Paramiko Python

Fariba Laiq Jun 09, 2022
Paramiko Python

Paramiko is a Python library that remotely connects to another computer using SSHv2 (Secure Shell 2), an advanced SSH version. It is a network protocol to make a secure connection between two computers.

It provides both client and server facilities. We can transfer files remotely from one computer to another using SFTP (Secure File Transfer Protocol) and SCP (Secure Copy Protocol).

We can use SSHv2 to implement all well-known hash algorithms and ciphers in our programs.

Install Paramiko on Windows or Linux

We should install it first using the following command to use this library.

pip install paramiko

Install Paramiko on Windows or Linux

We will use the following command to check if paramiko is already installed in Windows or Linux. If paramiko is showing in the list, it is installed.

pip list


Check if Paramiko is Installed

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