Nimesha Jinarajadasa

JavaScript Howtos

  1. Compare Numbers in JavaScript
  2. JavaScript Counting
  3. JavaScript Date.getTime()
  4. JavaScript Destructor
  5. JavaScript Alert document.lastModified
  6. JavaScript List Comprehension
  7. JavaScript Map Filter
  8. JavaScript Return Undefined
  9. JavaScript Send Emails
  10. JavaScript Text Boxes
  11. Graph Visualization in JavaScript
  12. JavaScript Sort Multidimensional Array
  13. JavaScript Map to JSON
  14. Nested Map in JavaScript
  15. Self-Executing Function in JavaScript
  16. URL Decode JavaScript
  17. Vanilla JavaScript
  18. Set Cookie in JavaScript
  19. Find Object in Array by Property Value in JavaScript
  20. JavaScript Abstract Class
  21. Print Objects in JavaScript
  22. JavaScript forEach Index
  23. JavaScript Password Generator
  24. Upload Image Using JavaScript
  25. JavaScript Custom sort() Function
  26. JavaScript NodeList
  27. Short-Circuiting in JavaScript
  28. Store Byte Array in JavaScript
  29. JavaScript Input Value Change
  30. Session Storage in JavaScript
  31. Set Multiple Attributes for an Element in JavaScript

MySQL Howtos

  1. Backup a Single Table Using Mysqldump
  2. Connect to a MySQL Database Using JDBC
  3. MySQL Create Read-Only User
  4. MySQL Get Last 30 Days Data
  5. MySQL Split String Into Rows
  6. MySQL Print to Console

Python How-To's

  1. Optional Chaining in Python
  2. Derivative of ReLU Function in Python
  3. Generate Random 4 Digit Number in Python
  4. Python Two-Sample T-Test
  5. Sort Date and Time in Python
  6. Mock Function in Python
  7. Pass Kwargs to Another Function in Python
  8. Python Dictionary Intersection
  9. The Next Item in Python for Loop
  10. Language Detection in Python
  11. Sudoku Solver Python
  12. Connect VPN Using Python
  13. Introduction to Urljoin in Python
  14. List Virtual Environments in Python
  15. Python Functools Partial Function
  16. Python Unittest Setup
  17. Use Requests Module to Post Form Data in Python
  18. Obfuscate Python Code

CSS Howtos

  1. Center a Button in CSS
  2. Center an Absolute Div Using CSS
  3. Center Floated Elements With CSS
  4. CSS Prevent Text Selection
  5. Opacity Transition Using CSS

HTML Howtos

  1. Create a Simple Tooltip Button in HTML
  2. Create an Editable HTML Table
  3. HTML Add Captions to Images
  4. HTML Readonly for a Select Tag
  5. HTML Three Column Layout

PowerShell Howtos

  1. PowerShell Set-Content Cmdlet
  2. Counter in PowerShell
  3. PowerShell Copy-Item Progress
  4. Convert XML to JSON in PowerShell
  5. Invoke WebRequest in PowerShell 2.0
  6. Pass an Array to a Function in PowerShell
  7. Run a PowerShell Script From Within the Python Program
  8. Delete Empty Folders in PowerShell
  9. Get Service Status From Remote Computer Using PowerShell
  10. Combine CSV Files in PowerShell
  11. ExecutionPolicy Bypass vs Unrestricted in PowerShell
  12. Get List of Running Processes in PowerShell
  13. Show All Properties of a PowerShell Object
  14. Use the CmdletBinding Attribute in PowerShell
  15. Write JSON Object to a File in PowerShell
  16. Run a PowerShell Script Without Displaying a Window
  17. The Call Operator & in PowerShell
  18. Run Exe File With Parameters in PowerShell
  19. Install MSI File in PowerShell
  20. LastExitCode in PowerShell
  21. PowerShell Post Request
  22. Upload File to SFTP With PowerShell
  23. Copy File to Remote Computer in PowerShell
  24. PowerShell Multiline String
  25. PowerShell Loop Through Files
  26. Send Email Message to Multiple Recipients in PowerShell
  27. Check if String Is Empty in PowerShell
  28. PowerShell Location
  29. PowerShell Run as Different User
  30. PowerShell Export Output to Text File
  31. PowerShell Download File
  32. Windows PowerShell Commands to Achieve Unix Tail Command
  33. Get PowerShell Version
  34. PowerShell Delete Folder
  35. PowerShell Function Parameters
  36. PowerShell Get Current User
  37. PowerShell Grep
  38. PowerShell Unzip
  39. Run Curl Command in PowerShell
  40. Run exe File in PowerShell
  41. Export Data to CSV in PowerShell
  42. PowerShell Contains Operator

TypeScript Howtos

  1. Get Class Name in TypeScript
  2. Read Text File in TypeScript
  3. The implements Keyword in TypeScript
  4. TypeScript Extend Window
  5. Use RxJS With TypeScript
  6. Watch and Compile All TypeScript Sources
  7. Check if a Variable Is a String in TypeScript
  8. Use ESLint for TypeScript Import Ordering
  9. Sort Array of Objects in TypeScript
  10. Ternary Operator in TypeScript
  11. Check the Object Type on Runtime in TypeScript
  12. Convert a Boolean to a String Value in TypeScript
  13. Multiple Inheritance in TypeScript
  14. Fetch in TypeScript
  15. Iterate Over Array of Objects in TypeScript
  16. Transform TypeScript Code Into JavaScript Code
  17. TypeScript Comments
  18. Use the Infer Keyword in TypeScript
  19. Implement Class Constants in TypeScript
  20. Check for Both Null and Undefined in TypeScript
  21. Return Type for setTimeout in TypeScript
  22. Remove an Array Item in TypeScript
  23. Type Casting in JavaScript and TypeScript

C++ Howtos

  1. Use HashMap in C++
  2. Implement Interfaces Using Abstract Class in C++
  3. Breaks in C++ Switch Statement
  4. The const Keyword in C++
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Nimesha is a Full-stack Software Engineer for more than five years, he loves technology, as technology has the power to solve our many problems within just a minute. He have been contributing to various projects over the last 5+ years and working with almost all the so-called 03 tiers(DB, M-Tier, and Client). Recently, he has started working with DevOps technologies such as Azure administration, Kubernetes, Terraform automation, and Bash scripting as well.