. How to Debug JavaScript Code With Visual Studio IDE on Chrome
  57. SQLite Database in JavaScript
  58. The Elvis Operator in JavaScript
  59. How to Implement Collision Detection in JavaScript
  60. How to POST a JSON Object Using Fetch API in JavaScript
  61. How to Add ID to an HTML Element in JavaScript
  62. How to Get the First Key Name of an Object in JavaScript
  63. How to Imitate Browser Zoom in JavaScript
  64. selectedIndex Property in JavaScript
  65. How to Convert JSON Object Into String in JavaScript
  66. How to Hide Elements Using Class Name in JavaScript
  67. How to Redirect Page After Delay in JavaScript
  68. How to Fill an Array With Range in JavaScript
  69. How to Validate Checkbox in JavaScript
  70. How to Detect Browser Version in JavaScript
  71. How to Return an Object From a Function in JavaScript
  72. Proto vs Prototype in JavaScript
  73. How to Get the Class Name of an Object in JavaScript
  74. How to Convert Decimal to Hexadecimal Number in JavaScript
  75. How to Copy Objects in JavaScript
  76. How to Split an Array Into Chunks in JavaScript

Python How-To's

  1. How to Convert a String to Variable Name in Python
  2. How to Get JSON From URL in Python
  3. How to Implement a Tree Data Structure in Python
  4. How to Exit a Function in Python
  5. How to Convert a Dictionary to a List in Python
  6. How to Detect Keypress in Python
  7. How to Run Python in Notepad++
  8. How to Remove All the Occurrences of an Element From a List in Python
  9. How to Calculate Factorial in Python
  10. How to Remove Duplicates From List in Python
  11. How to Check Variable Type in Python
  12. Optional Arguments in Python
  13. Adaptive Threshold Using OpenCV
  14. How to Convert Image to YUV Using OpenCV
  15. How to Getting Started With OAK-1 Camera Boards
  16. Image Masking in OpenCV
  17. How to Utilize Bitwise_AND on an Image Using OpenCV
  18. How to Draw Circle in Python OpenCV

Rust Howtos

  1. How to Use OpenCV in Rust

Raspberry Pi Howtos

  1. How to Set Up OpenCV on Raspberry Pi 4