Create Groups and Move Projects in GitLab

  1. Create a Group in GitLab
  2. Transfer an Existing Project into a Group in GitLab

This article will discuss creating groups and moving projects in GitLab. GitLab groups allow us to categorize projects into directories for easier collaboration.

Let’s see how we can create and manage groups in GitLab.

Create a Group in GitLab

GitLab’s interface makes it simple for new users to create groups. Tap on the Menu button, navigate to the Groups tab, and click Create group.

Create group

At this point, we can create a new group from scratch or use an existing GitLab instance. We will stick with creating a group from scratch.

Create new group

We can now name our group and set the visibility level. You can either go for Private or Public.

We will choose Private since we only want our group members to access the data.

You can also personalize your GitLab experience and invite members to your group via email. To finish the process, click Create Group.

Create a Group in GitLab

You will be greeted with an empty group dashboard feed where you can create a new project by clicking the New Project icon. We will not dwell on the basics of creating projects since it’s pretty straightforward.

Let us see how you can move an existing project into a group in GitLab.

Transfer an Existing Project into a Group in GitLab

GitLab makes it easy for us to transfer projects to groups. To transfer your project, follow these steps.

The first step is navigating to the projects you wish to transfer. Click General on the Settings tab and expand the Advanced tab.

Scroll down to the Transfer Project tab. It should look like this:

Transfer Project

Select the group you wish to transfer to and click Transfer Project. GitLab will prompt you to confirm the action.

You must type the characters given to continue, as shown below.

Confirmation required

Once done, click Confirm to finish the transfer. Let’s go to our group and confirm the transfer.

Project moved to groups

We can now invite members to our group and collaborate on the project.

In a nutshell, GitLab is an awesome open-source project that allows developers to collaborate on projects as teams. One of their coolest features is Groups.

We can create groups and work on different tasks by adding projects. GitLab makes it simple to transfer projects between groups, as we illustrated above.

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