Wamp Default MySQL Password

Haider Ali Dec 30, 2022
Wamp Default MySQL Password

Wamp server allows the creation of web applications, and PhpMyAdmin allows database management. This guide will teach you how to set the Wamp server MySQL user id and password.

Wamp Default MySQL Password

  • Open the Wamp Desktop application, go to the PhpMyAdmin section, and run it.


  • The dashboard will appear with the option to add a new user account. Click on this option.

    add user account

  • In Add user account, a dashboard will appear, requiring login information to be filled in, like username, password, and hostname. Filling in this information would create a new user account.

    login information

  • After filling in the information, a new database was created.

    new database

  • Now, again, open the Wamp Desktop application and go to the MySQL option. From there, open the MySQL console.

    The work we did previously was using GUI, and now the work we would do is a command line based.

    wamp mysql

  • Now, write the following command.
    show databases;

    This command would show us all the databases in the system at the moment.

    show databases

  • Now, we take the help of the command use, which allows the user to use its specific database. Use this command in the following manner.
    use <your database>;

    This is how the above command works.

    use database

  • Now, we fetch all the users and hosts. For that, we would use the following code.
    SELECT user, host from user;

    This would return all the users’ and hosts’ accounts.


For setting the password of a specific user, we would use the following command.

set password for 'user'@'host' = password('yourpassword')
SELECT user, host, password from user;

Using the above commands, we set the password of a specific user account.

This way, our default id and password have been created in Wamp Server.

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