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I am Fariba Laiq from Pakistan. An android app developer, technical content writer, and coding instructor. Writing has always been one of my passions. I love to learn, implement and convey my knowledge to others.

Articles by Fariba Laiq

Python How-To's

  1. How to Reduce Fractions in Python
  2. How to Get Cookie Using Python Selenium
  3. How to Plot Decision Boundary Python
  4. How to Fit a Step Function in Python
  5. How to Open File Exception Handling in Python
  6. How to Execute Python Script via Crontab
  7. How to Escape Curly Braces in F-String in Python
  8. How to Escape Curly Braces Using format() in Python
  9. Vim Autocomplete for Python
  10. Python Bitwise NOT
  11. How to Fix Valueerror: Expected 2d Array, Got 1d Array Instead
  12. How to Solve AttributeError: 'Nonetype' Object Has No Attribute 'Group' in Python
  13. How to Fix Python NameError: Name Execfile Is Not Defined
  14. How to Fix Error: Bash: Syntax Error Near Unexpected Token '(' in Python
  15. How to Fix ModuleNotFoundError: No Module Named Openpyxl in Python
  16. How to Fix ModuleNotFoundError: No Module Named mpl_toolkits.basemap in Python
  17. How to Fix Python File Not Found Error
  18. How to Fix TypeError: 'map' Object Is Not Subscriptable in Python
  19. How to Fix ValueError: Unsupported Pickle Protocol: 3 in Python
  20. How to Fix Resolve TypeError: Module Object Is Not Callable in Python
  21. How to Fix TypeError: Non-Empty Format String Passed to Object.__format__ in Python
  22. How to Resolve KeyError 0 in Python
  23. How to Resolve OSError: [Errno 2] No Such File or Directory in Python
  24. How to Encode UTF8 in Python
  25. How to Fix TabError in Python
  26. How to List All Files in Directory and Subdirectories in Python
  27. How to Profile a Python Code
  28. How to Remove HTML Tags From a String in Python
  29. Inorder Traversal of a Tree in Python
  30. How to Login to a Website Using Selenium Python
  31. How to Make a Grade Converter in Python
  32. How to Open and Close Tabs in a Browser Using Selenium Python
  33. How to Scroll Down a Website Using Python Selenium
  34. Web Element Methods in Selenium Python
  35. First Class Functions in Python
  36. How to Plot CSV in Python
  37. How to Validate IP Address in Python
  38. Python Determinant
  39. How to Check if a Word Exists in a String in Python
  40. How to Overload Operator in Python
  41. How to Swap Elements of a List in Python
  42. How to Use Factory Pattern in Python
  43. The Schedule Package in Python
  44. Coverage in Python
  45. Folium Package in Python
  46. The NetworkX Package in Python
  47. How to Install Python on Linux
  48. AES Encryption in Python
  49. How to Implement Depth-First Search in Python
  50. How to Resize Image in Python
  51. Memory Profiler in Python
  52. Python Iterable
  53. How to Use Urlencode in Python
  54. Named Tuple in Python
  55. Python Annotation ->
  56. How to Use getitem in Python
  57. How to Use RMSE in Python
  58. How to Convert Sentence to Title Case in Python
  59. How to Have Beep Sound in Python
  60. How to Remove List From List in Python
  61. Python Multiple if Statements on One Line
  62. How to Create a List of Range of Dates in Python
  63. How to Get Year From a Datetime Object in Python
  64. How to Normalize a List of Numbers in Python
  65. How to Print Contents of PYTHONPATH in Python

Python Pandas Howtos

  1. Pandas groupby() and diff()
  2. Pandas SQLAlchemy
  3. Pandas tz_localize
  4. How to Concatenate Two DataFrames in Pandas Python
  5. How to Rename Specific DataFrame Columns in Pandas
  6. How to Filter Rows After groupby() in Pandas Python
  7. How to Filter Rows That Contain a Specific String in Pandas
  8. How to Implement OLS Regression in Pandas
  9. How to Install Pandas in PyCharm
  10. How to Pivot a DataFrame in Pandas
  11. How to Read Parquet File Into Pandas DataFrame
  12. How to Update Pandas in Anaconda
  13. How to Add Image to Pandas Dataframe
  14. How to Append List to DataFrame Pandas
  15. How to Move Column to Front in Pandas DataFrame
  16. Paramiko Python
  17. Python Contextlib
  18. How to GroupBy and Aggregate Multiple Columns in Pandas
  19. How to Plot a Line Graph With Data Points in Pandas
  20. How to Apply the If-Else Condition in a Pandas DataFrame
  21. How to Calculate the Mean of a Grouped Data in Pandas
  22. How to Get Substring in Pandas
  23. How to Plot Grouped Data in Pandas
  24. How to Read HTML Table in a Pandas DataFrame
  25. How to Calculate the Variance in a Pandas DataFrame
  26. How to Coalesce Values From Multiple Columns Into a Single Column in Pandas DataFrame
  27. How to Fill Missing Values in Pandas DataFrame
  28. How to Filter Data in a Pandas DataFrame
  29. How to Save Pandas DataFrame as HTML Using Python
  30. How to Apply Transform With Groupby in Pandas
  31. How to Execute SQL Query in Pandas
  32. Pandas Vlookup
  33. How to Calculate Percentage Change in Pandas
  34. How to Read Excel Multiple Sheets in Pandas

Kotlin Howtos

  1. How to Extend a Class Having Multiple Constructors in Kotlin

Python PyGame Howtos

  1. How to Install Pygame for Python 3.5/3.11
  2. How to Install Pygame in Conda
  3. Mousebuttondown Event in PyGame