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Era is an observer who loves cracking the ambiguos barriers. An AI enthusiast to help others with the drive and develop a stronger community.

Articles by Anika Tabassum Era

Python How-To's

  1. How to SendGrid in Python

SciPy How-To's

  1. SciPy signal.butter

TensorFlow Howtos

  1. TensorFlow Model Fit
  2. TensorFlow Gradient Tape
  3. How to Resize Image in TensorFlow
  4. How to Check if TensorFlow Is Using GPU
  5. How to Print TensorFlow Version
  6. How to Uninstall TensorFlow in Conda
  7. How to Install TensorFlow With Anaconda

JavaScript Howtos

  1. How to Trigger Event in JavaScript
  2. How to Get Cursor Position in JavaScript
  3. How to Filter String in JavaScript
  4. How to Get Function Name in JavaScript
  5. How to Create a Class in JavaScript
  6. JavaScript Mime Type
  7. How to Read HTML lang Attribute in JavaScript
  8. JavaScript Debounce Function
  9. JavaScript Boolean Function
  10. Insertion Sort in JavaScript
  11. How to Discord JavaScript Console
  12. How to Fill A JavaScript Array
  13. How to Convert Array to String Without Commas in JavaScript
  14. How to Convert String to HTML in JavaScript
  15. How to Implement Auto Scroll in JavaScript
  16. How to Reload DIV in JavaScript
  17. Equivalent of Ruby unless Statement in JavaScript
  18. How to Disable Button Click in JavaScript
  19. How to Fade-In Image Using JavaScript
  20. How to Scroll A Table in JavaScript
  21. How to Accept Only Numbers in Input in JavaScript
  22. How to Change Image on Hover in JavaScript
  23. How to Hide Table Rows in JavaScript
  24. JavaScript Scrollable Div
  25. How to Change innerHTML Using JavaScript
  26. How to Check for a Hash in a URL in JavaScript
  27. How to Compress String in JavaScript
  28. How to Get Page Title in JavaScript
  29. How to Use the setHours() Method in JavaScript
  30. JavaScript Variable Number of Arguments
  31. How to Get Parent in JavaScript
  32. How to Scroll to ID in JavaScript
  33. How to Scroll to Top of Div in JavaScript
  34. JavaScript Matrix Multiplication
  35. Equivalent of Java Println to Print Output in JavaScript
  36. How to Overload Operator in JavaScript
  37. JavaScript it() Function
  38. How to Destroy Object in JavaScript
  39. How to Use __dopostback() in JavaScript
  40. How to Swap Array Elements in JavaScript
  41. How to Convert Seconds to Minutes in JavaScript
  42. How to Detect Operating System in JavaScript
  43. How to Use ActiveXObject to Get Username in JavaScript
  44. How to Validate Textbox in JavaScript
  45. Dynamic Object Key in JavaScript
  46. How to Flatten Object in JavaScript
  47. How to Tokenize a String in JavaScript
  48. JavaScript nextSibling Property
  49. How to Disable Links in JavaScript
  50. How to Pause an Interval in JavaScript
  51. How to Clear Input in JavaScript
  52. How to Add HTML to Div Using JavaScript
  53. How to Open File Dialog in JavaScript
  54. How to Convert Base64 to Image in JavaScript
  55. How to Ping Server in JavaScript
  56. How to Blink Text in JavaScript
  57. How to Change Form Action in JavaScript
  58. How to Create a Beep in JavaScript
  59. How to Use Variable as Key in JavaScript
  60. JavaScript Right Click Menu
  61. How to Clear Textbox in JavaScript
  62. How to Set Current Year Copyright in JavaScript
  63. How to Set the Scroll Position in JavaScript
  64. How to Find Child Element in JavaScript
  65. How JavaScript Export Class in JavaScript
  66. How to Switch String in JavaScript
  67. JavaScript console.error
  68. JavaScript in_array Function
  69. The extend Method in JavaScript
  70. JavaScript Pointers
  71. How to Truncate a String in JavaScript
  72. How to Validate URL in JavaScript
  73. How to Map Files in JavaScript
  74. How to Get Width of Element in JavaScript
  75. How to Splice String in JavaScript
  76. JavaScript parseDouble
  77. How to Get HTTP GET Request in JavaScript
  78. How to Convert String to Title Case in JavaScript
  79. Node in JavaScript
  80. How to Set Background Image of a Div via Function in JavaScript
  81. How to Check Whether a String Matches a Regex in JavaScript
  82. How to Get HTML Form Value in JavaScript
  83. How to Zip Two Arrays in JavaScript
  84. Instantiate a File Object in JavaScript
  85. How to Add Options to Select With JavaScript
  86. How to Filter Object Arrays Based on Attributes in JavaScript
  87. How to Iterate Through a Map in JavaScript
  88. How to Return Multiple Values in JavaScript
  89. How to Convert an Image Into Base64 String Using JavaScript
  90. How to Create Simple Pagination in JavaScript
  91. How to Generate Permutations in JavaScript
  92. How to Check Whether a Button Is Clicked by JavaScript
  93. How to Display a JavaScript Variable in HTML Body
  94. JavaScript Checkbox onChange
  95. How to Call JavaScript Function on Page Load
  96. How to Compare Strings in JavaScript
  97. How to Escape Quotes in JavaScript
  98. How to Get JSON From URL in JavaScript
  99. How to Use JavaScript Variable in HTML
  100. The hasOwnProperty in JavaScript
  101. How to Colon in JavaScript
  102. How to Pass JavaScript Function as Parameter
  103. Inline if Statement in JavaScript
  104. How to Get Value From JSON Object in JavaScript

jQuery Howtos

  1. How to Add ID to an HTML Element Using jQuery
  2. How to Upload File AJAX in jQuery
  3. How to Get Form Data Using JQuery
  4. How to Empty Input Field With JQuery
  5. How to Loop Through Array in jQuery
  6. How to Loop Through Elements in jQuery
  7. How to Set Value of Text Area in jQuery
  8. jQuery Query Selector
  9. jQuery Animation Background Color
  10. jQuery Confirm Plugin
  11. jQuery Multiple Selectors
  12. jQuery Selectors
  13. How to Change Text in jQuery
  14. How to Create a Table With jQuery
  15. How to Toggle Hide/Show in jQuery
  16. How to Animate Scrolling in jQuery
  17. How to Trim in jQuery