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Haider specializes in technical writing. He has a solid background in computer science that allows him to create engaging, original, and compelling technical tutorials. In his free time, he enjoys adding new skills to his repertoire and watching Netflix.

Articles by Haider

MySQL Howtos

  2. MySQL Recursive Query
  3. MySQLi count() Function
  4. Wamp Default MySQL Password
  5. How to MySQL Convert String to Lowercase
  6. How to Store Password in MySQL Database

Python Flask Howto's

  1. How to Delete a Record in Flask SQLAlchemy
  2. How to Use the Flask redirect() Function With Parameters
  3. How to Run Host in Python Flask
  4. How to Set Port in Flask
  5. Flask g Object
  6. Flask jsonify

Python How-To's

  1. Semaphores in Python
  2. Python Verbose
  3. How to Capture Groups With Regular Expression in Python
  4. How to Set Maximum Retries for Requests in Python
  5. How to Calculate Date Using Python Timedelta Months
  6. The __eq__ Method in Python
  7. How to Create a BitArray in Python
  8. How to Fix Invalid Literal for Int() With Base 10 Error in Python
  9. How to Fix Object Is Not Subscriptable Error in Python
  10. How to Fix Operands Could Not Be Broadcast Together With Shapes Error in Python
  11. How to Fix Python Return Outside Function Error
  12. How to Fix STR Object Does Not Support Item Assignment Error in Python
  13. How to Fix Python Int Object Is Not Iterable Error
  14. How to Fix Python Recursionerror: Maximum Recursion Depth Exceeded in Comparison Error
  15. How to Fix Python Syntaxerror: Unexpected Character After Line Continuation Character

Java Howtos

  1. How to Decompile Java Class
  2. How to Add Certificate to Java Keystore
  3. How to Install Java Using Brew
  4. How to Read Excel File in Java
  5. Introduction to Pointers in Java
  6. How to Solve the Can Only Iterate Over an Array or an Instance of Java.Lang.Iterable Error in Java
  7. How to Fix java.net.MalformedURLException: No Protocol Error in Java
  8. How to Fix Java Error: The Constructor Is Undefined
  9. Class Expected Error in Java
  10. How to Clear a StringBuilder in Java
  11. Extends Comparable in Java
  12. The >> Operator in Java
  13. Lambda Comparator in Java
  14. How to Convert Bytes to Unsigned Bytes in Java
  15. How to Covert Array to Stream in Java
  16. How to Compare Doubles in Java
  17. How to Filter A Value From Map in Java
  18. How to Read File From Resources in Java
  19. How to Fix Java Cannot Be Resolved to a Variable Error
  20. How to Fix Java Cannot Instantiate the Type Error
  21. How to Fix Java Invalid Method Declaration; Return Type Required
  22. How to Fix Java Numberformatexception for Input String Error
  23. How to Break Out of a for Loop in Java
  24. How to Check if a Character Is a Number in Java
  25. How to Compare String With the Java if Statement
  26. How to Sort an Array in Java Without Using the Sort() Method
  27. Custom Iterator in Java
  28. How to Check if Int Is Null in Java
  29. The continue Statement in Java
  30. How to Covert Set to ArrayList in Java
  31. How to Get JSON From URL in Java
  32. Command Line Parsing in Java
  33. Difference Between Integer and Int in Java
  34. How to Copy a File in Java
  35. Enqueue and Dequeue in Java
  36. Mutex in Java
  37. Double Division in Java
  38. How to Convert XML to JSON in Java
  39. How to Convert List to ArrayList in Java

C# Howtos

  1. How to Convert Char Array to Strings in C#
  2. WebSocket Client in C#
  3. How to Add Items in C# ComboBox
  4. AES Encryption in C#
  5. Array of Strings in C#
  6. How to Disable and Enable Buttons in C#
  7. How to Upload a File to FTP in C#
  8. Dictionary vs Hashtable in C#
  9. How to Execute Stored Procedure With Parameters in C#
  10. Thread.Sleep() in C#
  11. C# Error: Inaccessible Due to Its Protection Level
  12. Default Access Modifiers in C#
  13. How to Send a Simple SSH Command in C#
  14. How to Convert Double to String in C#
  15. How to Convert Int to Float in C#
  16. How to Convert String Array to Int Array in C#
  17. How to Convert String to Datetime in C#
  18. How to Exit a Foreach Loop in C#
  19. Increment and Decrement Counter in C#
  20. The Difference Between Environment.Newline and
  21. How to Find Leftmost String in C#
  22. How to Set null in DateTime in C#
  23. How to Sorting List in Alphabetical Order in C#
  24. The Use of += in C#

C++ Howtos

  1. Functionality and Difference Between *& and **& in C++
  2. How to Convert C# Codes to C++
  3. Difference Between int and size_t in C++
  4. Double Ampersand in C++
  5. Is C Faster Than C++