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Batch Howtos

  1. Batch Check for Empty Variables
  2. Batch File Remove X Characters of a File Name
  3. Batch File to Loop Through Files in Subdirectories
  4. Check if a Specified Environmental Variable Contains a Substring
  5. Create a Shortcut for a Batch File
  6. Get the Current Batch File Directory
  7. Stop a Running Process From a Batch File

PowerShell Howtos

  1. Copy and Paste From a Variable in PowerShell
  2. Create an Empty Array of Arrays in PowerShell
  3. Display Current Time Zone in PowerShell
  4. Find a Specific File by Name Using PowerShell
  5. PowerShell Extract a Column From a CSV File and Store It in a Variable
  6. PowerShell Loop Through Files and Folders
  7. Write Comment-Based Help for PowerShell Scripts
  8. Check if a File Contains a Specific String Using PowerShell
  9. Extract a PowerShell Substring From a String
  10. Get a List of Processes Similar to the Task Manager in PowerShell
  11. Get Exit Code From Start-Process in PowerShell
  12. Import Text File and Format and Export It to CSV in PowerShell
  13. Split Large File in PowerShell
  14. Use the Get-Clipboard Output in PowerShell

Git Howtos

  1. Difference Between Forking and Branching on GitHub
  2. Difference Between Forking and Cloning on GitHub
  3. Fetch All Branches in Git
  4. Git Add and Git Commit in One Command
  5. Git Pull Origin Branch Overwrites Master Branch
  6. Show Diff Details for Uncommitted Changes in Git
  7. View Merged and Unmerged Branches in Git
  8. Add Files to a Git Repository
  9. Difference Between Git Merge Origin/Master and Git Pull
  10. Difference Between Git Pull and Git Pull Origin Master
  11. Download a Specific Tag With Git
  12. Fix: Git Is Not Recognized as an Internal or External Command Error
  13. git add, git commit, and git push in One Command
  14. Move Existing Uncommitted Changes to a New Branch in Git
  15. Tag an Older Commit in Git
  16. The Meaning of Fetch_Head in Git
  17. Undo a Git Pull
  18. Checkout a Remote Git Branch
  19. Commit and Push a Single File to the Remote
  20. Commit Current Changes to a Different Branch in Git
  21. Difference Between Git Checkout and Git Clone
  22. Difference Between Git Merge Master and Git Merge Origin/Master
  23. Difference Between Git Push Origin and Git Push Origin Master
  24. Exit the Commit Message Editor
  25. Git Cherry-Pick vs Merge Workflow
  26. Ignore Everything Except Some Files in Git
  27. Revert a Git Repository to a Previous Commit
  28. Add All Files for Commit Except One File
  29. Clone a Git Repository With a Specific Revision
  30. Delete Master Branch in Git
  31. Difference Between the Git Reset, Revert, and Checkout Commands
  32. Different Ways to Commit Untracked Files in Git
  33. Make an Initial Push to a Remote Repository With Git
  34. Make the Development Branch Identical to the Master Branch
  35. Pull a Specific Folder in Git
  36. Push a Specific Commit to a Remote Repository
  37. Check Username and Email Configuration in Git
  38. Create an Empty Branch on GitHub
  39. Delete a Commit but Preserve Changes in Git
  40. Move Git Branch Pointer to Different Commit
  41. Pull and Update One File in Git
  42. Revert an Amended Commit in Git
  43. Various Methods Used to Remove Local Git Changes
  44. Add a .gitignore File to an Existing Repository
  45. Get the Name of a Git Repository
  46. Identify the Recent Common Ancestor for Two Branches in Git
  47. Ignore Local File Changes in Git
  48. Modify a Specific Commit in Git
  49. Restore a Reverted Git Commit
  50. Revert a Git Merge With Conflicts
  51. Rollback to an Old Commit in a Public Git Repository
  52. Resolve Git Status Unmerged Paths
  53. Clean the Local Working Directory in Git
  54. Commit Some Files in a Branch and Make Them Available in Another
  55. Link to an Existing GitHub Repository
  56. Make a Folder a Git Repo and Push to Remote
  57. Merge the Development Branch Into Master
  58. Rebase to a Specific Commit in Git
  59. Update a Git Clone
  60. Check Upstream Tracking Git Branches
  61. Configure Git Credentials to Recall Password and Username
  62. Copy Changes From One Branch to Another in Git
  63. Create a Master Branch in a Bare Git Repository
  64. Display Filenames Changed in All Commits
  65. Git Rebase Origin/Branch vs. Git Rebase Origin Branch
  66. Git Search Commit Messages Using Command Line
  67. Create a Remote Repository From a Local Repository in Git
  68. Git Pull Not Pulling Everything
  69. Create a Branch From a Tag in Git
  70. Create a Git Patch From Uncommitted Changes
  71. Fork a Repo in GitHub
  72. List Commits Not Pushed to the Remote Repository in Git
  73. Open a File on Git Bash
  74. Show Conflicted Files in Git
  75. Squash Commits That Are Already Pushed in Git
  76. Stage Deleted Files in Git
  77. Stop Tracking a Remote Branch in Git
  78. Synchronize a Local Repository With a Remote Repository in Git
  79. Undo the Git add Command
  80. Add a File to the Last Commit in Git
  81. Add All Files in a Folder to Commit in Git
  82. Diff a File to an Arbitrary Version in Git
  83. Difference Between Git Checkout --Track Origin/Branch and Git Checkout -B Branch Origin/Branch
  84. Difference Between Git RM --Cached and Git Reset File
  85. Filter the Commit History in Git
  86. Find a Deleted File in a Project's Commit History in Git
  87. Finish a Merge After Resolving Conflicts in Git
  88. Manage Version Number in Git
  89. Resolve Git Stash Conflicts Without Commit
  90. Bower: ENOGIT Git Is Not Installed or Not in the PATH
  91. Configure Git to Ignore File Mode Changes
  92. Fatal: Origin Does Not Appear to Be a Git Repository Error in Git
  93. Fatal: The Current Branch Master Has No Upstream Branch Error in Git
  94. Fix Another Git Process Seems to Be Running in This Repository Error
  95. Solve Permission Denied (Publickey) Error in Git
  96. Configure Git Bash With Visual Studio Code
  97. Create Groups and Move Projects in GitLab
  98. Fatal: Refusing to Merge Unrelated Histories Error in Git
  99. Fatal: The Remote End Hung Up Unexpectedly Error in Git
  100. Use Git Rebase on the Command Line
  101. Search for Specific String in the Git Commit History
  102. Selectively Merge Changes From Different Branches in Git
  103. Understand the Git Commit Signoff Feature
  104. Configure a Proxy to Work With Git
  105. Git HEAD^ vs Git HEAD~ vs Git HEAD{@}
  106. Git Stash vs Shelve in IntelliJ IDEA
  107. List Git Submodules
  108. Set Up Meld as Difftool and Mergetool for Git
  109. Set Up SourceGear DiffMerge Tool for Git
  110. Clone a Single Remote Branch in Git
  111. Export a Git Project
  112. Move an Existing Tag in Git
  113. Rename a Git Repository
  114. Revert a Git Repository by Commit ID
  115. Merge Files Without Auto Commit in Git
  116. Undo the Last Commit in a Remote Git Repository
  117. Clean Up Git Repositories With the Git Prune Command
  118. Color the Git Console
  119. Git Push --force-with-lease vs Git Push --force
  120. Show Staged and Unstaged Changes in Git
  121. The Git Index.Lock File
  122. Undo Local Changes to a Single File in Git
  123. Compare Files, Commits, and Branches in Git
  124. Merge a Specific Commit in Git
  125. Push and Track a New Local Git Branch to a Remote Repository
  126. Undo the Last Git Commit in a Local Repository
  127. Update a Repository by Setting Up a Remote
  128. Close the Git Commit Editor on Windows
  129. Force Git Push to Overwrite Files in Remote Repository
  130. Ignore Local Changes When Pulling From Remote Repository
  131. Ignore Untracked Files in Git
  132. Rename Files and Directories in a Git Repository
  133. Revert Git Repository to a Previous Commit
  134. Understand the Git Conflict Markers
  135. Use Git Diff to Ignore Whitespaces in Git
  136. Add Files in Git
  137. Clone Into a Non-Empty Git Directory
  138. Overwrite Local Changes in Git
  139. Troubleshoot Git Patch Error
  140. Use Patch Files in Git
  141. Delete Local Commits in Git
  142. Difference Between Git Fetch and Git Pull
  143. Apply Stashes in Git
  144. Copy and Paste in Git Bash
  145. Git Pull Not Updating Files
  146. Merge Local Branches in Git
  147. Pull the Latest Git Submodule
  148. Save Username and Password in Git
  149. The .git Directory Explained
  150. Visualize Git Repository
  151. Create and Use Branches on Git
  152. Rebase Git Branch
  153. The Difference Between Git Pull and Git Clone
  154. Undo Changes in Git
  155. Commit Changes to a Git Branch
  156. Undo Git Stash

PHP Howtos

  1. Convert a PDF Document to a Preview Image in PHP
  2. Download PDF Files in HTML With PHP
  3. Magic Quotes in PHP
  4. Minify HTML Output of the PHP Page
  5. PHP Conditional Statements
  6. Set Up PHP-FPM and Nginx Docker Containers
  7. The PHP shell_exec() and exec() Functions
  8. Create a PHP Dropdown List
  9. Create a Zip File in PHP
  10. PHP Error Handlers
  11. Push Items to Associative Array in PHP
  12. Store Div Id in a PHP Variable and Pass It to JavaScript
  13. isset() vs. empty() Functions in PHP
  14. Autoload Classes in PHP
  15. die() and exit() Functions in PHP
  16. Insert Form Data Using MySQL Table in PHP
  17. PHP UPDATE Query in a MySQL Table
  18. array_map and array_walk Functions in PHP
  19. Constructor in PHP
  20. String Compare Using == Operator and STRCMP Function in PHP
  21. Select Count Function From a MySQL Table in PHP
  22. Format a Number to a Dollar Amount in PHP
Author: John Wachira
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John is a Git and PowerShell geek. He uses his expertise in the version control system to help businesses manage their source code. According to him, Shell scripting is the number one choice for automating the management of systems.