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jQuery Howtos

  1. Add Elements to Array Using jQuery
  2. Clear Form Fields With jQuery
  3. Set Hidden Field Value With jQuery
  4. Toggle a Text With jQuery
  5. Disable Checkboxes in jQuery
  6. jQuery: Find Element With Data Attribute
  7. Remove All Classes With jQuery
  8. Toggle Checkboxes on and Off in jQuery
  9. jQuery: Select by Data Attribute
  10. Remove a CSS Property Using jQuery
  11. 5 Ways to Remove an Event Listener in jQuery
  12. Create Multiselect Dropdown in jQuery
  13. Set and Delete a Cookie in jQuery
  14. Check jQuery Version in a User Browser
  15. Select Multiple Classes in jQuery
  16. Create a Timer and a Clock Using jQuery
  17. jQuery: Change Background Color of an Element
  18. jQuery: Submit Form With AJAX
  19. jQuery: Trigger the Same Function From Multiple Events

PHP Howtos

  1. Save Image From URL in PHP
  2. Get UTC Time in PHP
  3. Use CSS Style in PHP
  4. Undefined Index With PHP Post
  5. Examples on Using the SoapClient in PHP
  6. Draw a Graph in PHP
  7. Syntax to Check for Not Null and an Empty String in PHP
  8. Enable PHP in Apache2
  9. Find the Date of a Day of the Week in PHP
  10. Check for Numerical Characters in PHP
  11. Set Environment Variable in PHP
  12. Encode Image to Base64 in PHP
  13. Print Array Keys in PHP
  14. Performance and Readability of for Loop and foreach Loop in PHP
  15. Execute Multiple MySQL Queries in PHP
  16. Enumerations in PHP
  17. Loose and Strict Equality Checks in PHP
  18. Filter Arrays in PHP
  19. Create and Get PHP Class Constants
  20. Get Class Name in PHP
  21. Encode HTML in PHP
  22. PHP Fetch MySQL Results With PDO
  23. Set Up a Search System With PHP and MySQL
  24. Check if Post Exists in PHP
  25. Session ID in PHP
  26. Different Ways to Compare Dates in PHP

MySQL Howtos

  1. Create Table Alias With MySQL VIEW and MERGE
  2. MySQL Workbench: Edit Read-Only Table Data
  3. The Correct Way to Use MySQL SLEEP() Command
  4. Use CURRENT_TIMESTAMP as Default in MySQL
  5. Open MySQL Using Mac Terminal
  6. Solutions to the Deprecated Mysql_connect in PHP
  7. Describe Database Table With Mysqli_query in PHP
  8. Change MySQL Root Password on Mac
  9. Differences Between SQL and MySQL
  10. Process Form Data With Mysqli_real_escape_string

JavaScript Howtos

  1. addEventListener vs. Onclick in JavaScript
  2. Get Select Value From DropDown List With JavaScript and jQuery
  3. The Effect of JavaScript Plus Equal
  4. Use a Seed to Generate Random Numbers in JavaScript
  5. Get Stack Trace in JavaScript
  6. Make Ajax Call Without jQuery
  7. JavaScript Annotation: How Decorators Will Add Annotation Syntax to Classes
  8. Add JavaScript MDCRipple to Ajax Loaded Button
  9. Validate Email With Regex in JavaScript
  10. Add Vector Class in JavaScript
  11. Create Customized Alert Box in JavaScript
  12. Strip HTML Tags From String in JavaScript
  13. Scroll to Bottom of a Div in JavaScript
  14. Patterns for Multiple JavaScript Constructors
  15. Check if URL Contains a String With JavaScript
  16. Count Array Element Occurrences in JavaScript
  17. Validate Numbers in Form Inputs in JavaScript
  18. Href # vs JavaScript Void
  19. Remove Commas From String in JavaScript
  20. Get onClick Button ID in JavaScript
  21. Define Do Nothing to Keep User on the Same Page in JavaScript
  22. Get the Current URL With JavaScript
  23. Hide JavaScript Code in View Source
  24. Enumerate Object Properties in JavaScript
  25. Redirect Page With Onclick in JavaScript
  26. Convert SVG to PNG With JavaScript
  27. Encode HTML With JavaScript
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