How to Download Java Runtime Environment

Rashmi Patidar Feb 15, 2024
How to Download Java Runtime Environment

Java Runtime Environment is a runtime environment that’s needed to run other software. It is also called JRE in short. JRE in itself is a piece of code that acts as a wrapper to contain libraries, modules, class loaders, and Java Virtual Machine that helps in the seamless running of a Java program. JRE provides another top layer over the operating system to run the Java code without various configuration changes.

JRE itself gets bound into the Java Development Kit aka JDK. So for developing Java, we can download JDK from the official Oracle website. And If we only want to run Java programs and have nothing to do with the development of the same, we can download JRE for it. There is a list of JDK and JRE versions available and the platform over which we want to install them. We can select one of our choices.

The official link to download JRE is:

  • Scroll down to Java SE8 version, or any other as per the need.

    Select JRE from JAVA SE8

  • Choose the platform for which you want to install JRE, be it macOS, Windows, Linux. Also, pay attention to the processor (x64, x86) before selection.
  • A new popup will appear after selecting the desired version.
  • Mark the terms and conditions checkbox and click on the download JRE button.

    Popup before final download

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