MySQLi count() Function

Haider Ali Feb 15, 2024
MySQLi count() Function

This is a special function in PHP MySQLi that counts and returns the number of rows present in a result set.

MySQLi Count() Rows

Suppose we have the following data set in a table named network.

network table

We want to count the number of rows in the table. Use the following query.


count rows

The above query returned the number of rows in the network table.

Let’s say we want to count the rows that have any value in the managerid column. For that reason, the following query will be used.

SELECT COUNT(managerid) FROM network;

specify column

As expected, we got the number of rows with some value in the managerid column. Another point to ponder here is that we got 4 rows instead of 5 because it does not count rows with a NULL value.

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