Rashmi Patidar

Java Howtos

  1. Toggle a Boolean Variable in Java
  2. Fix JavaFx Exception in Application Start Method
  3. Fix Java Unresolved Compilation Error
  4. Fix Java NoClassDefFoundError Error
  5. Reverse a String Recursively in Java
  6. Java Right Shift - >>>
  7. The Dot (.) Operator in Java
  8. Java Dictionary
  9. Get Value From JTextField
  10. Print Stack in Java
  11. Initialise Boolean Variable in Java
  12. Queue offer vs add in Java
  13. Shuffle Deck of Cards in Java
  14. Array of Linked List in Java
  15. Create an Ordered Map in Java
  16. Create Unsigned Int in Java
  17. FIFO Queue in Java
  18. Install Java in Ubuntu
  19. Return a String in Java
  20. Return Two Values in Java Function
  21. Sort Linked List in Java
  22. Use Static Methods in Java
  23. Add Javac to Path in Windows 10
  24. Check an Array Contains a Particular Value in Java
  25. Comparison Between string.equals() vs == in Java
  26. Java Scheduling
  27. Set Java_home in Linux
  28. Use a Logger in Java
  29. Create a Concurrent List in Java
  30. Install Java in macOS
  31. The Default Constructor in Java
  32. Sort a HashMap by Key in Java
  33. Copy a String in Java
  34. Declare a Char Array in Java
  35. Find a Set Intersection in Java
  36. Concatenate Lists in Java
  37. Fractions in Java
  38. Message Box in Java
  39. Set Color in Java
  40. Sort Comparator in Java
  41. Currency Format in Java
  42. Input Validation in Java
  43. Java Change Date Format
  44. UML Transform in Java
  45. What Does Static Mean in Java
  46. Download Java Runtime Environment
  47. Java Decompiler
  48. Java or/and Logic
  49. Java Timer
  50. Java to Exe
  51. Static Class in Java
  52. Declare an Array in Java
  53. Check if Input Is Integer in Java
  54. Convert String to Int Array in Java
  55. Integer Division in Java
  56. Print New Line in Java
  57. Save a String to a File in Java
  58. Encrypt Password in Configuration Files in Java
  59. Iterate Through a Linked List in Java
  60. Create GUID in Java
  61. Java One Line if Statement
  62. Recursive Fibonacci Sequence in Java
  63. Deep Copy ArrayList in Java

MySQL Howtos

  1. Drop Constraint From the MySQL Table
  2. MySQL Check if Column Is Null or Empty
  3. Enforce Like Case Sensitive in MySQL
  4. Update Multiple Tables With One Query in MySQL
  5. MySQL Date Subtract
  6. Install the MySQL Client in Linux
  7. MySQL Drop Foreign Key
  8. Export Data to an Outfile in MySQL
  9. Copy Database in MySQL
  10. MySQL Dump Remote Database
  11. MySQL Function
  12. MySQL Cascade Delete
  13. MySQL Tinytext
  14. MySQL Insert With Select
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Rashmi is a professional Software Developer with hands on over varied tech stack. She has been working on Java, Springboot, Microservices, Typescript, MySQL, Graphql and more. She loves to spread knowledge via her writings. She is keen taking up new things and adopt in her career.