Extends Comparable in Java

Haider Ali Oct 12, 2023
Extends Comparable in Java

This guide will learn about the Extends Comparable Interface in Java. It is written as Comparable<T>. It is an interface that is implemented by many classes in Java. Let’s learn more about its aspects.

Implementing the Extends Comparable<T> Interface in Java

This Interface has only one method, compareTo(Object o). This method compares the object with the specified object for the order.

It returns a negative integer if the object is less than specified. It will return zero if the object and the specified object are equal.

Similarly, it returns a positive integer if the object is greater than the specified object.

Keep in mind that a class can’t extend the Java interface in Java.

The Interface can only extend the Interface. The Java class can only extend a Java class.

As Comparable<T> is an interface in Java, we must create a custom interface that will extend the Comparable Interface. The custom class will implement the custom interface.

public class Main {
  public static void main(String[] args) {
    Student s1 = new Student("Bill Gates");
    Student s2 = new Student("James");

    int res = s1.compareTo(s2);
    // comaprison of name of two students using iherited and extended method of
    // compareable.

interface CustomComparable extends Comparable<Student> {
  // Custom interface which extends Comparable.
  // So CustomComparable have inherited method Compareto(Object o)
  public String getName();
class Student implements CustomComparable {
  // calss student implements CustomCompareable
  private String name; // String variable
  Student(String s) {
    this.name = s;

  public int compareTo(Student other) { // overiding super method........... .
    return this.name.compareTo(other.getName());

  public String getName() {
    return name;

  public void setName(String name) {
    this.name = name;



We are simply creating two student class objects that implement our custom comparator class, extending the actual Comparable<T>. So, that’s how we can use this compareTo() method here.

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