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JavaScript Howtos

  1. Add Months to a Date in JavaScript
  2. Deep Copy Array in JavaScript
  3. Format JSON in JavaScript
  4. Get Environment Variables in JavaScript
  5. Get the Object's Value by a Reference to the Key
  6. Open Popup Window in JavaScript
  7. Get Week Number of the Year in JavaScript

HTML Howtos

  1. Add Image in HTML From a Folder
  2. Convert HTML to JSON
  3. Create a Scrollable Div in HTML
  4. Enable and Disable Checkbox in HTML
  5. Link to a Section of a Page in HTML
  6. The ::before Selector in HTML
  7. Add Hover Text in HTML
  8. Add Multiple Radio Button Groups in HTML
  9. Skip a Line in HTML
  10. Transform Text Into Uppercase in HTML
  11. Write Degree Celsius Symbol in HTML
  12. Center a Table in HTML
  13. Create a Download Link in HTML
  14. Display Image Based on Cookies in HTML
  15. Role Attribute in HTML
  16. Add Space Between Buttons in HTML
  17. Create Phone Number Links in HTML
  18. Redirect in HTML
  19. Create Nested Lists in HTML
  20. Create Vertical Line in HTML
  21. Set Length Validation in HTML
  22. Alternatives of Iframe in HTML
  23. Get Todays's Date in HTML
  24. Include an HTML File in Another HTML File
  25. Embed PDF in HTML
  26. Create Multiple Classes in HTML
  27. Remove Borders From HTML Table

PHP Howtos

  1. Create a Popup Window in PHP
  2. Install PHP-GD in Ubuntu
  3. Perform HTTP Authentication Using PHP Curl
  4. Warning: Php_network_getaddresses: Getaddrinfo Failed: No Such Host Is Known
  5. Implement Linked List in PHP
  6. Static Variables in PHP
  7. Loop Through Associative Array in PHP
  8. Method Overloading in PHP
  9. Null Coalescing vs Elvis Operator in PHP
  10. Create Table in PHP
  11. Display Date and Time According to Timezone in PHP
  12. Generate QR Code in PHP
  13. Profile a PHP Script
  14. Convert String to Boolean in PHP
  15. Count Files in a Directory in PHP
  16. Delete Directory in PHP
  17. Get Random Array Item in PHP
  18. Set Maximum Execution Time in PHP
  19. The utf8_encode Function in PHP
  20. Create and Get the Path of tmpfile in PHP
  21. Use ODBC Functions in PHP
  22. Use the sleep() Function in PHP
  23. Delete Cookies in PHP
  24. The Use Keyword in PHP
  25. Question Mark Symbol in PHP
  26. Get Current Month Using Date() Function in PHP
  27. Find Base URL in PHP
  28. Use Foreach Loop in Multidimensional Array in PHP
  29. Differentiate Single and Double Quotes in PHP
  30. Export MySQL Table to Excel in PHP
  31. Return to Previous Page in PHP
  32. Write HTML Inside PHP
  33. Create Config Files in PHP
  34. Post Array From a Form in PHP
  35. Convert XML Into an Array in PHP
  36. Create the MM/DD/YYYY Date Regular Expression in PHP
  37. Get Current Directory Name and Path in PHP
  38. Detect Mobile Device in PHP
  39. Call JavaScript Function in PHP
  40. Update PHP Version in Mac
  41. Check Type and Value of Null in PHP
  42. Create Countdown Timer in PHP
  43. Create Default Object From Empty Value in PHP
  44. Convert Object to String in PHP
  45. Find Root Directory Path in PHP
  46. Get JSON Object From URL in PHP
  47. Print to Console in PHP
  48. Run PHP on Mac
  49. Send Attachments in Mail With PHP
  50. Create Array of Objects in PHP
  51. Create PDF in PHP
  52. Read Text Files in PHP
  53. Sort Multidimensional Array in PHP
  54. Use echo Shorthand in PHP
  55. Use if...else Shorthand in PHP
  56. Pretty Print the JSON in PHP
  57. Create an Object Without Class in PHP
  58. Delete Database in PHPMyAdmin
  59. Escape Quotation Marks in PHP
  60. The Header Location in PHP
  61. Validate Email in PHP
  62. Convert PHP Object to Associative Array
  63. Declare Global Variable in PHP
  64. Difference Between the == and the === Comparison Operators in PHP
  65. Execute PHP Function With onclick
  66. Find Error Log Location in PHP
  67. Generate Password in PHP
  68. PHP Pagination
  69. Pass Variable From PHP to JavaScript
  70. Set Session Timeout in PHP
  71. Upload Multiple Files in PHP
  72. Use Default in PHP Switch Case
  73. Prevent SQL Injection in PHP
  74. Refresh a Page in PHP
  75. Send POST Request in PHP
  76. Write Array to a File in PHP
  77. Add Line Break in PHP
  78. Count Rows in MySQL PHP
  79. PHP Variable in String
  80. Show All Errors in PHP
  81. Get User IP Address in PHP
  82. Read if Checkbox Is Checked in PHP
  83. Redirect in PHP

CSS Howtos

  1. Change Content in CSS
  2. Set Box Shadow Only at Bottom in CSS
  3. Align Image to the Right in CSS
  4. Create a Fade-In Effect on Page Load in CSS
  5. Center a Div Horizontally in CSS
  6. Center Background Images in CSS
  7. Change Image Color in CSS
  8. Center a Div Vertically Using CSS
  9. Hover an Element Using Inline CSS
  10. Set Line Spacing in CSS
  11. Darken Background Image in CSS
  12. Style Select Dropdown in CSS
  13. Add Background Image in CSS
  14. Disable Scroll Bar in CSS
  15. Hide Scroll Bar in CSS
  16. Set Font Border in CSS
  17. Use Margin and Padding in CSS
  18. Use Mutliple Classes in One Element in CSS
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